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Name: The name's Shark... LemonShark...

Age: Over 12, but under 18

Likes: Penguins of Madgascar, games, drawing, drawing animals, animals etc...


My OC's:

POM Adventures:


Name: Toby

Gender: Male

Breed: Husky


Sweet, caring, but can be tough when needed


Both ears stick up, mixture of white and grey fur

Treasured possessions:A white hat with words: LuckyToby, BFF's 4ever swen on it.

Skills: Can fight well, can run far distances

Name: Slasher

Gender: Male

Breed: Doberman


Nice, kind, generous, and protective


Black, with a golden brown muzzle,one ear sticks up, and another is unusually floppy.

Skills: Has a black belt in karate

Treasured possessions: The bond between the dogs

Name: Fang

Gender: Male

Breed: Labrador


Tough, loves to race, and can be nice sometimes, and seems to have a issue with sharks


Light golden fur, with a scar on his right wrist

Skills: Can fight well, and loves to see sharks tortured

Treasured possessions: A necklace with a shark tooth attached

Name: Lucky

Gender: Female

Breed: Rottweiler


Crazy, nice, tough, and is the leader of Toby, Fang, and Slasher, hates humans, and loves sharks


Big, menacing, has a backpack on her back, has a scar across her left eye, with her ears un-naturally sticky up, and chocolate brown eyes.

Skills: Excellent in modification on weapons, and can tell what kind of weapon it is just by looking at it, can morph into any kind of animal, even human, after a lab accident, and can run at light speed.

Treasured possessions: Blue backpack filled with dynamite, and a screwdriver kit. bazooka, and a modified taser gun.

Name: Seizer


Breed: Rottweiler


Protective of his sister, Lucky. like his sister, he also hates humans


Big as a lion, brown eyes, and has a scar on his front left leg. his ears sticky up, but half of it floppy.

Skills: Black belts in every fighting style and has a deadly headlock

Treasured possessions: His red collar, with a sliver dog tag in the shape of a bone with his name on it.

Name: Growler

Gender: Male

Species: Pit bull-dog


Holds a grudge against Lucky, Manfreadie, Shylo and Abby. evil, and wants to rule all of animal kind.

Appearance: Has an eye patch, a mechanical right paw, grey fur, and has floppy ears.

Name: Tim

Gender: Male

Species: German Shepard


Holds a grudge against Lucky and Rico's relationship.

Appearance: Golden brown with white paws, tail, and muzzle, with sticky up ears.



Gender: Female

Species: African penguin


Kind, quite impatient, and is a good friend


Taller than Skipper, but shorter than Rico

Skills: She can cook

Treasured possessions: A blood stone on a necklace she wears everywhere

Name: Abby

Gender: Female

Species: Emperor penguin


Totally crazy, loves music, is crazy for coffee, and hates blood.

Appearance: Taller than Kowalski, reaches up to Lucky's muzzle


Name: Claw.

Gender: Male


American eagle


Loves to help newbies in the Police force.

Appearance: About the height of Lucky, and always wears a hat.

Name: Jamie.

Gender: Male

Species: Albino wolf.


Holds grudges against dogs, even though they are classified under wolves.

Appearance: About 15 feet tall, and is grey.

Name: Herbert

Gender: Male

Species: Polar bear


Can be friendly, mostly like Jamie, only on the good side, and doesn't hate dogs.

Appearance: the tallest among his friends and fur is snow white.

Name: Jake

Gender: Male

Species: American eagle

Personality: Comes up with good plans, he's a pretty decent fighter, and he treats the team like his family.

Appearance: A little bit shorter than claw, and doesn't wear a hat.

Name: Sky

Gender: Male

Species: Red kangaroo

Personality: Is the total opposite of Joey, but has the accent

Appearance: Big, about the height of Herbert, only a few inches shorter.

Name: Drake

Gender: Male

Species: Russian tiger

Personality: Nice for a tiger, friendly, and kind towards the little animals.

Appearance: Almost the same height as Herbert, and has a muscular build.

Name: Juliet

Gender: Female

Species: Komodo Dragon

Personality: Nice and kind for a Komodo Dragon, loving, caring.

Appearance: Her length is shorter than Lucky's height, and was Lucky's pet, treated like family. She's deceased because of humans, and that fed fuel to Lucky's hatred for them.

Name: Cody

Gender: Male

Species: Komodo Dragon

Personality: Like his mother, Juliet, he is also concerned for Lucky, looking out for her when possible, because he's just a few months old. He's learning to talk too, by listening to conversations by Lucky and the others.

Appearance: Small, just about the length of Lucky's whole front leg.

A Jacked Up HighSchool Life:

The Eagletons:

Name: Claw Eagleton

Gender: Male

Species: American eagle

Personality: Fatherly like, brave, and kind.

Appearance: He's like any other eagle, wears a brown business suit.

Role in the family: Father of three, husband of Shylo.

Name: Shylo Eagleton

Gender: Female

Species: African penguin

Personality: Motherly like, nice, kind

Appearance: African penguin like, and wears a white dress

Role in the family: Mother of three, wife of Claw

Name: Seizer Rottweiler 'Eagleton'

Gender: Male

Species: Rottweiler

Personality: Brave, protective, a little bold sometimes

Appearance: Like any other Rottweiler, but with a scar on his left paw.

Role in the family: Oldest sibling, son of Claw and Shylo.

Name: Abby Eagleton

Gender: Female

Species: Emperor Penguin

Personality: Sassy, crazy, and protective of the youngest.

Appearance: Wears a ice blue shirt, with a picture of a cup of coffee on it.

Role in the family: Middle sibling, daugther of Claw and Shylo

Name: Lucky 'Rottweiler' Eagleton

Gender: Female

Species: Rottweiler

Personality: Crazy sometimes, brave, kind, and helpful

Appearance: Like a Rottweiler, only with a scar on her left eye, always wears a red cap and usually a hoodie

Role in the family: Youngest sibling, daughter of Claw and Shylo

The Cattersons:

Name: Amber Catterson

Gender: Female

Species: Cat. Yeah...

Personality: Nice, kind, and sweet

Appearance: Grey cat, white muzzle, wears a pink shirt and white skirt

Role in the family: Cousin of Rose. (More will be added when the story progresses)

Name: Rose Catterson

Gender: Female

Species: Again, cat. IT'S A SPECIES IN HERE, OK?!

Personality: Nice, not really the sharpest knife in the drawer, though...

Appearance: Like her cousin, Amber, only she wears all pink, with a pink headband

Role in the family: Cousin of Amber. (More will be added when the story progresses)

Role in the team: The leader

Lucky's Team:

Name: Jake Wingler

Gender: Male

Species: American eagle

Personality: Playful, a joker, friendly, and nice

Appearance: Like any other American eagle, wears a white baseball cap, and a white shirt, with blue pants

Role: The 'second leader'

Name: Sky Hopper

Gender: Male

Species: Red Kangaroo

Personality: Nice, awesome, and a little adventurous

Appearance: light brown, and a little tint of blue, wears a red pants and a brown shirt

Role: The 'cool' one

Name: Herbert Bearing

Gender: Male

Species: Polar bear

Personality: Good, kind, quiet

Appearance: White, with a tint of grey, wears blue pants and a blue shirt

Role: The 'quiet' one

Max's Gang:

Name: Max 'Blade' Steele

Gender: Male

Species: A cat.

Personality: Cocky, bad, and a jerk

Appearance: White, with brown patches on his paws, and his muzzle, wears a vest, and blue pants.

Role: Leader

Name: Drake Tigers

Gender: Male

Species: Russian Tiger

Personality: Same as his leader, only he can also act.

Appearance: Like any other tiger, only that he wears a red shirt and black vest, and dark blue pants.

Role: Second Leader

Name: Toby Husk

Gender: Male

Species: Husky

Personality: Opposite from POM Adventures, and is ruthless

Appearance: Like POM Adventures, only wears a white shirt, a black leather jacket and pants

Role: The Muscle

Name: Growler

Gender: Male

Species: Pitbull

Personality: Bad, evil, heartless

Appearance: Grey, wears a black jacket, and black jeans

Role: The Informer

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