The Shadows of Rozla Kaname
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Hi the

I am a 17 year old girl, born on March, living in Western Australia :)

Fandoms I am a part of: Star Trek (TOS) and the new movies, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Avatar The Last Airbender, The Avengers.

Favourite Anime: Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Death Note, Naruto, Highschool of the Dead, Vampire Knight, All Ghibli movies

Favourite Books: The Fault In Our Stars, Vampire Academy series, Throne of Glass, Enders Game, The Great Gatsby

I have posted an original story :) Would love to get a few reviews, thanks :D

Here are the names of my OC's that I have created for my new found love of Roleplaying.

1. Jayde Cossette Malkavian (18) (Used in Chaos - A dark RP): Deep, rich brown hair, almost black down to shoulder blades. Bright jade green eyes. Tall stature and a curvy figure. Very pale. She is a vampire.

2. Dimitri Kiev Tremere/Lawcette (20) (Used in Chaos - A dark RP): Dark, black tousled hair, chin length hair. Strong jaw structure, ice blue eyes that flash red. Very pale, tall, lean. He is a vampire.

3. Rosa Assamite/Lawcette (15) (Used in Chaos - A dark RP): Black thick hair, hanging down to her shoulder blades. Bright blue eyes that stand out against her olive skin tone. Strong spanish features and small accent. Quite curvy and about 5 foot 6. Normally wears a white cotton dress and has a black tattoo of an eye in the hollow of her throat. A demonic vampire.

4. Czarina Quinn (19): Black hair, to waist. Black eyes, unusual against pale skin. Tall, slight curves. Russian accent (slight), normally wears black Gothic Lolita dress.

5. Radiance: Blonde hair that shines. A doll - more specifically, a Marionette.

6. Kyler Evans (22):

7. Solo: Amazing red hair. Doll

8. Adrian Maki (19): Short red hair, golden orange eyes. Normally wears a green jacket part of her institute. Red gloves, carries a red sword.

9. Caleb Band (24): Black hair, mostly tied back. Chin length. Lean, tall and pale. Silver eyes. Shadow Demon.

10. Merikh (30): Very tall. Shoulder length brown hair. Bulky, olive skin, Unable to see his eyes. Shadow Demon

11. Jaimee Tibbits - Small, petite figure. Long blonde hair to waist. Purple wings. Skinny arms and legs, very gangly. Tanned. Shadow Demon

12. Lindie Robins (15): Long brown hair to shoulder blade. Pale, 5'5", strong. Green eyes.

13. Jasmine Stream (15): Long bronze hair, to middle back. Pale, 5'7", fast. Bronze/gold eyes.

14. Tom Wirth (18): Brown hair, side swept. 5'9", strong. Slightly tanned.

15. Ethan McKenzie (16): short sandy blonde hair. 5'6", strong. Pale eyes, light blue.

16. Kirra Gaz (16): (the girl. She has blue eyes) Half Werewolf

17. Mercy Brookes (17):

18. Mia Wingate (16): Cheerleader.

19. Owen Ura (17): Black hair, to his chin. Wears black mostly and band tee's. Wears eyeliner but not excessively. Tall, and pale. Blue eyes.

20. Elysia Jones (16): (the girl with hair tied back and wearing vest)

21. Robin Willow (18): / Animanic/Nerd

22. Misa Gate (18): / Pale blonde hair and ice blue eyes. Has ears that pop in and out, depending on mood./

23. Matty Turk (16):

24. Faerydae (Fay) Black (17): (the one on the left, black hair)

And many more that I can't be bothered to put on here

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