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Ahoy... I'm fmdevil = Yes, I shamelessly put a link to my profile-page on my own profile-page Hahaha! ;-}

How old am I now? Argh, I was born April 18 of 1983(there I said it)

What gender am I? Male of course... I think?

Where am I from? Doesn't matter = because I plan to one day be a resident of the world and travel all over to see what this amazing planet has to offer, that is as long as I have a special someone with me while I do ;-]

What's my real name? J = believe it or not that is my real name. How fricken lazy were my parents to only give me a single letter for a name?

I am also happily MARRIED (as of 10/10/14) to a fellow ZoNa author KimuraMinami who has greatly contributed to the ZoNa fandom, and is also a very amazing and wonderful woman... and not just because she is a ZoNa fan... Oh yeah, and we kind of have a baby girl together now ;-p

Avatar pic? When my daughter says "Well... if you aren't going to write than I'm watching my shows"

Personality? The older I get, the softer I seem to get (both emotionally and physically it seems). I was once quick to get into arguments of any kind, but these days I just don't have it in me to fight about non-improtant things like why One Piece is better than Naruto (because we all know One Piece is king ;p). And despite my cold/uncaring demeanor, I tend to be a huge sucker for sweet and fluffy stuff. So keep the fluff coming ;-}

Personal quote? Money might make the world go round, but passion makes it worth living in = Be passionate about your passions ;} (I give permission to anyone who wants to use this to go ahead and do so... as long as they give credit to me -fmdevil)

Interests? anime, manga, action sports, shooting and archery, anything loud and fast, I don't smoke drink or do drugs (my only addiction might be adrenaline)

Guilty little pleasures? Lots of junk food (probably why I'm getting a little soft physically), Disney's animated movies = Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, Zootopia, etc... and last but not least: A happy ending (sure it is cliché, but who doesn't' like a happy ending)

Manga I'm reading? One Piece (completely up to date, get angry when they take week breaks). Fairy Tale (good series, as long as you don't mind Mashima's lazy ass story telling)... That's it right now, because if the manga are actually any good, there will make an anime of it ;-}

Anime I'm watching? One Piece (completely up to date), Fairy Tail, and a ton of others that catch my interest (mainly Fantasy genre) like Drifters which is fucking awesome.

I also have an account on DeviantArt but I don't really use it much beside to look at cool fanart (and also to post a couple of pictures from my trip to Shanghai to visit my KimuraMinami ;})

Stories That I Would Like To Write

First and foremost I am a Zoro fan (most epic badass anime character ever) so my stories would all be One Piece fanfics that are mainly Zoro centric.

Most would have romance in them mainly being ZoNa, but I will consider other possibilities, I think the reason I like Zoro's character so much is because there are so many possibilities.

What Connects Us: ZoroxNami / multi-chap / mature / romance / humor = one night Zoro is piss drunk because he is morning Kuina's death, when Nami stumbles upon him and she somehow connects to Zoro's between world. This causes their bond to grow much stronger and they develop deep feelings for each other. This story would be really long spanning through out older and current canon, and even possible future. Would have multi pairings and original characters (But not Straw-hat inserts) including possible future children.

Sleepless In Raftel: ZoroxNami / multi-chap / teen / romance / adventure / A.U. = in high school Zoro was once known as one half of the Narcoleptic Duo, but now he can't seem to sleep at all. What changed? This story would contain flash backs from both Zoro and Nami's P.O.V.s through out their time in high school and would eventually become an action story. Since it's an A.U. anything goes, including age changes and family relationships.

Roger's School For Outcast: Zoro Robin / multi-chap / teen / adventure / humor / A.U. = Zoro was always a loner getting into trouble with the law, when he is given a choice: graduate from the only school that will take him, or go to prison. Suddenly Zoro finds himself not so alone anymore, but can he accept the change. Slightly inspired by Kaoden unfinished Welcome to GL High!(another great writer by the way). Since it's an A.U. anything goes, including age changes and family relationships

Zoro's Soul Edge Adventure: Zoro / multi-chap / teen / adventure / OnePiece-SoulCaliber crossover = During a fight with another pirate crew a big storm hits and the rest of the Straw-hats are separated and lost from Zoro (that's Zoro's story and he's sticking to it) who winds up on a continent where various warriors are showing up looking for some legendary sword called Soul Edge. With nothing better to do untill he "finds" the rest of the crew, he decides to join in on the fun. Takes place in the One Piece world. The crew will not be in this one very much, so if you want crazy crew antics this isn't the story for you. It's an A.U./Crossover = I DO WHAT I WANT

Escorting My Lonely Heart: RobinxNami / multi-chap / mature / romance / drama / A.U. = Robin is 30 years old, successful, rich, and lonely. She gets invited to a formal party by a business associate, and not wanting to attend alone, she enlists the services of an escort service. When a beautiful 20-year-old woman (Nami) shows up at her door instead of a man, she decides to just roll with it. Forbidden romance forms as she gets to know the escort (Nami), and she finds that she will do anything to make the young woman happy. I'm not much of a yuri fan, but this idea came to me one night, and I might just have to develop this, but don't get your hopes up.

Red Hood And The Sword: ZoroxNami / multi-chap / teen / romance / humor / A.U. = Nami is walking through the forest on her way to Robin's house when she runs into the Big Bad Green Wolf? Yet, why doesn't this wolf seem to have any violent intentions against her? Why is he carrying a sword? And why does he seem so familiar? A romantic twist off of Little Red Riding Hood. Inspired by AquaGekko23's and AshaRose's fairytale series.

O.P.O.T.D(One Piece Of The Dead): All Straw-hats / multi-chap / mature? / humor / adventure / A.U. = H.O.T.D. story with One Piece twist(Not a Crossover). Will take place in a modern city like in Japan/America, but will be in the One Piece world. Pairings will include LuffyxVivi, ZoroxNami, SanjixPerona, RobinxHancock(mainly one sided on Hancock's part), as well as others. Since it's an A.U. some ages as well as family relationships will change.

Breaking Tradition: Zorox??? / multi-chap / mature / romance / humor / A.U. = Zoro is the leader of a tribe and thought to be the descendent of a war-god because of his green hair. His tribe has been at war with the amazons that also inhabit the same island for over 50 years. The island has been plagued by a long-term drought, as well a severe shortage in births from both sides. To appease the gods, Zoro's tribe has a tradition of making the leader drink the blood of virgins so their lands can be fertile. When a historian comes to the village and explains to them that their god was not supposed to be a war-god, but a fertility god instead, and that they have been performing the wrong ritual, Zoro reluctantly participates in the proper ritual and a miracle happens. This causes Zoro to question the entire war as well as his own atheist beliefs. Not sure on the pairings yet, or if I'll even develope this one, because it gets a little raunchy for my tastes. Might be willing to adopt this out.

Pairings I Like In Canon Stories

ZoroxNami= without a doubt my favorite pairing: great love/hate thing going on, as well as what one seems to lack the other seems to have (they complete each other)

ZoroxPer I fricken love Perona (the chick is crazy as hell), and she tends to remind me a lot of Nami. And then there is the whole fact that Zoro spent 2 years with her, so there could (I stress the word could) be something there. But I think it should be noted that I prefer Zoro and Perona having a Brother/Sister relationship.

LuffyxHancock= I mainly just like the idea of these two having a kid together

LuffyxMargaret= this couple is for lack of a better term "cute"

FrankyxRobin= my second favorite couple. Kinda like the ZoroxNami couple; what one character lacks the other seems to have (they complete each other aswell)

Sanji x ?= it's not that I hate Sanji, I just can't see him romantically involved with one woman: his character seems to be that of one that loves all women equally (not a player), just someone who couldn't show favoritism to one woman.

LuffyxCrew-Member?= I just can't see Luffy romantically involved with any of his crew: In my eyes he truly loves all his crew equally and wouldn't be able to show favoritism to any of them. That's why if I ever get into a canon story with Luffy having some kind of romantic relationship, it probably wont be a crew member.

ZoroxRobin?= this was once my favorite pairing, but now I just can't stand it anymore in canon style stories. This is because of obsessive ZoRo fans who throw all basic characterization out the window and just make crap up to try to convince people that this pairing works. There could ACTUALLY be some believable chemistry between the two, but 80% of the people who ship this don't even see it and make the two WAY TOO OOC. I actually find it kinda funny that the last two ZoRo stories that I read that were any good were written by ZoNa fans who really didn't even care for the pairing but just wanted to try to improve their writing skills. So this pairing is dead to me unless it is an AU (and even then it still has to be written right).

Pairings I Like In A.U. Stories

My opinion = Anything goes in an A.U. The whole point of an AU is to have FUN and experiment with the plot, as long as you can still make the characters STAY WHO THEY ARE!

OCs In Canon Style Stories

My opinion = OCs do not belong as inserts into the Straw-Hat Pirates. They are to be used as filler characters, villains, and friendly/not so friendly faces met along the way. My one story that will have the exception to this rule is "What Connects Us" and even then the OCs will never be led by Captain Monkey D. Luffy. They will simply be next generation Straw-Hats or Reincarnated Straw-Hats.

Just a quick note: I work anywhere between 60 to 65 hours a week on average and get very little time to write, so please be patient with me when It comes to my stories.

I also got to give shout outs to some of my favorite authors: KimuraMinami, Oceanwind, ZeldaAddict42, nekked, DawnAngel14, Kawaii Neko Nami, Anonymous Being, navitor3, and many more I can't remember to name (I'm getting old and senile damn it, give me a break)

These authors pay a lot of attention to detail and seem to have the characters down to a science, or they are extremely passionate about writing in general. I'm always impressed by those that know the layout of the Merry and the Sunny (no private rooms for each crew member and magic hallways that don't exist from these authors) GREAT JOB!

Remember kids: if you're not sure on something One Piece Wiki is your friend.

Keep up the awesome work.


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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Taking in a Stray Cat reviews
AU: Despite the rumors about Kuraigana Island being home to a Green Demon who carries three swords; the cat burglar Nami couldn't pass up the huge score of treasure said to be left on the island.But when she is caught by the Demon, the Demon's friends and family find out and try to make him keep her.But how does Nami feel about all that?
One Piece - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 15 - Words: 113,549 - Reviews: 190 - Favs: 163 - Follows: 181 - Updated: 11/11/2018 - Published: 4/13/2013 - [Zoro, Nami] - Complete
The Amazing Life of an OC reviews
Come follow the life (regardless of how short it is) of an OC who is going to be the biggest star of them all... No seriously, just ask him, he'll tell you. This is just my sarcastic take on a popular story plot. Rated M for language and crude humor. Small hints of ZoNa.
One Piece - Rated: M - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,885 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 3 - Published: 5/19/2017 - [Zoro, Nami] OC - Complete
He's Mine reviews
A ZoNa 2-Shot based off of the awesome Fanart that I'm using as the cover. Rated M for language and suggestive situations.
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