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'Allo!! I'm Elhwesta!! Or who once was Elhwesta. I'm now Forty Names, None the Same. I counted up the number of nicknames and aliases I have and the total came out 40, so I'm kinda proud of that (actually, it's fifty-three now, but I don't wanna change my name again). ^_^ Gee, a bio on me? I feel so special!! Anyhoo, I'm a half-Japanese college student from Minnesota, the boringest (is that even a word?) place on Earth next to Iowa.^_^ (Sorry for all you Iowans out there, it's an ongoing Minnesotan joke). I'm a film student currently attending the University of Southern California, home of the Trojans (number four in the country baby woo!!). Our alumni include great filmmakers such as Steven Spielburg, George Lucas, Ron Howard, and Robert Zemekis. Even more of a source of pride, it seems is that Will Ferrell attended this school and started a streaking tradition in the Frats. Yay.

I don't really consider myself that much of a writer, but I am a voiceover actress, FILMMAKER!!, comedian, musician (GO GUITAR!!!! I LOVE MY GUITAR!!!), artist, and all around Movie/Anime/Final Fantasy/LOTR/POTC/Johnny Depp/Hogu Weaving freak. My Johnny Depp and Hugo Weaving movie collections are massive. Any movie they've been in, I have it. I'm quadrilingual if you don't count Elvish (Quenya and Sindarin) which I spoke w/ my AP Euro teacher on a regular basis. I really like manga style drawing in my spare time. It's a great style to use for comedic drawings.

I was voted most psycho by my group of friends at school, of whom are recognized as the most insane people in the local community. So to be labeled "Most Psycho" is a source of personal pride for me! ^_^ For example, I took a friend up on a dare, and I am calling up the Mann Chinese Theatre every two weeks to see when advance sale tickets for the LOTR Marathon go on sale. I've been calling them since August and they're getting pretty mad at me. Tee hee!!

I hope to put up many more fics in the future, but since I'm a college student now, it may be difficult for me to update on a regular basis, so please bear w/ me and thanks to everyone whose read them, even if you haven't reviewed!! ^_^

Yoroshiku Onegaishima~su!!
Aman ne!!

P.S. I'm going nuts waiting for Return of the King, Ned Kelly, Troy, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (scheduled for release in 2005), and many other movies. Ahhhh~!!! Well, at least it gives me something to look forward to. You know what's really demented? has more up-to-date, detailed information on Qrlando Bloom movies than IMDB. That's insane. I relly have to wonder what those reporters do to get all that info. Hmm.

P.P.S. All of you POTC fans, go check out the Norrington Defense League!! Even if you don't like Norrington, the NDL can teach you a few things to change your mind! I'm offended that the filmmakers cut so much of his character in the movie!! That's why everyone thinks he's base and a prick!! Grrr~!!!! Gore Verbinski, we need to have a talk!!

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