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Author has written 3 stories for NCIS, and Walking Dead.

I have been into fan fiction for a few years now and I am currently writing stories for NCIS and The Walking Dead, which are two shows that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

With regard to the stories that I have posted, I have killed off main characters. That will not always be the case. I don't need for a story to be happy all of the time. If it works out that it is happy, great; but if it doesn't, that's ok too. Some of the best fan fiction I have ever read happen to have character death(s). Just because people die doesn't mean it isn't a good story.

Bad language tends to show up often in my stories. I try to remember to put a warning in, but sometimes I forget so here is a blanket warning: My stories have bad language.

There can be bad bad-guys in my stories. I try to remember to put a warning in, but sometimes I forget so here is a blanket warning: My stories may have bad bad-guys.

Bad bad-guys do very bad things to people. I try to remember to put a warning in, but sometimes I forget so here is a blanket warning: My stories may have bad bad-guys doing very bad things.

I tend to write non-canon because that gives a lot more freedom and allows for a lot more creativity than trying to stay exactly canon all the time with the story lines and the characters. I believe I incorporate enough of the show and the recognizable "famous" lines even if they are in different context or said by a different character.

Sometimes it takes me a while to post chapters because I am OCD. I have to make sure that the storylines stay consistent. If I get on a roll, though, it won't be surprising to see several chapters go up right after one another, then there might be a break. One thing for sure though: barring coma and/or death and/or something at that level of severity, I will always finish a story.

The time of year can also make a difference in how much I post. I may be more active in writing in the peak of summer as it is hotter than hell in Texas in the summer and I just don't want to go outside. On the flip side, it can also be quite cold in the Texas Hill Country in winter, so there may be spurts of activity in the peak of winter too. It sucks in Texas. There are about 3 weeks in the spring when it's wildflower season and the area is completely blanketed with them. Ok, for 3 weeks out of the year, Texas doesn't suck. That still leaves a lot of suck.

I have several more story ideas floating around in my head right now. I am trying to sort them out into outlines, but I only write one story at a time. I think it's the OCD thing. I sometimes have tunnel-vision. However, the OCD also gets stories finished.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I love writing them!!!

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