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Well hello there.

Hi, how've you been? It's been a while. I've been trying to keep contact with you, but life just hasn't given me the chance. That, or I've just been too lazy. Truth is, I've wanted to talk to you but I just never really made the effort to.


To be honest, I've probably never met you, I probably don't know you, and truth is, I probably never will. But that's okay. We can still talk like we've known each other forever. #internetfriendships

Side note

People are a lot different online than they are in real life. Sometimes we're two-faced intentionally. We just want a place where we can start over and be "that person" with "that personality" with people who don't know the mistakes that we've made. We don't have to be judged by what we look like or whatever disorders we might have, but only by the things that we do and the words that we say and, more importantly, the words that we write.

Why did I just suddenly go inspirational speaker on you? Well...because this is my profile. And I can do what I want here. ;)

Actually About Me

This last year has been really crazy for me (End of 2011 through current 2012). I did a lot of new things, went places I thought I'd never go, and did things I thought I'd never do. I learned a lot. It was one of those years where I...what do you call it? Right. "Grew up".

But before 2012, I was somebody else. You ever notice that? Like you're one person, then time passes, and you look back, and you realize that you've gone a thousand miles from where you were before? But while it was happening, you didn't even realize it?

(Man, I am killing it with these inspirational speeches. *bows*)

Anyway, my point is, I'm different now. Whatever I've posted, whatever I've reviewed, or replied to...some of those things are still true. Some of those things, I would still say right now. But not all of them. I wish I'd been better about the things I've said, because...well, this is the internet. What we say on here lasts. Just about anybody can access it. And even if people don't know the real me IRL...I don't want to be disreputable wherever I'm known.

And...that's the problem. You can't really see change on the internet. (Except maybe on a blog.) It's so different than reality. But you know? Whatever. I'll do what I can and move on from here.

Welp. That's it for now, folks.


People do not deserve good writing. They are so pleased with bad. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The difference between the right word and almost the right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. -Mark Twain

A good novel tells us the truth about its hero, but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author. -Gilbert K. Chesterton

Write quickly and you will never write well. Write well, and you will soon write quickly. -Marcus Fabius Quintilianus

Writing is 1% inspiration and 99% elimination. -Louise Brooks

No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. -Robert Frost

Stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. But not necessarily in that order. -Robert Silverberg

Your manuscript is both good and original, but the part that is good is not original, and the part that is original is not good. -unknown


So, a while ago I was at mi amiga's casa and we were watching this killer show. It's called the Young Justice League. No, it's not a stupid little kid's cartoon superhero show! It's awesome!! ...Anyway, I liked it. I got inspired to write a fic for it.

The first chapter should be posting anytime within the next...what, couple hours? The story is called Parsley & Lemon Pepper.

As for everything else I was working on months and months ago...I'm sort of in this "revival" period, where I'm going back, reading over old stuff, seeing what's good, what's crappy, revising, fixing, editing, adding, erasing, etc. I used to have this passion for the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series so I wrote tons for that. Unfortunately, a lot of it was written after "Oh my gosh I just read a chapter out of Last Olympian this is the best thing I've ever read I just got a spontaneous idea I think I'll write about it" moments, where I'd have inspiration for like five minutes, then it would fade, so most of it isn't that great.

Anywho, when things are figured out, for anyone who happens to be reading my profile (which is probably like one person) I'll post it on here so that you know I haven't abandoned my account again. ;)


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