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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter, Twilight, and Hunger Games.

I am a mid-western girl that loves sci-fi. I am a big fan of Doctor Who, Lost, and Harry Potter.

8- 16- 17

If anyone who read Panthalassa when it first started is out there, know that I have just finished writing High Tide. It's taken several re-writes. Part of me didn't want to finish the story as I had enjoyed it and Eva's journey far to much. I finished editing Low Tide and once I am done editing High Tide I will post the final chapters.

I offer apologies to fans that have waited entirely too long for the answer as to what happens with Eva.

Panthalassa has a photobucket, so you can see my interpretation of what the Cullen's and other vampires in my world look like. http:///Panthalassa

I created a sort of 'sound track' for Panthalassa : Low Tide, and if you are interested these are the songs

Here is the track list for the soundtrack;

1.The Pierces - You'll Be Mine [YOU & I LYRICS]

2. Rogue- Onward and Over

3. Mumford and Sons- Sigh No More -- Edward

4. Glee Cast- Dream a Little Dream --Evangeline

5. Cults- Go Outside

6. Marissa Nadler- The Sun Always Reminds Me of You

7. Fitz & the Tantrums- Winds of Change

8. The Goondas- Jackalope Jesus

9. Gossip- Heavy Cross

10. Muse- New Born

11. James Vincent McMorrow - This Old Dark Machine

12. Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down --Jasper

13. Avalanche City - Love Love Love

14. Jessica Lea Mayfield - Blue Skies Again

15. Leadbelly- In The Pines --Jasper

16. Mumford & Sons - Hold On To What You Believe

17. Adele - Love Song -- Esme, Evangeline, Eva's Mum


When you lose someone you love, someone you spend most every day with, or talk to all the time and you have them ripped away and not know why... you can take it from me that it is the worst feeling in the world. To not know what I could have done differently, if anything to ensure that my love would still be here and be okay is hard to live with.

It is one thing for us ff writers, and any writer really to write about death and the scars it leaves behind. Thinking, even if we have experienced loss at one point or another, that we can accurately describe the constant pain you are in. I have no words, not really, to give you a glimpse in to the nightmare I wake up to everyday.

I have kept myself going since July. Not really doing anything spectacular other than living. I've been bored, and lonely and just so frustrated that I had no desire to write anything at all.

Life happens and we are all well aware how that can mess our plans up. I had planned to finish Panthalassa all the way through, then this happened and I lost all desire and left Eva hanging in the wind so to speak. As writers we know that sometimes our characters teach us something once we've put enough into them to get something back. I have to finish this story. I made a promise to tell it, to you the readers, and to myself. It will never be okay that he is gone from my life. It will never be okay. But that shouldn't prevent me from enjoying things or giving enjoyment to others. And I do so love hearing from those of you that read Panthalassa and are cheering on Eva just as much as I am. Knowing there are people out there that love this story makes me happy.

I received a PM the other day from a fan. It was a very sweet message that basically made my brain go "It's time". So I have been writing again. And I cannot promise a chapter a week for Panthalassa: High Tide, but I can promise I am back at it and I will not leave this story. I do hope those out there that like my story aren't too put off by my four month break and can pick up right where we left off.

I have uploaded more character pictures to the www(dot)photobucket(dot)com(slash)panthalassa2 photo album. I have added. Philippe, Kaneyasu... aaaaand Kenji! So please enjoy. And thank you for reading.


As of today I do not know when, if ever, I will complete any of my stories. I just found out my boyfriend killed himself and am too distraught to even think about writing any time soon. I am sorry to those of you who have gotten attached to Eva. If you want to PM me about how I had wanted to end the fic I would be happy giving you a summary.

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