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Author has written 2 stories for Metal Fight Beyblade/メタルファイト ベイブレード, and Pokémon.

Yonichiwa, its Cap.

So, how ya doing? Here are some facts bout meeeeee-

Age: young

Gender: male

Name: don't bother

Likes: Anime (specifically fairy tail and pokemon), carnivals, TV, reading, girls, computers, family, basketball, baseball, friends, video games (specifically LBP2) that's about it.

Dislikes: Work, school, waking up early, people who change themself to "fit in", spinach (eewww), lipgloss (I hate when people wear it it sounds fruity but... uugghh), drama,

Favorite Couples

AshxDawn- Pokémon

AshxMay- Pokémon

AshxSerena- Pokémon

DrewxMay- Pokémon

MarioxPeach- LOL

SonicxAmy- Sonic the Hedgehog

BlazexSilver- Sonic the Hedgehog

NatsuxLucy- Fairy Tail

GrayxJuvia- Fairy Tail

JellalxErza- Fairy Tail

GajeelxLevy- Fairy Tail

NatsuxErza- Fairy Tail

LokexLucy- Fairy Tail

Worst Couples

AshxMisty- sry pokeshippers

PaulxDawn-I know opposites attract, but not a complete ass and a nice girl

BrockxDawn or May- WTF

BowserxPeach- LOL

ShadowxAmy- Really

GrayxLucy- Eh

GrayxErza- Eh

Ok, I have one story in progress, and that is the story with Khari's adventure. So far I think I've done ok with it. I could update faster, I know. It's just I'm really busy and sometimes I just forget about fanfiction. Nothing too fancy will be going on in it. I won't have him be part of some "prophecy" or something like that. I hate it when authors get off track with their stories. Things will be happening, but nothing that crazy.

Sinnoh Adventure


Khari: The main character of the story, he is lighthearted, quirky, and very punny. Khari hates staying still, and loves making friends and catching Pokémon. He trusts his Pokémon with all his heart, and believes he can overcome anything if he tries hard enough, however, he knows when to quit. And when he says battling is in his blood, he literally means it; his father is the Sunnyshore City gym leader: Volkner, and his mother made it to the Sinnoh League in her traning days.

Julie: A girl Khari met early in his journey, Julie is a fun-loving, slick girl. She is a bit of a pessimist, and complains a bit too much for Khari's taste leading to many fights between the two. She seems to think of herself as the dominant one, and likes for Khari to take a backseat to her, which he doesn't like either. Needing a plan for whatever she does, Julie is truly a thinker. Though it doesn't seem like it, she and Khari make a great team. Not much is known of her power, or her Pokémon as she keeps it secret from Khari.

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