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He-ey everybody that clicked that special button that brought you to my profile!

First, a few things about myself…

I love stories. Seriously, any kind. History, Fanfiction, books, movies, you name it. I love deep and serious stories. Those that were written with the author’s brain and were read through so many times by the author to ensure that there are no mistakes that he/she can repeat it from heart. Have you ever read a good book with a typo? No, I don’t think so. I always try to help the author of a story to become a better writer than he/she already is. I like giving constructive criticism, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like you or your work. I am merely trying to do what this site is all about… trying to help each other become better writers and to improve some things about each other in a way that we as an individual see fit.

Okay, done with that. I will gladly read and review any stories that you want me to. I don’t read M rated stories, but other than that, I’ll be glad to help. Just know that I probably won’t get to it right away.

Now we get to my stories. I am fromSouth Africa and English really isn’t my first language. I will try my best to write in good English, but do know that some of the words are spelled differently, for example, colour. I might bring in some words of my home language, Afrikaans, but just words like ‘tot siens’ which means goodbye, at the end of reviews or chapters. Don’t feel like I’m trying to communicate with the aliens in space and am trying to leave you out of the conversation. If it bothers you, tell me in a PM or review and I’ll translate for you.

Another thing that writers differ in is update patterns. I, for one, will try to update weekly. I always write out the first few chapters before I start posting. I also start planning on the rest so that I know I won’t get bored. I know I hate it when I read a fic and it gets discontinued. I understand why that sometimes happens, but I don’t want it happening to me. I know that sometimes this little thing called writer’s block happens. But in my opinion, that excuse is used too much. If you don’t update because you forgot, or because you were too lazy to write something and didn’t want to think a little about your story, just tell the readers that. Writer’s block is when you struggle to put the thoughts into words or when you think and plan and try to come up with the next chapter, but you just can’t. To have writer’s block is really bad, but you have to at least try to overcome it.

Okay, I’m done about that. As you’ve probably noticed, I feel strongly about a lot of things, and I like to voice my opinion. As I have mentioned before, I am really serious about my writing, but I do know how to have fun too. I especially enjoy supernatural or fantasy fics and will write a few of them here as well.

I am fifteen years old, so don’t expect a Harry Potter- good fic from me (and yes, I am a Harry Potter fan). I also enjoy Danny Phantom, Avatar: the last Airbender, Big Time Rush, (sometimes the fics can get a bit unrealistic, that’s usually when I stop reading) Wizards of Waverly Place, The Inheritance Cycle, The Vampire Diaries and NCIS.

If you have read a really good fic in one of these (or even other) categories let me know, I’m always up for a good read.

About reviews, I already mentioned that I review a lot of stories with constructive criticism and I really appreciate feedback. I don’t like to tell people to review because it’s their decision, right? It doesn’t mean you are a bad person if you ask for reviews, it just how I work. I will also keep a diary here to let you know what’s happening in my stories.

My Diary:

January, 2011

Okay, here we are at the start of a new year, blah blah blah. I will publish a Big Time Rush fic in the coming week. I have one story, a Danny Phantom fic, which will come out in April. I’ve worked really hard on that and is one of the more serious things I’ve done in my life. My Big Time Rush story is a less serious one; it came from the light side of me. The Danny Phantom came from the serious me. Anyway, the Big Time Rush fic has four chapters already written out, but, as mentioned above, I’ll post weekly. I hope that it will be a success since this is my first posted fic. Fingers crossed!

August, 2011

You are all probably wondering why I stopped posting chapters of Katie’s Life.

It is not discontinued!

I repeat it is not discontinued!

I am working on the chapters, and frankly the last two chapters are done.

When I read through it again the other day, I was struck by my bad grammar, the sentences structures and the uneven plot, which is why I am going to revise the whole story with help of my new beta. The final chapters will only be posted when the previous ones is better.

I hope you understand, because I will not be responsible for that fic unless I can fix it.

In other news, my other story, The Ghost Whisperer, a Danny Phantom fic is coming along nicely.

I hope to be able to post it in a few months.

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