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Hiya :) My bestfriend is DarkAngel9999. I freaking love that person, but anyway... HEY YOU! yeah you the one reading this, why you no have seaguls!!!! Douche...

Meta Knight: It's not right to call people a douche.

Billybob(me): but, but, DarkAngel9999 wrote my profile.

Meta Knight: Teach her how to spell then. It's seagulls not seaguls -_-.

Lucy: Yeah, she is more crazy than I am and I shoot things.

Kirby: poyo!

DarkAngel9999: Look, I know I'm not the best speller but damn, cut me some slack!

Billybob: Awwwww I'm sorry for my friends.

Meta Knight: I am NOT your FRIEND.

Billybob: D:

Meta Knight: >:)

Lucy: Don't be mean to my mom *playfully hits Meta Knight*

Meta Knight: D: no! i lurve youuuuuuuuuuu!

DarkAngel9999: Whipped a*s!!!

Meta Knight: *Glares*

Billybob: Okay! Lets play poker! :D

Meta Knight: Strip?

Lucy: *Blushes madly*

DarkAngel9999: You would enjoy that wouldn't you? But you don't know if I'm a girl or boy!!!!! >:)

Billybob: But, but, I know! You're my bestest friend evarrrrr!

DarkAngel9999: AWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!

Billybob: *U*

Lucy: Mom, you're weird.

Billybob: I know...

Meta Knight: I want some cookies.

DarkAngel9999: Fatassssssssssss.

Meta Knight: This is why I do not like your family Lucy.

Billybob: D:

DarkAngel9999: Don't make me get ghetto on yo ass.

Lucy: Auntie calm down *nervously laughs*

DarkAngel9999: NO! This bitch is gonna get shanked!

Meta Knight: *Draws Galaxia* That's it, imma kick yo ass!

DarkAngel9999: *Brings out an awesome black katana* Bring it on biotch!

Billybob and Lucy: *backs away slowly*

Kirby: POYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *most terrifying face the universe has ever encountered*



O_O Okay then, now that is over, we can start with my REAL profile. Yeah as you can tell I absolutely LOVE the Kirby franchise. My favorite character of all time is Kirby (go figure) and my second favorite character is Meta Knight. Meta Knight almost tops Kirby, but I am a sucker for overly cute things and the anime makes him soooo cuuuuttteee! AHHHHH I'm gonna die of cuteness! *explodes*

Okay, I'm back. So yeah, I really love Kirby. I am also a big console gamer (PS3 Bitches) and mostly play first person shooters. So if you want to hit me up on some COD Black Ops I and II then just message me. My username is the same for mostly anything so you can just look it up. I also have a YouTube account but there is like nothing on there whatsoever.

I also have a twitter account that is currently collecting dust because twitter sucks and I hate it. Add me if you want but there is a big chance you will never see me on there.

I am also a big Star Wars dork and can't help but want to hug the life out of Yoda (Why? Because he is so frikkin cute!). I wish I could control the force as well as Yoda (I cried so much when he died. I still do). Plus Luke Skywalker is kind of cute (Gahhhhh I'm a sucker for cuteness)!

Weird Facts about me:

1. I am terrified of orange juice. No really, I will scream, cry, and run away if you come near me with orange juice.

2. I am adopted.

3. Number two is a lie.

5. I skipped number four.

6. I am Asian.

7. I can speak German.

8. I own a Kirby plushie and am currently looking for a Meta Knight one.

9. I hope to become a creative writer sometime in the near future.

10. I has teh moniessssssssss! >:D

So, yeah... Heres a list of all my characters!

All Characters in Messenger:

Lucy Pendragon: She is the main character from my story Messenger and is currently in love with Meta Knight. She has blue hair, purple eyes with white rings in them and is no taller than Meta Knight. She has a split personality, sort of, and her other half is Maniac. Lucy's past is a mystery (for now until i finish the story) and some things do not add up to previous things she has told people. She has the power to summon the Vorpal Canon at will but it drains a lot of energy from her. She is also the wielder of Excalibur, the Holy Sword, and has the power to create her own reality rift. She likes green beans (just like me!) and is not a morning person.

Night: Night is first introduced as a monster but later he is known as an old friend turned bad to Lucy. He is seen in the story Messenger as a bad guy at first but later he becomes a good friend. Lucy and Night grew up together as children and he is known as a shadow child. Shadow children will be explained in the story when i finish it whenever (x_x') but it will be an important part of the story! Now he has no face save for his eyes and he is just like a tangible shadow. he has a small ball of red light in the middle of his chest and his eyes are also red.

Lut: Lut is a figment of Lucy's mind which later becomes very real when the world is plunged into total chaos. he is short, fat and pretty ugly. imagine a greasy, short fat guy. that would be him. Now, he is later found out to be part of the madness residing in Lucy's mind and he tries to kill her later. Then he dies xP

Lu: Lu is also part of Lucy, but she is the good part. In the story she is seen as being the good part of Lucy that is slowly rotting away in the Abyss. She looks exactly like Lucy but without the rings in her eyes.

Nika: Some ho that used to bully Lucy back in her childhood. Now she is a figment of her imagination.

Nala: Although I haven't given her an official name yet this is the pipefox that becomes Lucy's pet. Nala is very protective and the only person she trusts is Lucy, whom she protects (somewhat).

Maniac: Maniac is the madness in Lucy. Lucy and Maniac are the same people although Maniac is what Lucy REALLY looks like. Maniac has the same purple eyes as Lucy. the only difference between Lucy and Maniac is that Maniac has white hair. Her hair is also shorter.

All the Characters in Alice:

Alice: Alice is a 17 year old teen with the odd ability to freeze things and to cause explosions with her hands. She is human and she has long white hair and blue eyes.

Tony: Lets add him for the hell of it. He is one of Alice's friends and he is just the super cute guy of my dreams

Now that you know all of my characters then I guess we can get to know each other :U nom nom nom...


That ends the section for my characters.

Now then my favorite quote!

"Friends are like snowflakes. You pee on them, they go away." - Unknown

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Ib - Rated: M - English - Horror/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 2,203 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 26 - Follows: 41 - Updated: 9/12/2012 - Published: 8/8/2012 - Ib/Eve, Garry
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