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:D Hello! After a very, VERY long hiatus, I have finally come back to life!! ^^

I actually started writing on fanfiction.net under a different pen name three years ago (I was a freshman in high school then), but I stopped halfway through my sophomore year. Now I'm going to be a senior and have decided to return to writing fanfiction (although I wonder if I will ever finish a multi-chapter story... XD). I decided to start writing again with a new pen name rather than continuing with my old one. I didn't want to delete my old one because that would mean destroying all of my older works, so I'm just leaving it as it is. :D

Looking at my old fanfiction now makes me feel a bit embarrassed ... I can't believe I actually wrote like that back then!! Hopefully, my writing isn't so rusty now that I have decided to write again. :D

If anyone is interested in reading my older works (which I seriously doubt... ^^), you can pm me and I'll send you the link to my old pen name! I just don't want to post it here ... *shifty eyes* XD

So, some facts about me! I am a 16-year old girl born in the month of September. I'm a bit of a dreamer and although I have never had a boyfriend, I am a total romantic. All the stories I have ever written were romance. :D As a dreamer and a romantic, I am a HUGE fan of Taylor Swift. :DDD I know many people hate her now that she's becoming so popular and whatnot, but I really admire Taylor Swift and see her as a role model. I admit that her songs are somewhat repetitive, and her voice isn't exactly the greatest, but I love how deep and raw her songs are. I also love how she's not like those other celebrities who get cocky from all the fame or end up doing drugs and other stupid things. She's such a sweet, beautiful, talented girl and I wish I can meet her someday! I really hope she continues to succeed and I wish her all the best! ^^;;

What got me interested in writing again was the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom. I can't believe I had never watched ATLA back when I was kid! Man, I really missed out! :( Thank goodness for Netflix. :DD I got my whole family hooked onto ATLA, even my dad! Which is like... GASP! because he doesn't really care much for animated stuff. :D Even my brother, who saw commercials for Avatar and thought it was dumb, changed his mind after watching some episodes with me. :D

And I just wanted to get this off my chest... ZUTARA IS MY OTP!!!! *fangirl squeal* They are simply the most AMAZING couple in all of ATLA. And I don't care if it's not canon. In my opinion, the couples that are canon are usually not as appealing as those that aren't canon. I'm sorry to Kataang and Maiko fans. Zutara is love. ^^ I do love Sukka though. Just not as much as Zutara. :D

As a side note, I just want to say that I'm not like those rabid Zutara fans who are anti-Mai and anti-Aang. I do love Aang and Mai as characters ... I just don't like Aang with Katara and Mai with Zuko. ^^

Something else I wanted to mention: I LOVE JET!!!!! :DDDD Even though he was only in like ... what, three episodes? T_T I can't understand why so many people hate Jet. Sure, he was a bit of a 'I-hate-Fire-Nation' jerk, but ... he wasn't truly a bad guy. I felt sooo sad when he died... My heart literally broke for him. ;_; He and Katara were so cute together! Even though Zutara is my OTP, Jet is the next best thing for Katara. I would have been glad even if Katara ended up with Jet instead of Zuko in ATLA. But alas ... she had to end up with Aang. POR QUE??!! *mopes in own little corner*

And I also LOVE ZUKO. I love Zuko just as much as I love Jet. They are both so hot (for animated characters XD) and sooo ... AWESOME. Yup yup. :D I love Zuko's voice. It's so sexy. Mwahahaha. XD

Toph is awesome too. And Katara! And Sokka! And Suki! And June! And Iroh! Aaaand ... APPA! XDD Man, oh man ... one of the reasons why I think ATLA is so awesome is that it has such great characters. It's one of the only animated series in which I don't hate any of the characters. :D

ATLA had potential to be a GREAT movie ... Grrrrs~~ why, M. Night Shymlaajidjaddkwhatevers, WHY?!!?! D: *sigh* Well, I can't complain too much. Ironically, it was the movie that got me hooked onto ATLA. When I saw the trailer for The Last Airbender back in June, I was like "OMGSH!!!! It looks so awesome!!!" and immediately embarked on a quest to find out where I could watch the animated series. Did I mention that I love Netflix? XD

Just wanted to throw this out! Here goes a list of my favorite pairings in ATLA, in no particular order!

Zuko/Katara. MY OTP!!!! :333 I'm not a rabid believer of the whole 'opposites attract' thing, but I firmly believe in Zutara. They're so different, yet at the same time so similar. Zuko and Katara just balance each other out. ^^ Like most Zutarians, my heart melted during the catacombs scene and the 'I'll-save-you-from-the-pirates' scene. ^^;; Zuko and Katara understand each other so well and have this special bond that doesn't exist between any two other characters in the series... I truly believe Zutara might have had a chance of happening if Zuko hadn't betrayed Iroh and Katara in 'Crossroads of Destiny'. You could see something in their eyes as Katara left with Aang and Zuko stayed behind with Iroh, and they were both looking at each other with such wistfulness ...*faraway dreamy look* Anyway, enough of my rambling! Zutara is the best couple in ATLA, hands down! :D
Jet/Katara. Next best thing! :D It's so tragic, though ... I really wish Jet didn't die. :( I do believe that if Jet had not been so thirsty for revenge, he and Katara could have been together. But alas, Fate is cruel, killing off Jet and pairing off Katara and Aang. T_T
Sokka/Suki. Not as cute as Zutara or Jetara, but lovable just the same. :D
Sokka/Yue. I like this pairing as much as Sukka, but since Yue's dead, I don't mind Sokka with Suki. I have a soft spot for tragic couples (hence my love for Jetara :D), so I really like Sokka and Yue together. :D

And on to my opinions of other ATLA relationships! :D

Aang/Toph. Umm... okay, it's not the greatest thing in the world of Avatar. I guess I'm a bit indifferent to this pairing. It's usually a side pairing in Zutara stories, so I don't mind reading it. I only like this pairing if it's well-written. ^^
Aang/Katara. Oh, man, oh man ... where do I start? Okay, I don't HATE Kataang, but I'm not particularly fond of it, either. To put it mildly, I don't like Kataang. I do like one-sided Kataang (one-sided in terms of Aang liking Katara, of course). I will admit that my heart melted during some of the one-sided Kataang moments in ATLA (for example, the scene where Aang remembers the monks that died and thinks of Katara in 'Crossroads of Destiny'). But other than that, the thought of Katara returning Aang's feelings just doesn't appeal to me. It's not so much about the whole age gap, with Katara being older AND taller than Aang, but to me, they are better as sister and brother. It's so weird to imagine them as lovers. Sorry, that's just my view on this pairing. But I don't totally hate Kataang, if that makes any of you Kataang fans feel better. ^^
Mai/Zuko. I do like Mai's character, but I HATE her with Zuko. The couple seemed WAY too forced, like the creators threw them together to please the fans. There was little development and basis for their relationship. I mean, Zuko hardly acknowledged Mai during Season 2, except for that time he pushed Mai into the fountain when they were kids, but all of a sudden in Season 3, they start making out first thing they come on-screen together?? And then later Zuko gets all possessive of Mai when that guy flirted with her at the party? What's up with that? x_x And they are WAY too cheesy together even though there wasn't any development ("You're beautiful when you hate the world .." "I don't hate you" ..."I don't hate you too"). UGH, somebody pass me a vomit bag. Seriously, I CRINGED during that scene; it was so painful to watch. I feel like Zuko only ended up with Mai because the creators didn't want Zuko being single while Aang ended up with Katara and Sokka ended up with Suki. Simply put, I feel that there is little reason for Zuko to like Mai. T.T Maybe if they had interacted a bit more before they randomly got together in Season 3, I would have liked this couple even just a little bit. For the record, I despise Maiko way more than Kataang. At least there was SOME development between Katara and Aang (although I still believe that there wasn't as much development on Katara's part). So to sum this up, Maiko is probably the worst canon couple in ATLA (although I really do like Mai as a character).
Toph/Sokka. Toph's apparent crush on him in the series was pretty amusing (and cute, at times!) But I like Sokka better with Suki or Yue. Toph/Sokka kind of reminds me of Kataang. It's cuter if it's just one-sided.
Toph/Zuko. Erm... I only see them as brother and sister. Sorry, I can't imagine them as lovers...
Ty Lee/Sokka. Umm ... I don't hate this pairing, but I don't like it too much. I like Ty Lee and all, but she just doesn't seem to match with Sokka...
Jin/Zuko. Although this happened only in one episode and they never mentioned Jin again, I think this couple is really cute. Their date was so awkward yet adorable.. XD But Zutara > Jinko any day. :D
Iroh/Zuko. Okay, before any of you shoot me and accuse me of being a sicko, I don't mean Iroh/Zuko in a gay/pedophile way!! :O I just mean I like their relationship as uncle/nephew or father/son. I love how Iroh is always there for Zuko and gives him words of wisdom, even though Zuko never really gets what Iroh is saying. XD I wish I had Iroh as my uncle. ^^ Even though I love Zuko, I was SO angry with him when he turned against Iroh in 'Crossroads of Destiny.' HELLO, Zuko, who was the one who was always there for you through the good and bad times? And you're rather "regain your honor" and go back to your oh-so-loving Daddy back home??! -.-;; But at least Zuko redeemed himself ... Otherwise, I might have started hating him. XD I almost teared up during the scene where Zuko and Iroh reunite, and they hug each other with tears in their eyes. I was like "AWWWW... ;_; *heart melts*"
Katara/Sokka. NOT in incestuous way, but as brother/sister. I love how they always look out for each other. :D
Ursa/Zuko. I love Ursa. She is such a sweet, loving mom. And I love how she and Zuko were so close. It broke my heart when Ursa had that heart-to-heart talk with Zuko before she was banished from the Fire Nation. I think it's unfair that Ursa and Zuko didn't get to reunite during the season finale. It would have been really touching if they had met again... T_T


OKAY, enough talk about my love for ATLA!!! :D On to more important things ... like my works in progress!!!

Works in Progress

1. Angel Fallen From the Sky. A Walk To Remember - Zutara style! Inspired by an AWESOME trailer on youtube. I highly recomemend it to all of you Zutara fans, especially those who love 'A Walk to Remember'!!! :D Just go to youtube and type in 'A Walk To Remember Zutara' in the search bar. :DD I've lost track of how many times I've watched it, it's THAT good. This trailer was actually what got me hooked onto Zutara before I even watched the animated series! XDD Maybe that's why I was biased against Kataang throughout the series ... hahas. XD

Summary: Based on AWTR, although it'll be a bit different. There will bits of ATWR, but I promise you that there will be some originality! I can't stand it when people write a story based on a movie or book and make it EXACTLY the same (word for word, scene for scene) except that they replace the characters' names. Seriously, I might as well read the book or watch the movie and just imagine the characters as different people. Have some originality, guys! (I mean no offense to those who have actually done this ... but please keep in mind that you don't come off as a very talented or original writer if you just copy someone else's work word for word and insert your own characters' names)...

I also have plans for a Zutara version of Romeo and Juliet, as well as a Zutara version of a manga that I really love (no names because I don't want anyone to steal my idea... hehes :D). Look forward to them! :D

Just as a side note, for any of those curious as to what I used to write about for my old account, I wrote for Naruto, Inuyasha, Teen Titans, Kingdom Hearts, and Harry Potter. All the stories I wrote were romance, some of them being romantic comedy and others being romantic tragedies.

Anyway, I'm just glad to be back and writing again! Feel free to pm me if you want! I just don't want any flames from anti-Zutara fans. Let's just respect each other's differences and whatnot, kays? :D

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