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Author has written 5 stories for Final Fantasy XIII, Young Justice, and Treasure Planet.

Sometimes I write fanfiction as a way to procrastinate doing any real work.

I prioritize stories based on the love they receive.

My Stories

Young Justice

Curiosity and the Cat Series(3 Parts)

  1. Curiosity and the Cat
  2. Mice Will Play
  3. Cat and Mouse

C&C starts off as an OC-focused murder mystery during the time skip in which Dick Grayson befriends Amelia VanAlstyne, granddaughter of shipping giant Charles VanAlstyne. Amelia is sent to live with her grandparents in Gotham while her mother is away, and Catwoman reveals a string of disappearances that she ultimately decides to investigate.

In Part 2, Catwoman agrees to take Amelia under her wing, but for a price: information. Eventually Amelia ends up under the heel of Lex Luthor, much to her now-estranged friend Dick's dismay. He attempts to "rescue" her from whatever she must be involved in, not knowing that she's been continually providing the Justice League with information on The Light. This part includes a larger cast of characters: Amelia, Selina, Dick, and Bruce. It ends at the beginning of Season 2.

Finally, Part 3 occurs after the series finale of Young Justice. It is significantly darker than the other two parts, and involves a much larger cast of characters: OCs, Dick (POV), Selina (POV), Bruce (POV), Tim (POV), Babs, Scarecrow, Jason Todd, the Joker, Deathstroke, Lex, Ra's al Ghul, and Nyssa Raatko. Neither Dick or Amelia are in good places, which means that neither are prepared for whatever threat that's coming next. Everyone keeps secrets from everyone. No one makes good decisions. People die. Babs is awesome. Dick has an existential crisis and needs to re-learn what it means to be a hero. This will include a side story that includes a bit of Tim's backstory, as well as some Jason Todd because why not.

I plan to re-write parts 1 and 2, so if chapters disappear at random that's why. I made Dick older for plot purposes, but have tried to not change anything else cannon.

Other YJ Stories

Unnamed Fic (upcoming)

This fic occurs in the same world as the C&C series, but focuses on different characters and explores the more "super" side of the "superhero" world that's largely left out in the other series. Major characters will be Tim Drake, Kaldur'ahm, and OCs. It'll be significantly lighter than the other series and may even be a bit romance-ey.

Treasure Planet


Treasure Planet "sequel" fic. Jim is sent to look for Proteus, a mythical planet, after he's caught sleeping with the Admiral's wife. Theorists have always clung to the concept of a "lost" civilization. On Earth it was Atlantis. In space it's Proteus, a highly technologically advanced culture lost long ago. Believers have been ridiculed since they first came up with the idea, but the discovery of Captain Flint's portal and planet-building technology has provided them with thin ice to stand on, as scientists have yet to understand how he could have created such things. Jim's friend, first mate, and future king Al hires an expert on ancient technology, Dr. Starla Jones. Starla will do anything to repair her sickly father's reputation before he passes, as he has become the laughingstock of the academic community for adamantly believing in Proteus' existence. Together with their questionable crew of degenerates and rustbucket ship The Citadel, they aim to discover the planet. If they don't, they may very well end up wandering all of space for the rest of their miserable lives.



Snow and Lightning become friends. (I don't remember writing this tbh so I can't actually give a summary.)

Resident Evil 4

Unnamed Fic (upcoming)

At some point I worked out a backstory for the Merchant character from RE4. This will be written some day. Eventually.

Resident Assistant 4 (upcoming)

Resident Evil college AU. Comedy. It's the week before finals, and Leon S. Kennedy is the RA on call when a zombie apocalypse breaks out. He's sent on a mission to rescue the Dean's daughter, Ashley Graham, who is trapped in the attic of a fraternity house.

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