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harro peeps ^.^

This is The Real Cheshire (just call me Cheshire, Chesh or Chaos) and Perry (the super annoying talking ghost thingy)

i like animes and mangas and crushing on people from stories! XD im also a super random person and love commenting. i HATE flames. even if a story needs improvement i wont be all "YOU SUCK THIS STORY SUCKS YOUR A HORRIBLE WRITER!!!". i give one good thing and one thing that needs improvement. I would like the same in return. i like strawberry gingerale (O.o seeee randomness) and like pokemon (stfu to all yoou pokemanz haters).

My favorite anime's are:

Tokyo Mew Mew

Maid sama

Pandora Hearts


Special A

Fruits Basket

Vampire Knight

and so on...

Fave Couples:

Tokyo Mew Mew- Ichigo X kish, Pai X Lettuce, Purin X tart same old, same old

Maid Sama- Tora X Misaki XD. but i also like Usui X Misaki

Pandora Hearts- Oz X Alice

Inuyasha-I prefer the matching of Koga X Kagome, but i also agree that Inuyasha is good with her too

Special A- Kei X Hikari, Akira X Tadashi

Fruits Basket- Kyo X Tohru

Vampire Knight- Zero X Yuuki

i currently only have a couple (coughcoughONE) story up so i wont feel bad if you can me a noob. hmmm what else to talk about. oh, yea, i have a very twisted mind. so if i start spouting stuff about...well, serial killers, chainsaws, crowbars, Spencer Reid or dead babies (inside joke sorry) just quietly calm me down XD.

I LOVE drawing. As in, drawing is my world. Writing stories is something i do to pass the time, so im not that serious about it. I also tend to write whats on my mind, so it sounds as if im just talking. its something I do...

Im short, red-headed, but not bad tempered. i CAN get angry but i hardly ever. no anger, sadness, fury, just calm and eccentric! ya, i move a lot. as in, bouncing off the walls!

Any other info you want to know will be on im usually on almost everyday.

p.s ill TRY to update my stories withing a week, but sadly i have the 2hr. time limit one my computer (set by my parent) and on tuesdays and thursdays im not allowed on at all. T.T

p.s.S my name on gaia is also The Real Cheshire and ill be glad if you PM me. just tell me though that your from so im not all like "~freaks out~ OMG STALKERZZZ!!!" ^.^

kthxbaii. Luvziez and Kisses: Chesh and Perry

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