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Author has written 26 stories for Inuyasha, Naruto, Codename: Kids Next Door, South Park, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, and Bleach.

According to FanFiction, I've been here since 2010, but I didn't use this account until my first story, which was in 2013. I'm a pretty lazy and distracted writer, but people still stick around, and that's neat. I am so unworthy.

When it comes to romance or couples...the pacing will be slow. I don't hate stories that have the pairings happen immediately (especially if they give background information on how they usually act around each other), but I feel like getting there is a process that's rarely shown. Then again...I don't read much. I have a nagging feeling that the readers for both my (main) stories find it frustrating that by chapter 8 or 10 the intended couple STILL isn't together. I apologize for that, but...ya know. It may be fan fiction, but a little realism brings it all together, don't you think? Don't ya?! Please say yes!!!

Uh...I like FanFiction stories, but I stray from multi-chapter ones. I have no clue why. Usually, if I'm looking for a story, I look at the list of people who favorite/follow my stuff and scope through their favorites. That seems to be the only time I scope a multi-chapter fic (especially if it shows up on more than one person's list). I have a short...range of fics I read; even though, I like sooooooooooooo many other manga and anime. One day, I shall put up a list, but not today. Today I woke up early because I thought I had a paper due, and it's not due until next week. Tck. I woke up to type, so I might as well type something.

Juri, what made you start writing stories on FanFiction?

That's a very adorable question. Let me answer in a not so adorable way. Ahem, well, my first FF story was on a site called Quizilla, and it was called Lonely Heart: A Naruto Story. Ugh...some times I look at it and... Oh, how juvenile I was. Anyway, I wrote that and a few other stories under the name jumpstarter until a friend told me about some Twilight story she read on a sight called FanFiction, so I scurried over here to try and find it. I didn't. But I DID find a place full of wonderful stories filled with characters that I love! Slowly, I stopped going on Quizilla and found my place here. For a while, I just read and such.

Why did I start creating stories here? Simple! There were stories I wanted to read that were not made (or surfing through fics showed no results), so, naturally, or not, I figured if I wanted to read a story that didn't exist, there may be others who also wanted to read these non-existent stories. That, my friends, is why Juri creates stories.

I continue to create stories because the people of FF are just so darn beautiful. It gets my heart, man!!!! I can't take it!!!

Shh... Secret.

InuHime Blog

How Juri picks her story titles: I type in the title name I'm thinking of in the FanFic search engine.

If it pops up, I don't use it.

If similar titles pop up, I don't use it.

Basically, if no other titles pop up when I search for it, I use it.

However, I didn't do this method for Black And Purple Don't Mix because I wasn't serious about writing it. Now I am, and I'm glad nothing else pops up. Why do I do this? I can't say for certain, but I think it's for selfish reasons like...I just want to look at my story when I'm trying to show it to a friend or something. Makes it easy when I don't feel like logging in, you know?

I also was too tired when I picked In the Name of Friendship, so I'm not too fond that it's drowned in the abundance of fics.

Fun Fact: She Doesn't Look Like An Uchiha was going to be called She's My Sister.

How Juri comes up with her plots: Music. Physical ish-ishs. Spontaneousness.

I saw an InuHime amv with the song Teenage Dream by Katy Perry, so that's how Auburn Strands and Red Threads(formerly Not All Red Threads) started.

For Black And Purple Don't Mix, the song was Niwakaame Nimo Makezu by Nico Touches the Wall. The sequel for that and most future, heart breaking events were inspired by High School by Lil Wayne ft. Nicki Minaj, and Somebody Else by Mario ft. Nicki Minaj. It's crazy, right? I know.

For She Doesn't Look Like An Uchiha...heh... Believe it or not, it was Rockin' That Thang by The-Dream. Heh heh heh there were no clean thoughts for that one.

Entertaining Fancy actually happened in my delusional state after taking medicine, so...

Operation: S O R R Yhappened after reflecting on the supposed crush Numbuh 1 might have had on Numbuh 3 and just wondering how that would have played out if he hadn't left.

The Folly of Flaunting happened a while back... I don't remember the song, but I remember thinking, "What if there was a NaruHinaSasu threesome?" It was hot at the time, but I don't know how to write sex scenes, and something about actually typing that scenario didn't sit right with me. Sasuke was supposed to have this crazy attraction to Hinata, and when Naruto suggests he sleep with her, it would have more or less been forced... But she would have done it for Naruto... And, no, I just couldn't go down that path, guys. But if someone does it, please let me now. I'll read the heck out of it. The threesome part, not the forced part.

That Was It is also the result of a song I don't remember, if a song at all. It was supposed to be a series (that was gonna get hella complex), but I decided to keep it simple. Really, I was afraid I was going to butcher the idea. Basically it would have been Stan likes Kyle, but Kyle secretly likes Kenny, but Kenny secretly likes Stan. Kenny then gets Kyle to date Stan so he can...live out his fantasies that way. Later Wendy and Bebe would have gotten into the mix and eh... It would have gotten really insane - sad sex, broken hearts, eh. If someone writes something like this, please tell me.

Encoding Error happens when you combine tiredness, cramping, pain meds, and not eating meat for a few days. Have I mentioned my best ideas come when I am mentally fatigued/unwell? Oh, we're in for lots of good fun, eh?

In the Name of Friendship started with the concept of Kiba and Shino sleeping with Hinata to help her cope with Naruto rejecting her. Originally, they were both kind of "hey, free sex!" about it, but then I thought, "What if they were trying to help her cope with pain in general?". So, then it turned to Hinata being emotionally unstable due to Naruto's rejection, Neji's death, and other crippling insecurities. Then, after I wrote it all out, and made a hella amount of revisions and cuts, the world got this fic!

Extended Leash... A lot of SasuHina plots come to me when I drive to school - and I listen to music with the mind of a zombie - so I don't remember how this came to mind. Sasuke was supposed to be more "Oh god no why is this happening to me?" when he found out about Hinata's plan, but then I thought, "Mm... But what if he wasn't?"

How to Beat the Heat: Uchiha Style is the result of my A/C being dysfunctional during a spike in the temperature. It was horrible; I thought I was going to pass out. But, let Juri not lie, it was also a bit fun. Now, it's too cold in the house. *The second chapter is because it was my birthday, and I decided to GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!

Once Felt, Twice Missed actually happened as a branching idea of All the Konoha Ninjas Will Lose Her Again. Like...the part with Naruto... Yeah, it doesn't really make sense how I got from there to here. It was also my attempt at writing a NaruHina. I like the pair, but I can't seem to write anything decent about them...which is why it's not a "happy" fic.

Her Traits Seriously Grates is just a flop. I wrote it the same day I wrote the fic directly above, so the name, length, and plot is lack luster. I did, however, have the idea of Sasuke being weirded out by Hinata's face stuck in my head for the longest time, though.

When FP Burns, Finn Will Learn is part of my birthday haul. I was tired of writing about Naruto, so I decided to pick another fandom to write about and - BOOM! Adventure Time it was! But I also think Finn and Naruto are similar... Ahem. I missed seeing Flame Princess and wondered what it would be like if she saw Finn after his whole dad fiasco. In my mind...there is still hope for Finn and FP!

Save Me, Sweet Prince was an idea I had when school was still in session. I think the song that made me think of this was On the Run (Part 2?) by Jay-Z and Beyoncé. I also wanted to post this before the sequel to The Folly of Flaunting.

Recall, Reshape, Repeat is not even the name I wanted for this, but too many titles popped up for what I wanted (which would have been The Folly of Holding On). I just felt really bad for Naruto, and I started to think about how it would impact him and junk. Then I thought, "What if she came back?" Uh-huh. Yeah. Thinking about this fic makes my heart hurt.

Uchihas Never Cower happened because...I don't know. I wanted a SasuHina where...Sasuke kinda runs from his feelings not because he's some calloused, lost dude in life, but because he feels just a bit inadequate and undeserving. And, yeah, maybe a little scared because of a girl HE likes. A matured Hinata ain't half bad either. Some people don't like a confident Hinata, and I have no clue why.

All the Konoha Ninjas Will Lose Her Again is a product of some twisted corner of my mind. I was looking around at the SasuHinas fics and thought, "It seems Sasuke can only be with Hinata when he mellows down...but he's pretty messed up in the head, if you consider his life." I also wrote this because people wouldn't have approved if I put something like that in Black And Purple Don't Mix.T_T Sasuke's a nut, guys. They really screwed up his mental state, man.

Marital Rut, Emotional Decay had many stages. I wanted a SasuHina in a business type setting, and I wanted Sasuke to have feelings for Hinata. Then I thought it would be more impactful if Sasuke was married. I didn't want to use Sakura because that's so typical, so I used Karin instead. But...then I didn't want Sasuke to actually cheat, so I made Hinata have no clue about how he felt, which would not encourage Sasuke to push his boundaries. Then I added Itachi because why not make everyone's feelings hurt, am I right? This is also...probably...a spinoff from an idea I had for She Doesn't Look Like An Uchiha.

In the Form of Dreams, In the Shape of Puzzlementwas a gift for my cousin, and a difficult concept to think of/write out. I don't know enough about Mito to write about her, so I had to do a lot of assuming. By looks, she appears to be a very serious woman, but any woman who could be married to Hashirama couldn't possibly be too calloused. Madara...is not a man for romance, so, even if he had feelings for Mito, I couldn't portray him as some bad boy who only had a soft side for his "one true love". Especially not a grown man who experienced nothing but death and violence for the bulk of his life. Even if he wanted to be sweet as a prince, his emotions wouldn't let him. He's too guarded. He's lost it all. HE'S A MAN WHO HAS MATURED, NOT A TEENAGER STILL MATURING. Nope... Nope. This isn't a SasuHina, so I had to do some thinking. Lots...and lots...and...lots...

Dreams From Upstream was the first fic I thought of where Hinata had some type of issue because of Neji's death, but I was never able to get it how I liked it, which is why it got published when it did. I also wanted it to be a SasuHina, so yes. Pretty simple here.

Unnecessary Intervening was a gift that required KibaHina. I never gave much thought into how they would act in a romantic sense...because Kiba would either be really secretive or upfront to the point of not being taken seriously... So, I tried to go with something funny, but, at the same time, a little impactful.

Preserve One to Damage Two started with a skewed idea... Um... It was just another way to portray Hinata and Sasuke coming together, if at all. I went with their twelve year old selves to show how something could effect them as they grow up. I was also kinda tired of using the 'starting in their teens then progressing to adulthood' trope.

Drag Queens, Night Scenes, and Bad Things is a result of going to a drag bar and wondering how to incorporate the Naruto peeps.

Ninjas, Emotions, Tumblr is just a place to put the stuff I've written on Tumblr in a place the non-Tumblr people can read them.


I have decided on a few things. Well, I'm noticing how most of my days have been concerned about FanFiction (generally speaking), and my time worrying about my own stories have been non-existent since I posted Black And Purple Don't Mix. Sooooooo, this is what I have decided: A limitation.

After I finish my current multi-chapter stories, I'll stop with FanFiction to get more serious about my personal stuff. Now, if you're the type to freak out, don't. Why? Well, because that means I won't leave until I'm finished with Auburn Strands and Red Threads (three parts) and Black and Purple Don't Mix (two/three parts). Add that in with the fact that I take forever to update, these stories will be pretty long, and my tendency to stray to oneshots, I'll be here for a goooooooood while. Probs.

Random Reviewer: But, Juri, what if you start a new series?

Ah. If I start a new series, then we should hope I finish it before my other three because it might not get done. Leeeeeeet's just be honest here. My last fic will be Death Note based, and it will most likely get uploaded all at once because I'm always working on it.

Well, that's about it. I like to tell you guys because I looooooove you guys. Thanks for enjoying what I write! I hope to keep filling you with that joy!

Random Reviewer: Is that an innuendo?

...Only if you want it to be.

No, calm down, we're all insane here, let's get real, kay, bye!

Juri's Policies on Reviews

Listen...I honestly don't stress it too much. I like them, yes, but, really, I like them because YOU, the reader, WANTED to let me know how you felt. If you like it, it's more of a feeling I wanted you to have anyway. You don't have to feel obligated to make me feel good.

However, if you read something and you don't think it was my best, tell me. I try my best with every fic, but I can't always tell when I'm slipping. Don't think that you're being mean if that's the case. For Black And Purple Don't Mix, I've had the occasional person tell me they thought I was losing focus, and, sometimes, they were right. I focus on the small things too much and the story was heading in a different direction. I was also told that I was slipping the characters OUT of character. I try to be as in character as possible, so I like to be alerted of this. (Unless there is an event that happened to the character that would impact his or her personality.) Naturally, I fixed these, and I thank those who kept me in check.

So, review when you want to and not because you think you have to. If you have concerns, voice them. I'm the one who decided to post my fics on the internet, so I'm putting myself out there for all kinds of criticism. It's okay, I promise.

There are two kinds of writers: And this, I think, heavily influences how well the work as a whole will turn out. There are those who have a vision and are able to help others see that vision and there are those who are able to share the vision of the characters. See, those who fall in the first category are quite impressive. They are able to come up with a world uniquely theirs with characters who can relate with others. In a sense, they are coming up with a completely different world, even if it has similarities to others, and entice people with this foreign place. Readers are able to get a better understanding of the writer's mind.

Then there are the types whom I have nothing but the highest level of respect. I don't know how many people will get this concept, but, I believe, there comes a time in a writer's life where the characters take over, in a sense, and suddenly the story is flowing in a way they hadn't thought of. The story may even flow in a different direction all together. These are the kind of authors I like because it takes some type of...skill to not force the story in a way that appeals to...a part of them that knows better than to change what is being shown to them. Often times, I will have an idea for a story or some kind of event to happen, but, because I let myself get into character, things come out differently. Sometimes, emotionally, I am pleased and other times it breaks my heart. Weird thing is, whenever this happens, it always turns into something people love...and I'm left in a kind of stupor.

Ah... Just a thought.

If it tickles your fancy to help me!!! I'm looking for stories that I've read in the past - this is before I signed up for an account. If you've read them or think you've read them, won't you help me?


1.) The first is a Fruits Basket fic with the love interests being Kyo and Tohru. It's set in...maybe the 1900s or sooner. Kyo works for Yuki, who is of nobility. Kyo hates the nobles, all of them, I believe, but finds that he has fallen for Tohru who is also among the nobles and who is also Yuki's girlfriend. I'm a little sketchy on the particulars, but I remember Kyo seeing Yuki and Tohru get intimate one night, and, after, Yuki implies that he knew he was watching. There was also a masquerade ball where I think Kyo and Tohru kiss, and Kyo visits Tohru after noticing she was not her usual self only to find that her mother is dying. They get intimate after that. After that night, the next morning maybe, Yuki sees Kyo's back and asks him where he got those scratch marks. The last I read, Yuki found out about Tohru and Kyo, which forced Tohru to marry Yuki in exchange for not locking Kyo away.


1.) Oh...man. This Ouran High School Host Club fic... There is probably no good way to describe it because it has all the generic elements...but I'll give it a try. It's a HikaruxHaruhi pairing...but I think Haruhi was dating Tamaki at the time? I only remember the end where Haruhi and Hikaru were going out, but I think she slept with Tamaki, causing them to break up. I think. Point is, they broke up. The next time they went to the host club, Hikaru was flirting with another girl, Haruhi got mad, and decided to leave. She wrote a note basically calling Hikaru a jerk for flirting with another girl and, even though she slept with Tamaki, she made him out to be way worse than she was. That one really stayed with me even though the writing...could be better. I loved it, though.

That's all I have for now. It's crazy how I can't find them even though I am searching through sooooooo many stories. Please help me out if you can. I love you all!

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