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i have a fedora
im undertale trash too
i have blossomed into an autistic retard (thanks papa kys)

if anybody is wondering if i am still alive, yes unfortunately im still alive. currently trying to be edgy writing original work about a mang becoming a woman but he still wants to stay a mang because he loves a woman. couldnt finish it fast enough due to procrastinating on impossibly sexy women from skyrim mods. wants to write PMMM/Warhammer 40k/legends of the galactic heroes mashup but too lazy to do it. send help.

oh i can beta too. at least id like to think i can.

--another kid gets his foot run over by a motorcycle--

TODAY'S SPECIAL: things you'll never hear them say in Madoka Magica

Madoka: God damn it, Homura, I love you.
Homura: I think we should start seeing other people...

Moemura: I've got so many friends!
Mami: Bitch, please. I have all the friends in the world.

Kyoko: Sayaka, I'm on WeightWatchers.

Sayaka (sees Mami's head get bitten off): Good riddance.
Charlotte: I think she just gave me diabetes.
Madokami: Need Insulin?

Tomohisa: Junko, I'm getting a job.
Junko: Cool; I just got fired.
Tatsuya: WAAAAH!

Kyoko: Nah, you can just throw that away; You don't need to finish eating that.

Oriko: Stupid lottery; changes goddamn digits at the last fucking--
Kirika (thinking): Maybe I should start seeing other people...
Yuma: I miss mom.

Homura (smiling, being happy): Hi there! My name's Homura Akemi; nice to meet you all!
Sayaka: Hello Homura; my name's Sayaka Miki. It's sooo nice to meet you, too! Over here's Mami...
Mami: 'sup dawg.
Sayaka: That one over there's Kyoko...
Kyoko: Have you met our lord and savior Jesus Christ?
Sayaka: And that over there's... Madoka.
Madoka: (too busy smoking a cig)
Sayaka (whispering): She's... kind of a bitch.
Madoka: Look who' s talking, skank.

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A Cycles Story reviews
This is a story from the Law of Cycles. Not a legend, not a myth, but to somebody else it might have been. There is no moral to be learned from this story, nothing to look forward to either. What had happened to our protagonist here may have already happened to some of us too. Maybe even the best of us.
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