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Author has written 13 stories for Okami, Detective Conan/Case Closed, Legend of Zelda, Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, Eternal Sonata, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Hi! My name is mochi2isluv (you may call me mochi), I'm a bored college student and I decided I needed something to get rid of my perpetual writer's block (it's a disease called lazy-girl-meets-online-manga-and-other-such-distractions-curse-you-Internet). I simply love fantasy/mystery stories with intense plots and deep character development, with a tad bit of romance on the side. Or maybe more than a little romance... ;)

I'm also deeply obsessed with myths, legends, epic tales, microwaves, octopuses, catfish, demons, angels, and gods.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading manga, reading books, watching Korean dramas, playing video games, drawing, writing, eating food, and in general doing nothing much. I'm pretty lazy, so please excuse me if I take forever updating chapters and such. I'm also a perfectionist, which doesn't help my writing in the least... ;3;
I'm quite good at coming up with stories, and not so good at finishing them off (which might explain why I'm currently working on a bajillion stories at once that may or may not be completed @_@). If you bug me enough, I might get motivated to complete them, or at least update some chapters. :P

Anyway, if you do read my works, first off, thanks you very much! Secondly, please comment! I always look forward to a bit of constructive criticism and/or praise.
(though, yes, I admit, I'd like the praise a bit more...heheh XD)

Hope you all enjoy!

Current Works-In-Progress (in order of how I will probably complete them):

Eternal Suffering: Summary of Eternal Sonata as me and my friends interpreted it. I tried a different style than my Okami parodies with this one. I feel like our version makes way more sense, in a rather convoluted sort of way (but hey, the game's convoluted enough as it is)

The Life and Times of Amaterasu Omikami: High school AU fic about Amaterasu, who is the eldest of 15 orphaned kids, and her meeting with Waka, who claims to have been her childhood friend and hints that there was more to her parents' deaths than she believed, which begins to attract the dangerous attention of an underground organization.

Fateful Meetings: My version of Waka's backstory and the events leading up to the battle with Orochi on the Celestial Plain. Because I love Waka so much.

Yet Another Okami...SEQUEL!: That's right, the sequel to your favorite Okami parody, this time starring your favorite Okamiden characters!

In the Shadow of the Moon: 2nd generation Okami story inspired by Lechku and Nechku. How, you ask? Well one day I wondered, "What if someone created Lechku and Nechku...?"and it took off from there. I've actually taken the plot from Dawn of the Little Sun and made it part of this story because I thought it would fit better.

Impossible Geometries: Harvest Moon Rune Factory and Frictional Games (Amnesia, Penumbra, Justine, etc) crossover. I had this idea a while ago and decided to write it for my friends because it was just too perfect. Will most likely be short unless I get reviews asking for more.

The Gosho Girls: I started this fanfic with the intention of making it a bunch of one-shots from different girls' POVs that somehow interconnected, but it turned into something else that I hope will be better. For everyone out there who's ever been bothered at least a little about the fact that the girls in Detective Conan always seem so helpless and clueless. ON HAITUS FOR QUITE SOME TIME ;_;

Completed Works:

Suspicions: Short Detective Conan one-shot for all you conspiracy theorists out there, and also for the people like me who read Detective Conan and can't help but think Conan's got a shinigami or something. Seriously. Every-freaking-where he goes, there's a murder. What's up with that?! (Not that I mind; after all, what would be a mystery series without murder?) XD

A Strange Feeling: OkixKai fic, because I'm currently in love with OkixKai. Of course, WakaxAmmy is still my favorite Okami pairing, but I was in an OkixKai mood and I found it sad there weren't that many OkixKai fics out there. My dream is to turn all you OkixAmmy fans into OkixKai fans with this one, heheh (leaving Ammy open for Waka, mahaha).

Yet Another Okami Parody: ...Yeah, pretty self explanatory. I just had to do it :P

200 Years of Wishes: Tanabata festival fic inspired by a WakaxAmmy picture I found (see link below). Also because I like Tanabata and Waka, and because I haven't written nearly enough WakaxAmmy fics to do that pairing justice.

To the Rescue: Short LoZ Spirit Tracks one-shot to serve as tribute to my favorite part of that game.

For all you OkixKai fans out there, here's a link to a beautiful picture of them that was part of the inspiration for my fic:

For all you WakaxAmmy fans (you know who you are), here's a link to another beautiful picture that inspired my Tanabata one-shot:

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Warped summary of the game in parody form! In a game where Frederic is the main character, Allegretto and Beat share a powerful yet embarrassing secret, Polkas pop out of the sky like it's no big deal, dreams and reality are blurred to confusion, and love triangles and time travelers abound, what can happen but eternal suffering? Rated T for language and sexual themes.
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