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I'm a very strong Seddie shipper but I can handle Creddie stories. One thing I hate is when Seddie stories make Carly a mean girl! I'm new to writing FF I've been reading for 3 years it's an addiction...

Couples I ship:

iCarly-Seddie and Cibby

Life with Derek-Dasey and Lizwin

Danny Phantom-Dam(HAHAHAHA! It just makes me laugh I dont really think anyone calls them that!)

Sonny with a Chance-Channy and TawnicoFor my stories I would really appreciated if everyone would R&R. I know everyone says it! But, I'm serious I'm not the best author so I would take constructive criticism.

Music Artists I love: Eminem, Drake, Taylor Swift, Aaron Fresh, Justin Bieber(I not obsessed with HIM I love his music),I'm not really sure what else

Books I love: Private Series, Right Behind You, The Giver, Diary of Anne Frank, Night, and The Book Thief

Not really much to say well I'm an African American Female...yay!!!! I'm different from many Black people!

Stories posted: It's called Nub! Its an all dialouge it's Seddie of course! Its my very first story!

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Who Is, He? by SweetAngelofMusic reviews
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