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Oh... feel free to kick me in the face. It's been ages, Life has been a jerk, and I'm just now getting back to fanfiction. Kinda. I'm trying at least... :(

Hello! I am BrokenFacades! It is nice to meet you all! If you have any questions, comments, suggestion, ect, for me please PM me or send me an e-mail.

Note to all: I am an amateur. This is my first time ever writing fanfiction or even writing creative stories of my own free will so wish me luck and don't trash, k?

So... Gakuen Alice. A childish section to write about? Perhaps. But with some of the amazing stories that I have read from here? Not really. Now for everyone who has been questioning me about my age: what my profile states just so happens to be true. While young, I do believe that I am smarter than the average twelve-year-old and thus can write the stories that I write without it having a terrible plot or a completely unrealistic story line. Maybe I'm wrong but hey, I'm a kid ;D

Name: Luna Noroi

Age: 13

Birthday: June 26

Location: United States. I will disclose no other information than that listed =P

FYI: Just so you all know, while I'm smart, I can also be rather quirky at times so if I am random or insanely weird at times that is kinda normal!

Updating Policy: I will update whenever I can and I will try as hard a possible to post something new at least once a week, but if I can't I'm really sorry! The horror know as "school" is once again in session and with it goes my freedom...

Other Information: I will accept criticism with open arms, because I love to write and want to improve my stories but please do not flame. No one wants that. Other than that, you may call me pretty much whatever you want! Luna, Noroi, Strange One, Lulu (my friends call me this), or just plain weird! So yeah. That's it ^^


Gakuen Alice, Five Words: “I hate everything about you.” Five words. “I... I hate you too, Natsume.” And so the first domino in a long line fell… “Good.” For better or for worse only time would tell… He never did see the tears streaming down her face as he walked away. This is my first story so far. Lot's of drama in it and many Mikan and Natsume moments. It is in the Drama/Romance category and is a NatsumexMikan fict.

Gakuen Alice, MikanBot: Have you ever been sent out to do a simple task like give someone a message? Only for it to turn into some crazy off-the-wall encounter? Natsume sure has... Somewhere in the distance Mikan sneezed. My second story and first one-shot. Purely humor and quite a bit of randomness. Like to laugh? Read it. It's in the Humor/General category and has Mikan And Natsume as the main characters. Cleverbot

Gakuen Alice, Change: "Why did you come here Sempai?" His voice was ice. Yuka stared back unblinkingly. "Narumi… I need your help." Three hours later, Yuka left. This time, she wasn't carrying the squirming bundle she had come with, tears streaming down her face. AU This is my third fict and it is mucho original. It will be very fluffy at times so try not to choke but it will also have it's depressing moments and of course drama. It is in the Humor/Drama category and Narumi and Mikan are the main characters. No pairings have been decided as of yet.

Gakuen Alice, The Most Awesomest Natsume Fict Ever: No, really. It's the stuff of legends. Read it. Must any more be said? Natsume/Mikan, Humor/Adventure. Inspired my the Greatest Neji Fic Ever - Naruto.

Gakuen Alice, Gone: She still remembers the moment that her mothers tear streaked face had come into sight and she had delivered those four little words that shattered Mikan's entire world. "You were supposed to be there for me!" R&R AU So uh... yeah. Rather emo, though I do believe that I have a valid excuse, kk? Dedicated to my dad.




Her eyes are closed.

She sways

First to one side, then the other.

You look up at her, nervously

Wondering, worrying

(secretly hating yourself for hoping)

Her fingers are intertwined with the branches

Leaves in her hair, dirt in her nails

But still, she is the most beautiful creature

You have ever looked upon

Perhaps because she does not fall?You look up at her, wonderingly.

Your own fingers clenched around a stick

Your own hair messy only with wind and worry

And yet you know

You are not half as pretty

“Aren’t you afraid that you’re going to fall?”

She opens her eyes.


And that smile is like sun from clouds

Like catching a glimpse of heaven

“I don’t believe in falling,”

She tells you.

“What does believing have to do with anything?”

She smiles again

That smile you love and hate

And then she does fall-

Graceful, lingering


She lands feet from you, that smile still on her lips.

“Believing has everything to do with everything,”

She says,

And you hate her because

You can’t help but believe her.


You sit in your room watching the world pass by
through murky waters
and wonder
not for the first time
“Where did I go wrong?”

You used to be an average girl.
You had a picture perfect family:
A nice sized house in a good neighborhood
You got good grades,
Had lots of friends,
Were the youngest in your family
With two parents
And two older brothers and one big sister who you loved
And loved you back.

You were a dancer,
and a painter;
you loved to sing as well.
Smiling is what you were known for.

You were good at whatever you tried,
and you tried many things.
So how come
Things aren’t like that any more?

You fight with your brothers on a daily basis
Spewing words of hate that you don’t really mean
but you say anyways.
Your grades are falling
and friends are leaving.
You don’t dance any more.
Art has lost its appeal.

What changed?
Because somewhere along the line
something did

You feel like you’re drowning.
You don’t want to sink,
but you can’t swim.
So you watch the world from under the surface,
pleading silently
“Someone, save me!”
But of course they don’t.
And you sink deeper

oOoO Some people build walls... not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to break through OoOo


for every girl that got Prince Charming,
there are two less genetically-blessed stepsisters
one hardened, weary mother
and all the hundreds of girls at the ball
who didn’t.

It's a beautiful thing...

It is a beautiful thing
To live

Orange peels
And lemonade
And sunlight that melts
On your

That freshsweet smell
Of detergent
That you won’t admit you love

Sweet and cool

In rivulets down your face

White sunlight
On crisp sheets
When it is eight in the morning
And no one is awake

The color of ice

And chocolate
For a starving man:

Rich, dark, and bitter


It is a beautiful thing

To love

For the lovers

Two of Cups
White dresses in summer
On the arch
Of sunset
And the most

Conversation hearts
And the sweetest sigh
Of a laughing girl

Perpendicular lines
Drawn over your heart
And the scratch of charcoal

For the damned

And a paper valentine

Or the ashes of it


It is a beautiful thing

To cry

For it is the tears of the heavens
That cleanse the earth

Is something so fragile
To be torn
And scattered
So that something fragile
Could live forever

But broken

To be blotted out
With ink droplets
On creamy-beige
Black on white

To be burnt
Until all that is left
Are ashes
And dust
And memory
That fades

Like sunlight
In shadow

Or laughter
On the wind


Vomitting Rainbows Since 2007©

Okay, the next chapter of Five Words will be up this weekend! So look for it ^^

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