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Real Name - INTERESTING. i thought my pen name would be enough, but my first name is Joseph.

Location - Hempstead, New York (a suburban super-horde near NYC. Recommended for Soccer moms that have grown tired of NJ.)

Favorite Cartoon Characters - Flapjack and Aladdin.

Favorite Non-Cartoon Characters - Harun al-Rashid of the world of 1001 nights (not really a cartoon since he was based on a real person, but a character since he was nothing like said person.)

Favorite Movies The Book of Eli, Twilight:Eclipse (I hate to admit it but I actually enjoy Twilight movies.)

Favorite TV Shows Everybody Hates Chris.

Favorite Bands/Musicians Myself, VersaEmerge, Hawthorne Heights, From First to Last, The Audition, blessthefall, A Static Lullaby, The Friday Night Boys, Matchbook Romance, A Rocket to the Moon, Framing Hanley, CIWWAF, Everyday Sunday, Brand New, A Day to Remember, Silverstein (looks like a pirate) , Automatic Loveletter, Goldfinger, Aaron Goldberg, etc.

Favorite Quote He who increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow.

Pet Peeve - I am utterly annoyed by my unnecessary compulsions.

Other Random Facts I salt my soup before tasting it.

I use a spoon for almost everything. Including eating cake.

I sometimes say "OMNOMNOM" when I eat things.

I love the arts, modern blends of classical styles and retro styles are delicious to me.

I don't eat pork at all.

I say delicious as a synonym for beautiful. Example "I just married the most delicious woman in Santa Monica."

I just accidentally typed women. POLYGAMY?

I pronounce 'etc' ettick.

Sometimes I don't pronounce Q's out of annoyance that Q always HAS to be with u. like, we get it, Q, you found a girlfriend, but thats no reason to say to all the other letters "I AINT GOIN NOWHERE WITHOUT MY HONEY U." Legit, it's pretty annoying, Q, so I'll just avoid you. (Unless you sound like a K.)

My favorite nostrils are the ones on my nose.

I speak slurred English, Italian, and Japanese.

I wear v-necks and skinny jeans.

Apples. Bananas. Cherries.

I could've simply typed Apples above, but didn't.


Not to spam you, but Sushi Cat is a fun game.

Motto - Have a nice day.