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Hey Everyone!!

I'm a definite yaoi lover who's stories will most likely be covering yaoi slash fictions, you can really never get enough of them! Some of my favorite's would be mattXmello lightXL seiferXhayner rikuXsora roxasXaxel xigbarXdemyx saixXxemnas moriXhoney tamakiXkyouya and many others.

As for non-yaoi fan fiction I like it all! Doesn't even matter if I've never heard of the series before, I would be happy to read anything and everything offered.

When critiquing I try to do it in the most polite way possible. I hate to be mean or rude to people when I know how much effort goes into a writing. I often get peeved when people critique others harshly but don't mind when its my own work being criticized. So feel free to be as harsh as you want, I will take it into consideration unless of course its a pile of nonsense.

I'm also one of the very few people who don't believe in cursing, though you might find it very evident in my work, you will find it no where else. Writing is an escape for me, so I sometimes use it to release inner turmoil and those vile words that no one needs to hear said aloud. It's somehow different read off a piece of paper for some reason.

Sigh, the inner turmoil of my brain confuses all. I have a strange logic, but its what makes me unique. I find solutions to things in strange round about ways, unafraid to take the long way around.

As for dead lines, I'm horrible with keeping them. I might try and make a promise to have a short oneshot for valentines day, or possibly Christmas and or Halloween but don't be surprised if I disappoint you.

I switch back and forth between drawing and writing, and will sometimes favor one over the other at random intervals. I also suffer from chronic artists block and during which will probably try and write and end up posting nothing but poorly thought out plot and badly ruined character. But hey, cant blame me for trying, right?

Hopefully I will be able to delight your senses with my prose, though I tend to think very harshly of my writing. I'm mostly just tired of having it only be read by me, I want to share it and have it at least be seen by another person.

I'm also quite the little pervert, even though it might not seem that way. Actually even my friends are still surprised when I giggle at things I shouldn't. My writing can tend to lean on the mature side, though I will try and prolong the good parts for as long as I can. I have a very bad habit of writing the steamy before I even let a relationship develop, but I just cant help myself. I try and fix this by writing it out and then adding more before it, just to get it out of my system but it never seems to line up correctly. I'm determined to do it correctly though, but will still most likley have one shots of pure smut teehee.


12 days of Christmas (seiner): I love writing christmas stories and I just had to do this. Will probably post on christmas.

Boy Scouts (seiner): my next chapter fic. It's kinda starting out slow because I really know nothing about boy scouts, but once it gets to where I want it to get, I'll be cranking out chapters in no time. Not sure when I'll post this one, but be looking out for it =D


~~With much love


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