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Hey, I'm currently a junior in highschool, and I am going to be up to my ears in AP work this year, so only expect updates during brakes and hollidays. Might write fanfics to releave stress though...

Here are some pairings I hope to do in the future:

KylerShep/Tali- Kyler is a gifted Biotic adept from Mindoir and noted for his natural biotic talent and unique bioamp. Becomes a warhero at Elysium and is generally a paragon when it comes to big decisions, but he likes to have fun every once-in-a-while... Unlike many of his biotic counterparts, Kyler is not constantly the calm, collected image of order. Read The Biotic Of Mindoir to learn about his past, up until he is assigned to the Normandy. After that, the story continues in ME2 in Pheonix of Mindoir.

Garrus/Tali- there are too few of these, and they seem like they'd be a good match. Same amino-acids, both are in ME1 and 2, so I'll see where this idea goes, if anywhere. Most likely thing is that I'll just do a series of one-shots for this pair.

My first fanfic is The Biotic Of Mindoir, Part one is completly written, but it is riddled with errors, and needs to be revised. I'll be sure to have the rest of it up soon. Not sure if it'll be one large story, or three smaller stories with each part mapping a certain part of Kyler Shepards past, leading up to the events in Mass Effect1.
My second story is The Phoenix Of Mindoir. Deals with Kyler Shepards rebirth, and eventually leads up to a romance with Tali. It's not just a retelling of the game though, but it's not really an AU.

Make sure to R&R any of my stories, and flamers are grudgingly accepted, but criticism is much better! ;)


In my story, What the Force Wills it to Be, some people have asked why Revan wasn't infused with knowledge of using a blaster. The council could implant memories, not ablilities. And as for her ability with a sword, Jedi padawaans train with swords, and it's just her bodies muscle memory telling her how to react.

Again in What the Force Wills it to be, Kira's 'other' is the cold prescance in the back of her mind. It's just easier to say 'her other', rather than 'the cold prescance in the back of her mind' every time. Three guesses as to who/what the cold prescance is...

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Thank you to everyone who supported me in this story, I am going to try to re-tackle and completely rewrite this story, making big, hopefully good, changes.
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