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Author has written 5 stories for X-Men: Evolution, and Teen Titans.


Hey! Guess what? I'm posting some stories (slowly but surely).

I really enjoyed X-men Evolution (after the seasons premired) and plan on completing a full "season"/ whatever you wanna call it. D-Factor is a continuation of the show, mixing in comic elements and a lot more elements from my own brain. New faces will include OCs and comic characters (though mostly later on). In the reboot, I'm trying to make sure I address where all the old characters are in their lives. The X-23 plan got lost in my memory, along with the Danielle Moonstar arc, but hopefully I'll just come up with a new way to include them. (Both the reboot and the original are up, feel free to check out both or just one) Enjoy!

My side project, Not How It Works, is a challenge fic. I don't update as often (6 chapters in a year and a half), and the writing/story is not as well thought through. Despite this, it seems to be very popular, and I encourage you to check it out. I explain the rules of the challenge in the first chapter, one of which is to include a non-cannon/uncommon pairing. Because I never see any, I chose Rogue/Scarlet Witch (what would the ship name be? Ronda? Wague? I dunno). This story is mostly my experimentation with the romance genre.

Haven Chronicles: Origins has been put on hiatus until further notice. I don't think it's all that well written and, like the original D-Factor, needs a major tune-up. I love the Haven characters, so eventually I'll get back to it. Timeline-wise, it's set in January of the D-Factor timeline (which in the original is after Chapter 36: Keeping Track and after the Catching Up arc [denoted by the letters CU at the front of the chapter title] which was not completed). In the reboot, we are at least 16 chapters away from Keeping Track, and the Catching Up arc is at least 5 chapters long. Sooo... we're over 20 chapters away from continuing/rebooting HC:O which in real-world time might be August of 2015. Maybe sooner, maybe later. If I actually write on the weekends, it could be as soon as May 2015 (LOL NO). Stick with me. We shall see.

Because I'm insane, I started Unexpected, a Teen Titan fic that explores unexpected and unlikely scenarios and pairings. It's the side project to my side project(s) so updates will be sparse.

I hope that this summer I'll be able to keep a regular update schedule, but we shall see (the answer is NO).

Addressing the Teen rating: There's cussing, sexual suggestions, violence, blood, and death. Sequels may shift to Mature (due to violence and death), but I will try to stay within the Teen rating so my stories are easier to find.


D-Factor: New Beginnings

-Hey guys, happy average day!

Rebooted Chapter 24 is now up.

Chapter 14: Bombshell- Rogue wakes up from a nightmare, which was a memory of one of the X-Men at the mansion. But some things aren't for everyone to know. Now Leo must decide whether he tells everyone his secret, or asks those who know to keep it for him.

Chapter 15: Shrapnel-In the aftermath of Leo's decision, the whole mansion struggles with the information. Can they still work and play alongside the teen? Some say they can't, which leads Leo into a confrontation in the Danger Room. Meanwhile, Tyler struggles with his self-image, and only Kurt can help.

Chapter 16: Kitsune-A new mutant finds his powers in Phoenix, Arizona, to his dismay. Will the X-Men be able to react him in time before something drastic happens? Or will they be beaten to the punch?

Chapter 17: Welcome to the Haven-The X-Men rush back to the mansion with their injured teammate in tow. Logan declares the mansion on lockdown, leaving Rogue to scramble to find Kitty and get her to come back to the mansion while keeping the girl's secret. The next morning Sionnach awakes at the Haven to a new home and new housemates. (slight issue I suppose in the timing of the last two scenes. Whoops! Will adjust.)

Chapter 18: Heat- Sionnach's first ever training session goes awry with his powers, and he learns the importance of control and a clear head. Also, a sneak peek at a Saturday-night tournament between some perhaps familiar names. Back at the Institute, Benj and Rogue run into some awkward situations in the Danger Room and in a far more dangerous space, Bayville High School.

Chapter 19: The Pain of Lockers- Leo and Enrique find themselves trapped by jocks before soccer try-outs. And unfortunately for Leo, one is Keith Lerry, who is more interested in Leo confessing to his attack than Leo's well-being. It's a bit of a short one, but oh well.

Chapter 20: Behind the Clashes- A resolution is reached between the Xavier students, the jocks, and the school, though no one is left completely satisfied. Tensions between Clay and Sionnach rise, as their personalities clash once more, resulting in Clay revealing old wounds. Spades comes to his senses.

Chapter 21: Limitations - As teenagers, there are limits to what the young X-Men can express in their emotions. Amara finally admits to herself she is at a crossroads between friendships and something more, while Benj and Rogue come up against the limitations in their relationship. Benj is now discovering he'll have to take it slow... but the people he's loved have always slipped away so fast. Clay and Zendi run into a familiar face.

Chapter 22: The Skater - Following the store robbery downtown, an investigation ensues... conducted by Spades. Benj and Vince catch Spades in the act, and follow him to the Brotherhood Boarding House where Benj quickly gets in over his head.

Chapter 23: His Choice - The Brotherhood, X-Men, and Haven clash as all make an attempt to win over Benj Dents. Benj, on the other hand, has no idea why so many are interested in him. He sees the pros and cons of each side, and is forced to come to a decision. It's his choice after all.

Chapter 24: Masked Fate- Clay's squad returns to the Haven and they are confronted by Jaller. Dusk also has some questions for Clay, none of them good. Individual X-Men have to deal with the chaos created by Benj's kidnapping. Kitty must fend off her friends' questions about Lance, Benj struggles with his own mind, Tabitha ponders Amara's actions, while Rogue observes it all.

Chapter 25: Just More Problems- Benj has agreed to see the professor in regards to the damage down to his mind while kidnapped by the Brotherhood. However, he is a hesitant participant, raising suspicion among the teachers. Kurt and Kitty struggle to maintain their friendship in light of Kitty and Lance's now public relationship, and Kurt's not the only one with problems with it. As worlds collide, sides are even harder to keep.

Everything is planned out (relatively) for the end of D-Factor. That's right, the end. Prediction: a few more months (*ahahahaha) before it's finished and then its sequel: Alternate Realities.


Things I'm a fan of:

X-Men (well Marvel in general)

Teen Titans (show)

Young Justice

Avatar (Aang and Korra)

Star Wars!!!

Bionicle (that's right, and I liked the Metru Nui and Voya Nui characters [Toa Metru, Toa Hordika, Toa Ignika, underwater] more than the 'original' Toa Nova/Toa Mata [as I called them])

Pretty much all Cinda Williams Chima books.


"Do or do not, there is no try." -Yoda

"Evil beware, we have waffles." -Raven (from Teen Titans)

"MY CABAGES!" -Cabage salesman (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

"Blue is glue... and well... red is dead." -Benjy (Mission Impossible)

"Weird is good, strange is bad." -Fitch (The Warrior Heir)


*OC Update: (Final) I have 6 characters, a gay 17-year-old guy (love interest for my own gay character), a straight 15-year-old girl, another straight 15-year-old girl/wolf, a 9 year-old boy, and his older sister a 16 year-old lesbian, oh and a straight 16 year-old-guy.

Below is a list of characters for the Haven from my D-Factor story with some specifics (they are listed in the order of the micro explanation above):

Sionnach Fae, a hot-headed guy, can change into a sort of half human/half fox, throw blue fire, and possess children. Mutant name: Kitsune. (submitted by San child of the wolves)

Zendi Idnez, a thief for fun, has increased speed, agility, flexibility, and reflexes. Mutant name: Knife. (submitted by magicrazy101)

Rena ‘Alden’, born a wolf-dog, can change from human to her original wolf-dog form, and create sonic waves. Mutant name: Fenris. (submitted by AvengedVeralin)

Nicolas (Nico) Ashton Wolfe, a boy with a drastic physical mutation, has armor-like scales covering his body, sharp claws/fangs, and spikes covering his joints and down his back, also has a mental ‘bond’ with his sister. Mutant name: Wyvern. (submitted by San child of the wolves)

Ashley Nicole Wolfe, a quiet and shy girl with poor judgment, can talk to animals, can heal animals, shape-shifting mutants, and mutants with noticeable physical mutations at the cost of her feeling their pain, and can use the abilities of animals as long as she has studied them. Mutant name: Ash. (submitted by San child of the wolves)

Xander Green, typical gaming nerd with the ability to leave his body and influence others. Mutant name: Whisper. (submitted by HMMaster)

Mine: (in case you wondered)

Portia Manderson, a little hard to read at times, a girl who knows what she wants and is always willing to get it, and summons inter-dimmensional portals. Mutant name: Portal

Enrique Oculto, typically quiet guy, intense caring for the safety of others, able to turn invisible and cloak others and objects within his range. Mutant name: Cloak.

Claire Darth (Daniels): A fierce and fiery fighter with a matching personality, Claire is willing to put herself in danger for the security of others, "cell-shifter" AKA an advanced shape-shifter, also a minor seer. Mutant name: Clay Dune.

Seth Severus, oldest member of the team, works at the Zoo and currently lives in an apartment in Bayville, physical mutation makes him look like a snake humaniod with added strength and a dangerous venom. Mutant name: Parselmouth.


This section is of no importance. Yet.

The "Sisterhood" of Mutants

I'll put up a list here soon and give credit where credit is due (bare with me as I do it slowly)

Samantha Quincy, very pro-mutant, believes she can take on the world with her own two hands, started up a community center all on her own, shape-shifting like Colossus where she changes into a completely bronze version of herself, minor healing factor, don't make her angry. Mutant name: Automaton.

Quinn Leigh, a lone-wolf, amnesiac, photo-graphic memory (post-clean slate), can take care of himself, good with his hands, "density control", turns into a completely obsidian state after touching obsidian, of which he has an obsidian arrowhead always around his neck. Mutant name: Obsidian.


Bombshell moments in stories I like history:

Mystique is Kurt's mother; Rogue was adopted by Mystique; Harry finds out Tom Riddle is Voldemort; Sirus didn't really kill Wormtail, Wormtail cut off his own toe and faked his death; Raven is the portal; "Harry your a wizard"; Turaga Duma is Matuka; Vakama finds out the Toa Metru are technically the wrong ones; "Luke, I am your father"; Leia is Luke's sister; Dakrai caused the collaspe of time; Grovyle is on your side; Dusknoir's evil; Aang will have to kill the Firelord; Reyes is working for Bastion... you get the point (congrats if you realize where each bombshell moment is from).


Not How It Works

So yeah, minor side story I'm working on. A Western. It's for joriholic73's challenge. Just for fun.

Chapter 6 is up.


Lucky you all: D-Factor now has two sequels thought up. We'll see when I get there, I'm trying to bring D-Factor to a swift end.

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