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Hey how's it goin' guys? RooRooBug here and welcome to my profile

There is a chance that in the near or far future, however miniscule that you think that chance may be that someday you and I will meet, and because I’m a bit weird I’m going to prepare you for that day.

I am probably the most introverted person I know. You see introverted people are people who recharge by being by themselves/ spending time alone which I am most of the time. (not a bad thing). Don’t get me wrong I love spending time with people, I don’t like being alone all the time, I do know how to communicate, I’m not that rude (don’t mess with me), and I am loud and obnoxious at times. If we did meet, I wouldn’t blame you for feeling that I’m way shy and awkward.

So here’s the truth about the introverted ROOROOBUG.

I’m a bit quiet but that’s not because I don’t want to talk/respond to you it’s mainly because I don’t know what to say or I don’t have anything of value to add to the conversation. I would love to talk to you; I’m just not very good at it. I actually have a speech impediment so that just adds onto the entertainment. :D

So like in a controlled environment like YouTube/FanFiction/BlogSpot/Pinterest I like to consider myself a great communicator because I have time to think about what I want to say, but in reality if you nag me for an opinion (like in school) I will blank out. Complete silence. Nada. And then give random opinions that I don’t even mean or agree with.

See, now you know why I don’t make sense sometimes. I really do try to act ‘normal’ but being introverted is how my brain is wired. I REFUSE TO ADJUST MY PERSONALITY TO BE EXTROVERTED!

I like being introverted. I like being quiet, forgetful yet thoughtful, and spending time on my own. Hopefully if we do meet you will accept me for that. (Social awkwardness included)

And that’s about it.


(did you see that? The and End… together… thend… I’m so awkward…)

Gender: Female

Birthday: May 6

Country: USA

Hey everyone so I couldn't find an appropriate questionaire so I took some questions that you guys have ask me off from my Tumblr! Enjoy!!

This is random , but are you an only child ? or do you have siblings ? and if so how many ? .. :3

I have one brother and he’s younger… way younger… he’s 10. Then I also have a step brother who’s 13 so he’s our middle child :D

Wait.. so are you a multishipper?

a… multishipper? as in, i pair a character with more than one person?

i’m not sure…. I suppose…. But then again… no yaoi…

Who is your Favorite Character in Friends?

Shoot... Joey. Definitively Joey. :)

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist?


So...I was just wondering, how do you feel about being a slytherin? Do you think, honestly, you're a slytherin or do you think that you're a hufflepuff?

I’m actually a devoted Ravenclaw, but I can under why the survey would put me as a Slytherin.

What is it exactly, that makes you like Niall so much?

Gah, I haven’t actually drew him in awhile… um… (I can’t stop smiling!!!) Okay, phew. Well…(sorry)…okay, I’m good. He’s just so funny and gives the most wild facial expressions and they way he speaks…. He’s just 100% gold. You cannot go wrong when Niall's involved.

Do you ever feel nervous about showing someone ( for example... family, friends... ) your work?

I’m skeptical in everything I do….

What ethnicity are you?

Um… like an Irish-English-Italian. Does that work?

Have you ever thought about livestreaming?

Not really. I don’t have a web cam.

Do you watch any shows like Family Guy, South Park or even Tosh.0 or do you just think they're stupid?

I hate Family Guy and South Park personally and I don’t know what Tosh.0 is but animated series like The Simpsons or Bob’s Burgers I’m all for!!

singing or dancing?

Neither but if I to I would chose singing. GOSH I’M SO AWKWARD!!!

who's your favorite legend of korra charcter?

What’s that little air bending boys name… Meelo? YEAH MEELO!!

If you could choose only one place to stay on forever and also one meal, which would it be?

I haven’t really been out of the country so I would have to choose Florida with a never ending Chinese buffet (I like variety ;)

Have you ever thought of growing your hair out?

I growing it out right now. (It’s past my shoulders! Only a foot more to go…)

If you were a color what color would you be?


Do you have any phobias?

Fast crawlie things and loud sudden movements/noises

Do you wear makeup?

I’m ashamed to say all the time. It’s not a lot though. Just enough to contain my self-cautiousness.

What are your favorite names? 5 boy 5 girls

Boys: Joel, Jacen (Jace), Louis, Luke, and Michael (Micky!)

Girls: Niall, Raleigh, Leighton, Evelyn, and Marzia

*If you want me to read your stories just send me a message! I love reviewing and promise to review every story I read!!

To my dear readers: So sorry that I am so lame and lazy that I can't even figure out how to send messages you all, so i'm saying it now. THANK YOU SOOOOO... MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS, FAVS, AND FOR PUTTING ME ON YOUR FAVORITE AUTHOR LIST! You have no idea how excited I get when I see a new comment! I LOVE YOU ALL WHO COMMENT, fav, and fav. author me... you get the point. PLEASE KEEP READING AND COMMENTING!!! I'LL UPDATE AS SOON AS I CAN!

You know you need a boyfriend when you start crushing on fictional guys! ;)


A stranger stabs you in the front; a friend stabs you in the back; a boyfriend/girlfriend stabs you in the heart, but best friends only poke each other with straws

Did you know...
1) If you play a trick on someone once, they will fall for it again as long as you keep a good space of time between the incidents
2) No matter how many times you pick your nose, the boogers will never go away.
3) You'll be more popular if you try not to act popular than if you try to act popular.
4) The bigger the house, the bigger the chance of it being haunted.
5) If everyone believes that a wall is not solid, it won't be solid.
6) However, pushing on the wall and saying that it is not solid doesn't help.
7) People will be impressed if you use big words.
8) Teenagers will just stare and try to comprehend it.
(LOL That's so me xD)
9) Saying you're a gangster doesn't really mean your a gangster.
10) Being a nerd may make you unpopular in high school, but in the future you can order Chicken McNuggets from the popular kids.
11) 10 percent of people will leave this alone.
12) 90 percent will repost this just for the heck of it

Forgiveness is not approval

I do believe that the most wonderfully understanding people follow my writings.

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