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I've spent all my short life so far watching Star Trek, when I should have been living, oh the wasted youth, oh the insanity... whatever.

It's a shame that watching Star Trek, absorbing it's messages, and self-improvement aren't compulsary. My so-called stories show what could happen if TNG was a little less serious, and what would happen if idiots roamed the future.

I've been writing stories about Mann for years, now I'm editing out the incredible-crudeness so I can put them on Fan Fiction (basic crudeness is still there), they're a bit... mmmnnnerrr... They're all about a guy who lives through The Next Generation and livens things up a little and exposes the senility of certain officers, as well as other faults. There are also offshoots I've been trying to write about DS9 and VOY. Since 'Mad Mann, or, Fish' there are loads of Mann so he can be anywhere and do everything. Shame that one of them couldn't finish the editing of the stories about his kind.

The profile name of A. Mann is a joke name inspired by the character.

Not that it's important but my real name is one of the hundred names given to Admiral Nacho's kids in one of the stories.

Late 2012, free time, gone! And I'm just like the repetition from TNG Night Terrors, everything's green and cloudy and can't be resolved when you don't have a brain. If only Data was real and my mind wasn't as dumb as Troi's... Hm, I'm sensing... another story... perhaps funnier because Mann isn't in it so much... Maybe it will be up here in a month...

(Mann's Generation is based on some rubbish crude rubbish comic strips I drew years ago where unusual character behaviour and crazy expressions led to humour on the Enterprise)

(A piece of the result of Worf's prunes on toast with scrambled gagh for anyone who spots the spelling mistakes)

Character list.

Picard: Senile nut with no hair. "NOOOOOOOO!!"

Riker: Eaten too many nuts with obsession for Troi and hatred of rivals. "STAY AWAY FROM TROI"

Data: Idiot based on 21st century computers. "I am not a robot... I cannot ? my cat... I am a robot."

Geordi: Blinded again by a tricorder setting. "I can't see!"

Crusher: Woman who stands in sickbay sometimes. "Stupid 20th century"

Troi: Riker's, doesn't know much. "hostility means hostility?"

Worf: Useless and not funny.

Mann: Somehow similar to Picard, but not so pompous and hates cats. "Mann actually."

Nacho: Admiral Nachiev hates Picard, loves Mann.

Riley: Originally a non-entity that died in a non-published story, but has now been given some life.

Mm: Mann's best friend and an extremely competent and talkative officer. "Mm"

Lench: Pain in the backside who values Picard to the point of insanity. "Yes Sir Captain Picard!"

Guinan: Sits in bar, drinks, provides useless advice, wears big hats.

Spot: Force of evil. "MROW!"

Wesley: Target.

Pinky and Livingston: Picard's super-intelligent lionfish, brothers who are respected by the whole galaxy for their wisdom and kindness.

Sisko: Hates Picard, will never forgive him no matter how much he promises he has. Provokes several brawls when mentioned. "Jennifer used to..."

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Star Trek Mann's Generation - Pike Efficiency
TNG Season Six. Almost 100 years apart two Captains lead their Enterprise against the same enemy. When Picard fails, a survivor time travels to seek help from Captain Pike. When he refuses to do anything but drink Martini, how will our heroes survive? As this is 1960s Pike expect Martini, some references to his attitudes from 'The Cage', and one or two light hints of profanity.
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Mann's Generation, Mad Mann, or, Fish
Fish Livingston hasn't taken his pills, his actions lead to Picard believing that he doesn't deserve to wear his uniform. Crusher teaches some Romulans to dance, and Mann is multiplied by Riker and begins to dominate the ship.
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After Q insults Picard's fish, he tries to apologise by allowing a small team to visit the past and see the royal wedding. Season six.
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Mann's Generation Mann Catspicious reviews
Mann Catspicious... aka The Wrath of Spot 1. After the weird alien visited, people are still a little crazy and Mann lets all the cats go free. Then because of some other stuff, Picard leads a chase to regain control of the Enterprise.
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Season 5. Mann gets a disease named after him and starts a campaign against innuendo. Father Christmas pays a visit, and there's a violent encounter with the tooth fairy. Some parts may offend the easily offended as usual.
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Mann's Generation, Argumennt, Argumannt actually reviews
Season 5. In Mann's latest,viewpoints are expressed,and deceptions are included,when the crew believe that they have to battle their worst enemies. Mann gets up close and personal with Spot,and we finally find out what a 24th century toilet looks like...
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Mann's Generation, Mann in Life reviews
Season 4. Lieutenant Mann experiences the roles of First officer, Ops, and even Medical Officer, and ends up setting in motion, the worst event ever to happen to computer users of the 20th century.
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Mann's Generation, Data's New Cat reviews
Set in Season 4, Mann has the joy of meeting Spot, as well as several heart attacks, and suffering the wrath of Data.
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Introducing Ensign Mann, newly assigned to the Enterprise to get on Picard's nerves, annoy Riker, and ultimately kill Spot and Wesley. Set during TNG season 3.
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