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This is my profile for and I cannot say how excited i am to get started! I absolutely adore, and I mean ADORE Damon and Elena from the tv show "The Vampire Diaries".

What can I say? they have pop, they have sizzle. Does it sound like I'm explaining bacon to you?

I do not understand the appeal of Damon and Bonnie. Whatsoever. I just, I don't know, all I see is pure hatred, maybe a fraction of the most simple understanding, but no condoning of the others behavior. But... I do like Stefan/Bonnie, Tyler/Bonnie, Jeremy/Bonnie (Bonnie could go with anyone excluding Damon on this show, I really don't give a rat's ass about her) Matt/Caroline (I really really really want to begin writing fics for them, but I just can't explain how perfect their relationship is. It's interesting and cute and fun and I just don't know, it's freaking adorable) Alaric/Jenna (how come she can only talk about failed relationships when she's on a date with anyone?) Alaric/Isobel (No, it is not because they used two of my favorite songs in their scenes together... WILL YOU STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT?!) and finally, the doomed relationship, Anna/Jeremy (rest in peace Anna, I really wish you weren't dead, she was simply a wonderful character)

Does anyone else feel completely cheated that anna was killed? Another one of Jeremy's girlfriends died. Although I don't want Jeremy to complete the transformation, I can understand his pain in losing the one he loved due to his UNCLE!!! And uncle john... am i the only one who really really really hopes he is just turned into a vampire? It could be so interesting! He hates them, becoming one because of Katherine... oh my god, maybe john was compelled by Isobel while his ring was off to drink her blood! Maybe Isobel did it because Katherine wanted to use John as bait for Elena! the ideas, the ideas!

Now... my stories. I have a lot coming on the way, so never fear! here is a little list along with a quick summary for you:

1. Flames in the moonlight (Tyler&Bonnie) ... i know it's weird but it will be good, and it's not entirely romantic... just understanding. Basically, after Jeremy's memorial, Bonnie sees a frightened Tyler running from the mystic grill, realizing that he is running from Jeremy himself, the vampire form trying to kill him (it killed me to write him as a vampire, but for the sake of the story I had to) Bonnie feels a feirce protection over Tyler and when no one fights for Tyler why is she the one to stand up?

2. I still see you (Damon&Elena) After Damon kills Katherine and the Salvatores decide to donate their old house for a historical building belonging to the town of Mystic Falls, Elena and Stefan grab some of Damon and Stefan's old belongings, and Elena helps Damon heal by seeing who he used to be and who he truly is. Corny, no?

3. Difficult (Stefan&Bonnie) Stefan feels as though he is losing Elena, and he runs into the woods depressed searching for something to eat, when he comes across Bonnie, laying down on the cold ground. He never thought he would understand her, but things might not be as difficult as they seem, sometimes. How long until someone sees that the answer to their question is laying right in front of them?

4. Team not-so-badass (Alaric and Damon friendship, Damon&Elena) Alaric's outlook on some of Damon's kindest moments. They all happen to be with a certain brunette.

5. Regrets (Everyone) This is probably going to take the longest to make. This is going to take almost every character's one and only regret. It will be very difficult to have an unbiased opinion on the characters and who they truly are and not just who I want them to be. This means, like, every single one. A chapter to each character. wowza.

6. Idiot (Isobel-centric, Damon&Elena) She sees the way he looks at her. Why in the hell can't anybody else?

7. Just keep going (Matt&Caroline) scratch what I said about 'Regrets'. this one will be the hardest I will ever write. After the founders events, Caroline is in a coma and Matt is the first visitor, and he decides to tell her everything, and he means, everything.

8. Imperfections (Damon&Elena) he wasn't perfect, but then again, neither was she. Elena finally confronts Damon about everything that has been said about his love for her.

9. Who's to blame? (Stefan on Damon&Elena) Was it his fault? Stefan considers Damon's love for Elena and wonders if it could ever be reciprocated. Dear lord he hopes not.

10. Shadow (Matt&Caroline) just Matt and Caroline's thoughts on eachother. Simple and cute, just thought it'd be nice. :)

11. Worth it. (Jeremy-centric, Damon&Elena) Jeremy begins to question why Damon decided against turning off his emotions again. The reason? Damon isn't completely sure even he knows the answer.

Basically, my screen name is just the best thing in the world (ChristmasonPancakes) don't you love it?

You don't understand? well i can't really explain it, so here is an example.

sees the new vampire diaries dvd set, "Dude, dude, dude. That Vampire Diaries dvd box set is like Christmas on Pancakes"

So, basically, it's just something really really good.

i am so excited to get this thing started!

(Oh and i don't like giving info about myself out on the internet, so all you need to know is that i'm a girl, love ian somerhalder, and... thats it)

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