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Author has written 2 stories for Death Note.

Feel like seeing what I started out writing? Go to: Go ahead. Compare and contrast. And know it's because of constructive criticism that I am where I am today.

I write Bleach and BtVS here:

Want to take a peek at my original work? Go to:

So take a look if you want.

Heya. Name's Flying Catfish Bird, because I thought, 'What the hell, why not?' Who knows, maybe you n' me'll get comfy, and you'll find out my real name... O.o

Nah, JK. That's creepy, huh? Boredness makes me say weird things. But a shorter thing to address me as would be Tally. More friendly than "Catfish" and easier to say than Flying Catfish Bird.

I posted my first story on this account. Neat, eh? It's a Death Note L/Light story, so viola...

A bit about me? I'm female. That's a start. And I'm a big yaoi fan, so ha! I love men... especially together. ;D

Because it's apparently rude to list male/male under warnings, I've decided to also list male/female under warnings. That way no one can complain XD

I go through fazes of 'favorite' fandoms, where I obsess over one and sorta skim others. My current obsession is Death Note. Unlike many, I am a Light fangirl. Why? He's manipulative, sweet, evil, intelligent, attractive, and takes potato chips and eats them. What more is there to love?

I also adore L, but second to Light. My reasons for adoring L should be more obvious. He's cute. His sugar addiction, his eyes, his way of sitting? Adorable. Also, he's logical. However, I like Light better. Yes, I said it. XD

K', now for some listy stuff:

Fanfiction stuff I'm into in alphabetical order: Angel the Series, Bleach, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Death Note, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Carribean, Vampire Knight, Way More Than I Can List.

Favorite Bleach Pairings: IchiHichi GrimmUlqui

Favorite Death Note Pairings:


Sayu/Matsuda (Not really, but I felt the need to put more than one pairing...)

Favorite Harry Potter Pairings:



Hermione/Draco (Draco feels the love, I guess)

Harry/ Tom M. Riddle (cuz it's hot)

Other things I'm interested in... Manga, anime, yaoi, doujinshi, Japanese, knowledge, typing, fanfiction, reading.

Favorite Author: Scott Westerfeld. I love all of his books, and they're very inspiring.

Personality: Hmm... I can either be very charming or very off-putting. It depends on the situation. I'm really analytical and observant. People are always telling me I'm funny, and that I'm the kindest person they've ever met, though I have yet to figure out why. If I give a compliment, I mean it. In fact, most of my compliments weren't even meant as such, and are merely statements (I'm not saying it to flatter you. I'm saying it because it's true). Unfortunately that works with insults as well. I'm very smart, but for what I have in brains I lack in motivation. Ideas are always pouring into my head, and I'm a night person. Whenever someone cusses all I want to do is laugh, and oftentimes do. I like to take crude language literally because I find it hilarious. "Watch my crap." "As long as it's not the literal kind." I don't have a problem with cussing if I am merely quoting someone else, or stating the word itself. I will cuss in fiction if I feel it's necessary, because if it adds to the character, it adds to the character.

Babbly enough? XD

About My Writing:

Unlikely to Find: If you're looking for betrayal and misunderstanding, my writing is not for you. I can't stand misunderstandings in fiction. It leaves me frustrated and upset. Sure, I'll throw in minor betrayal and misunderstanding, but nothing gut-wrenching. ((shivers))

Likely to Find: alternate universe stories. I tend to rewrite the original plot lines of things. I also try to avoid having my stories like everyone else's. I like to have something that makes it different than others. You'll find good summaries and awesome titles (well, I think they're awesome.)

Criticism: is both accepted and appreciated. How else am I to get better? Of course, I practically soak up any and all flattery/praise/encouragement, so that's just as appreciated ^-^

Length: 1000-3000 word chapters, on average. Just enough to keep it from being a drabble, not enough for it to become a full-blown novel. XD

Because: Normally I start out writing the story for myself. I look for a specific type of story on fanfiction, and can't find it. So I go and sulk for a bit. Then I realize I have a brain, a computer, and fingers. Thus comes the story. I have hundreds for multiple fandoms on my thumb drive... Because of my distaste for misunderstandings and betrayal in stories, I tend to have to write my own story to actually have one I enjoy. Did I tell you I'm a narcissist?

About My Fanfiction Reading:

Genres: They vary. I love humor. I also read romance, as long as there isn't any, "Oh, I love you! But, I caught you cheating, and now I must run away!" Horror can be fun to read, though I have no clue why I like seeing characters tortured but can't stand them misinterpreting their love interest's actions as cheating. Parody is awesome.

Lengths: I tend to be intimidated away from stories with too many chapters. After all, it's such a commitment... Do I have time to read 30,000 words? If they're complete but long, then the chances are more likely I'll read it. If it has five chapters or less, I'll tend to give it a chance if the summary is interesting enough. A hint? Don't say you suck at summaries, even if you do. I'll still read your story, but many readers will just skip it.

Because: I read fanfiction for multiple reasons. Like most people, I like to see other possibilities for the fandom, or people together that weren't. I also read to see what's popular and what isn't. I'll read other people's reviews for complaints and compliments so I know what to and what not to do (though of course these observations are taken with a grain of salt). I read to laugh, smile, and be amused. I read because I'm bored and don't feel like doing anything productive. I read to see plotholes closed up.

Want to know something about me that I left out? Or just wanna chat with someone? PM me. I'm a bit antisocial, but I'm good at listening, and very honest. Plus, I don't bite :D

If you are unique, show it by copying this into your profile like so many others!

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89% of internet statistics are made up on the spot. If you already knew this, put this in your profile.

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