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Author has written 2 stories for Mortal Kombat, and Super Smash Brothers.

"Fall seven times, stand up eight." -- Japanese proverb

Hello, and thanks for stumbling across my page *hastily wipes away the dust and cobwebs that have gathered due to inactivity on this profile*

I'm just a female, Asian-American punk who likes to read and sometimes write.

Favorite Words: Scrutinize; Determine; Integrity; Impartial; Serenity; Mercenary; Echo; Frost; Orchid; Enigma; Predator; Intricate; Lithe; Analytical….

(Former penname – Paritheikae).


Ultimately, if I’m interested in it, I’ll write it or read it. AU, genderbend, OC’s are all fair game, so long as the execution is pulled off well. I’m most familiar with the Mortal Kombat fandom, but I’m also a big fan of Super Smash Bros, Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, yada, yada…

Favorite Characters

Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang) (Mortal Kombat)

Harry Potter; Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)

Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)

L (Death Note)

Dr. Gregory House (House M.D.)

Pairings I Ship

Roy Mustang X Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Scorpius Malfoy X Rose Weasley (Harry Potter)

Malcolm Reynolds X Inara (Firefly)

Scorpion X His Wife (Mortal Kombat)

Robin X Starfire (Teen Titans)

Ellen Ripley X Dwayne Hicks (Aliens)

My "Collage"

So this... is basically a collection of quick-writes (or word vomits) I've written over time, whether it be prompts that never manifested themselves into stories, or scenes I'd written in advance for a story but never continued with said story. I figured rather than have most of these rot in my old documents, that I'd share some here on my profile. Also, bear in mind that all of these are based on Mortal Kombat, and a lot of these, based on the context and length, may read randomly.

Scorpion pushed himself up by the elbows, but Raiden’s foot crushed down on his chest, bearing the weight of a thousand men. His lungs contracted, and Scorpion found himself trapped under the God’s stare. Vivid blue electricity stormed in his eyes.

“I could fry you into oblivion right now,” Raiden said.

Scorpion knelt before her, eyes roaming over the wound. He whipped his kunai from his belt, wiped the blood on his tunic. A glove of fire encased his free hand and with it he gripped the metal of the kunai.

“What are you doing?” Kung Lao said.

Scorpion ignored him. The tip of the kunai grew bright red. The woman’s breathing became shallow, dark blood pooled behind her back, leeching into the grass.

Kung Lao’s eyes sharpened with understanding. “She will pass out from the pain.”

“Hold her down,” was all Scorpion said.

And he pressed the kunai against her flesh.

“You’re quite skilled with that weapon.”

A cold grip closed around Jade’s stomach. She looked up. Prince Rain stood mere feet from her, eyeing the razor-rang in Jade’s hand.

Recovering, Jade bowed her head. “Thank you, your highness.” The words felt like acid corroding her tongue.

The prince’s eyes creased with mirth. “No need to be so formal. I’m a comrade like any of us men here.”

“Speak!” She flopped to the ground, blood flowing from her lip. If Jade recalled correctly, it felt as if a boot had struck her across her face.

“Why… did you save me [from the quicksand]?” Jade asked.

Rain dusted off sand from his garments. “I am to protect the men of our land. A shameful waste of a warrior it would be, had I let the sand claim you. Of course—” An eerie glint sparked his eyes, “—you would have risked the same for me, no?”

“Stubborn bitch!” The mercenary yanked a whip from his belt. The air whistled as he brought it down.

“No!” Without thinking, Jade found herself shielding the woman. Not a second later the whip met her arm, and pain tore through her flesh.

“You’ve finally awoken, Princess.”

Kitana whirled her head around and met familiar green eyes. A smile broke across Kitana’s face. “Jade—"

Her breath lodged itself in her throat. Kitana’s eyes locked on her bodyguard’s shoulder. Where her right arm should’ve been. “By the Gods, y-your arm—”

“It is nothing,” Jade said, though she grabbed the cloak hanging on the vanity and clothed it over her body.

"Nothing?” Kitana yelled. “What in the Heavens happened to you? Who did—?"

“I did.” She met Kitana’s shocked eyes. “I did because I chose to protect our people—"

“You cut off your own arm!”

Sub-Zero’s breath lodged in his throat. Tanya crept closer, fingers running up the fabric of his vest, her sweet breath burning through his mask…

The fumes cleared and Sub-Zero’s eyes shot open.

He executed a back-flip in time to evade the puff of fire encompassing the spot he’d stood half a second ago. The force of the fumes pushed him back, and Sub-Zero crashed against the wall. He found himself on all fours, ears ringing. Her scent still burned in his nostrils, tingled throughout his body.

He gripped his head. ‘Concentrate.’

Tanya’s giggle registered in his ears, and when Sub-Zero looked, he saw the Edenian casually striding towards him.

“A pity your cold exterior is difficult to break, even with my charm,” Tanya said, malice sparking her eyes. “But then again, willpower in a man is always admirable.”

“I can’t blame you, though. Those Edenian women….” Johnny grinned.

Sonya scoffed. “Unbelievable.”

“Careful, Sonya,” said Johnny. “You’re starting to sound a little jealous.”

"Enough!” he gripped her by the shoulders and pushed her down onto the nearest chair.

A flash of fear surfaced in the woman’s eyes. She stifled the emotion with a dazed sighed, a smile splaying over her lips. “No need to get insistent…”

Sub-Zero locked eyes with hers. The last chorus of the song rang out, leaving the room deathly silent. “Where am I?”

“The nightclub, of course,” she said coyly. “Come here if you need a good time... which you could clearly use.” Her eyes raked over his form.

Scorpion found himself pinned to the ground, a blade pressed to his throat. Just exhaling caused the sharp edge to cut through the leather guarding his neck.

The cloth over the woman’s mouth creased, as if she was grinning.

Konnichiwa… Hanzo Hasashi.”

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