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Hi there! My name is Tabitha, though I go by Tabby. I'm a girl, and 18 years old.

I really love the Lion King movies. The plot, the animation, the dialogue, the characters. It's all really great and very well done. I truly have to admire the makers of those movies for their skill and their efforts. The work that was put into the movies and the beauty in the animation caught my attention, while the story and characters caught my imagination. I decided to write a Lion King story, using the characters I love along with some of my own characters. So my first story, To Reclaim A Birthright, was started.

On another note, please stop by my YouTube channel, especially if you like The Lion King. I've made quite a few videos for the movies, using scenes from the movies, and songs I like and think fit the events and characters. My YouTube account has the same name as on here; TabbyBri.

I also have a DeviantArt account under the name TabbyBri, and have drawings of some of my To Reclaim A Birthright characters on it, as well as Hekima from Star of Light. I love drawing, and put a lot of work into my drawings, but I know I have a long way to go before I can actually call myself an artist. Take a look if you feel like it.

The cover picture for my story, To Reclaim A Birthright, is a drawing I made. It's of To Reclaim A Birthright's main character, Mikazo.

Star of Light's cover picture is also mine, and is of that story's main character, Hekima.

Here are the character profiles on my own lions in To Reclaim A Birthright, one of my Lion King stories, and my first story altogether. There are more characters than this in To Reclaim A Birthright, some of them quite important, but to list them here would give away too much of the plot. The pronunciation is correct, as far as Swahili goes.

To Reclaim A Birthright characters:

Mikazo - Name meaning; Determination. Pronounced; Me-KAZ-zoh. The main character of the story. Mikazo is a light brown lion with a cream-colored muzzle, chest and the tips of his paws. His mane is still growing and is a dark brown color, the same shade as his tail tip. His eyes are silvery-blue. He is still a young lion, not a cub but not yet an adult. That makes him the youngest lion in his pride, which he is the prince of. His parents, who were king and queen of his pride, were killed by a rogue lion named Jinamizi so that he could have the throne. Mikazo had to run from his pride's lands to avoid being killed himself. He is determined to go back to his pride to defeat the rogue and to take his place as king. More than that, he wants to save his pride mates from Jinamizi's cruel rule. When looking for help for his pride, he finds the Pride Lands and Simba's pride.

Kimada - Name meaning; True. Pronounced; Key-MOD-uh. He is the same age as Mikazo. He has a shining reddish-gold coat, and his muzzle, chest and toes are a light yellowish color. His mane and tail tip are a bright red-brown color, and his mane has a tuft of fur that partially covers one of his eyes, which are a bright blue. Kimada joined Simba's pride when he was a small cub. Kimada becomes Mikazo's best friend. He has a fun-loving personality, and would stick with his friends to the very end. Optimistic, loyal and cheerful, he is a good fighter and never gives up.

Daka - Name meaning; Pounce. Pronounced; DAH-kuh. The son of Kovu and Kiara and the young prince of the Pride Lands, Daka is still a very young cub. He has a mahogany coat, and his muzzle, chest and paw tips are the color of sand. His eyes are red-brown like his mother's. He loves to play and to tug on his father's ears. He is a very cheerful and energetic cub who is always ready for an adventure. He cares very deeply for his family and friends, but still has a long way to go before he is ready to be a king.

Uzuri - Name meaning; Good. Pronounced; OOH-zur-ree. She is a lioness from Mikazo's pride. Uzuri has a dark-tan coat with a tan muzzle, chest and paw tips. Her eyes are pale-green. Her tail tip is dark brown. She is the oldest lioness in Mikazo's pride, though she's still quite young. She told Mikazo stories when he was a cub. She is a very kind, clever, and even-tempered lioness, and is the de facto leader among the other three lionesses in that pride. Loyal to her pride mates, she feels responsible for them, and tries to do what she can to watch out for them all. She had a young son, Jamili, who was killed by Jinamizi when he took over the pride, which haunts her.

Cheneta - Name meaning; Smart. Pronounced; Sha-NET-ah. A lioness from Mikazo's pride who has a dark brown coat and a tan muzzle, chest and the tips of her paws. Her tail tip is a very dark brown, almost black. She is a caring lioness with a somewhat nervous personality who worries about her pride mates with Jinamizi as their king. She is the second oldest in the pride next to Uzuri.

Nuru - Name meaning; Light. Pronounced; NEW-rue. A lioness from Mikazo's pride. Nuru is a very pale tan color, almost white, and her muzzle, chest and paw tips are bright white. She has green eyes and a light tan tail tip. She sometimes went with Mikazo when he went exploring as a cub. She takes care of her pride mates health using her knowledge of plants and herbs. Though not a true Shaman, she is the best equivalent her pride has.

Tumaini - Name meaning; Hope. Pronounced; Two-MAIN-ee. A lioness from Mikazo's pride. Tumaini has a reddish-brown coat the color of flame. Her muzzle, chest and paw tips are white. She has a dark brown tail tip and red-orange eyes. She is Mikazo's best friend from his own pride and is the youngest in the pride after Mikazo. She is a brave and stubborn lioness and usually quite happy, though her cheerfulness is greatly lessened when Jinamizi takes over the pride, and by devastating events that follow in the wake of his new reign.

Jinamizi - Name meaning; Nightmare. Pronounced; Jee-nah-MEE-zee. Jinamizi is the rogue who killed Mikazo's parents and took over his pride. He has a dark tawny coat with a tan muzzle, chest and paw-tips. His eyes are red-brown. He has a wild, thick-furred jet black mane and tail tip. Cruel, arrogant and power hungry, he believes that he is more important than anyone else, and that, because he is king, the lionesses must obey him without question. He cares only for himself and isn't afraid to kill to get what he wants. He doesn't trust the lionesses of the pride and would not hesitate to kill them if he found them doing something he didn't want them to do. Intelligent in a cunning, calculating way, he is still often blinded by his extreme disdain for others and his tendency to underestimate those he considers useless.

I also made another story for The Lion King, called Star of Light. It's a Christmas story, based on the tale of the Magi, the three kings, and their journey following the Star of Bethlehem.

Here are the some of the main characters from Star of Light. Again, there are more characters than this, but to list them would give away too much of the plot.

Star of Light characters:

Hekima – Name meaning; Wisdom. Pronounced – He-KEY-mah. The King of Pride Rock in ancient times and Simba's distant ancestor, Hekima has a golden coat and a bright orange mane. He is calm and intelligent, and leads his pride with kindness and bravery.

Dhoruba – Name meaning; Storm. Pronounced – Door-ROO-bah. Hekima’s closest friend and one of the lions who went with him on the journey to the true King, Dhoruba is a large lion with a bold personality, and has a dark brown coat, with a black mane and green eyes.

Jani – Name meaning; Leaf. Pronounced – JAH-knee. An elderly lioness who went on the journey with Hekima, Jani has believed all her life that the prophecy about the true King would come true, and is determined to make the trip. Her coat was a creamy tan, but now, thanks to her age, is more of a gray.

Abiri – Name meaning; Travel or Navigate. Pronounced – Ah-BEE-ree. A bright tawny-colored lioness who went on the journey with Hekima, Abiri is of a more nervous temperament than the others in Hekima's group, but is also loyal and intelligent.

Thabiti – Name meaning; Undoubted, Rigid, Firm, or Truth. Pronounced – Tha-BEE-tee. Thabiti is the second king who followed the Star, a rusty-brown lion. Thabiti is young and energetic, with a hopeful, bright outlook on life.

Itikadi – Name meaning; Faith, Belief, Committed. Pronounced – It-eh-KAHD-ee. The third king who followed the Star, Itikadi is a well built, light tan lion with a pitch-black mane. He is very proud, and has a streak of nobility a mile wide.

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