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Yonichiwa, its Cap.

So, how ya doing? Here are some facts bout meeeeee-

Age: Under 18

Gender: male

Name: Something cool

Likes: Anime (specifically Fairy Tail and Pokemon), carnivals, TV, reading, girls, computers, family, basketball, baseball, friends, video games, me (call me conceited, but I have a bit of a crush on myself 'cause I'm awesome).

Dislikes: Work, school, waking up early, people who change themself to "fit in", spinach (eewww), lipgloss (I hate when people wear it it sounds fruity but... uugghh), drama.

When I get older I want to be a basketball analyst. For those of you who don't know what they do, they're the people who talk about how players did and how the teams performed and all that crap at halftime or whatever. I want to do that. Maybe I could be an advanced scout or something, all I know is I want to do something around basketball, but I don't want to play it.

Favorite Couples

AshxDawn- Pokémon

AshxMay- Pokémon

AshxSerena- Pokémon

DrewxMay- Pokémon

NatsuxLucy- Fairy Tail

GrayxJuvia- Fairy Tail

JellalxErza- Fairy Tail

GajeelxLevy- Fairy Tail

NatsuxErza- Fairy Tail

Worst Couples

AshxMisty- sorry pokeshippers

PaulxDawn-I know opposites attract, but not a complete ass and a nice girl

BrockxDawn or May- why

GrayxLucy- Eh

GrayxErza- Eh

Favorite Pokemon

They aren't really in a specific order, they were just the order in which I though of them, all I know is that Garchomp is at the top because he is my absolute favorite. The moment I saw my first Gible in Pokemon Pearl I instantly fell in love with him, I didn't get one until Pokemon Platinum though, and I will say that he was amazing. By the time I stopped playing the game he was probably level 90 something while the rest of my team was like, high 70's or low 80's. Hydreigon is my second favorite dragon though, but I've never gotten to use one until post-game because they evolve so freaking late! I hate Pokemon for that, I mean level 64, really!?

1. Gible>Gabite>Garchomp

1. Froakie>Frogadier>Greninja

3. Shinx>Luxio>Luxray

4. Piplup>Prinplup>Empoleon

5. Sandile>Krokorok>Krookodile




9. Eevee>Jolteon/Vaporeon

10. Abra>Kadabra>Alakazam

Favorite Types

This one is in order. The only reason Fairy is last is because I don't get them. All I can remember is that they're strong against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting, and weak against Steel. They're just so confusing and OP!

1. Water

2. Dragon

3. Ground

4. Electric

5. Fighting

6. Dark

7. Steel

8. Psychic

9. Ghost

10. Grass

11. Fire

12. Bug

13. Poison

14. Normal

15. Ice

16. Rock

17. Flying

18. Fairy

Ok, I have one story in progress, and that is the story with Khari's adventure. So far I think I've done ok with it. I could update faster, I know. It's just I'm really busy and sometimes I just forget about fanfiction. Nothing too fancy will be going on in it. I won't have him be part of some "prophecy" or something like that. I hate it when authors get off track with their stories. Things will be happening, but nothing that crazy.

Sinnoh Adventure


Khari: The main character of the story, he is lighthearted, quirky, and very punny. Khari hates staying still, and loves making friends and catching Pokémon. He trusts his Pokémon with all his heart, and believes he can overcome anything if he tries hard enough, however, he knows when to quit. And when he says battling is in his blood, he literally means it; his father is the Sunnyshore City gym leader: Volkner, and his mother made it to the Sinnoh League in her traning days.

Julie: A girl Khari met early in his journey, Julie is a fun-loving, slick girl. She is a bit of a pessimist, and complains a bit too much for Khari's taste leading to many fights between the two. She seems to think of herself as the dominant one, and likes for Khari to take a backseat to her, which he doesn't like either. Though it doesn't seem like it, she and Khari make a great team. Not much is known of her power, or her Pokémon as she keeps it secret from Khari.

Nolan: Khari's rival and childhood friend. When Khari was young and his family would visit Twinleaf Town, the two would meet up and play together. When they left for their journey, they met each other at the border of the town, and instantly caught up. Nolan isn't very smart, but is a skilled battler.

Pokémon Teams

Gible: Khari's first Pokémon, and loyal partner. He loves to eat , and mess with his trainer. Though Gible is a bit dopey, he is a tough battler, and can always be relied on.

Chimchar: A Pokémon given to Khari by Professor Rowan. Chimchar is a strong Pokémon, strong enough to beat Roark's Cranidos. The only downside is that Chimchar is very playful and childish.

Starly: Starly is Khari's first legit capture, and is very loyal. It doesn't seem to be very strong, however what it doesn't have in power, it makes up for in speed.

Cranidos: Khari found the skull fossil while training for his first badge with Gible. Cranidos has just been revived, and not much is known about it.

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