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Every so often I still get review notices in my email, primarily for Krystalblaze's Star Wars stories (I don't get much for mine haha). In any case, we've both moved on from this account and more than likely, from these stories for good. We started this account almost eight years ago-- in the latter part of 2000. It has a lot of memories, and re-reading the stories we used to write makes me cringe. Let me assure you, we've gotten better than the thirteen year old girls who used to write here. We're both almost twenty now and in our sophomore years of college. How time flies right? In any case, we've kept some fandoms and found some new ones and if we meet you there we meet you there. This account has a lot of memories, which is why it will stay. Love to everyone who cares, and who at once reviewed.

We changed our name. We were once known as BlazerAkila. Gone are the days of such a name. Awaken new, we have!

Quotes of the Moment:

"A good friend will bail you out of jail. A best friend will be sitting with you in the cell saying, 'man, that was fucking awesome!'"

"When all else fails, remember: Professor Plumb did it in the library with the candlestick." - KrystalBlaze

"He was locked in a battle of wills with a deranged lunatic and the deranged lunatic had the upper hand." - Jude Watson, Jedi Apprentice "Special Edition #2: The Followers"

"If you love it, let it go. If it doesn't come back, you've been punk'd!" - KrystalBlaze

KrystalBlaze: "You know, I think I spelled something wrong.
Jerikor: "So?"
KrystalBlaze: "I spelled something wrong."
Jerikor: " It was 'breathe,' wasn't it?"
-KrystalBlaze and Jerikor bantar over the title of KrystalBlaze's fic, "Breathe."

Jerikor: "He doesn't look too happy."
KrystalBlaze: "He don't look too healthy either."
-Jerikor and KrystalBlaze on one of the Democrat senators during Bush's State of the Union(snicker) address.

Jerikor: "I hate names with letters in them"
-said with a perfectly straight face. She was sick and on drugs at the time, so it may explain it...

Fics completed by KrystalBlaze:
Too Bad (Star Wars)
Show Me the Meaning Of Being Lonely (Star Wars)
Outside Heaven's Door (Wrestling)
My Desperate Cry (Star Wars)
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Heaven Wait For Those Who Run Firewing - Silverwing trilogy)
The Morning Let Me Down (Star Wars)
Unable to Catch a Dream (Star Wars)

WIP on hiatus by KrystalBlaze
Which Way Will He Go? (Wrestling)
Decadence (Star Wars)
If Only to Stop (Signs)
Breathe (Star Wars)
No Room Left to Pretend (Behind Enemy Lines)
The Hardest Part is Letting Go (Star Wars)
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Forsaken All I've Fallen For (Pirates of the Caribbean)

WIP by KrystalBlaze not on hiatus:
Dark Reflection in a Shattered Mirror (Star Wars)

Completed fics by Jerikor:
The Only Way Out is In (Wrestling)
There's No Reason (Wrestling)
Only One (Wrestling/Poem)
The Breaking Point (Wrestling)
All We Have (Wrestling)
The Way It Should Be (Wrestling)
Sometimes It Happens (Animorphs)

WIP by Jerikor on hiatus
The Sum of All You've Done (Wrestling)
It Makes All the Difference (Wrestling)
The Sorrow of the World Cannot Add Up to Now (Behind Enemy Lines)
The Only Way Out is In(Wrestling)

WIP by Jerikor not on hiatus:
Tell Me Why(Wrestling)
Visions from Afar(The Dead Zone)

By KrystalBlaze and Jerikor (gasp)
Beware the Signs (Signs)

Check out our favorite stories and authors. Lots of good ones there.

We have spent the majority of our lives in California. We miss it.

KrystalBlaze: Let's see, I think it's time I updated this. :) In case any of you are wondering why I've got Unable to Catch a Dream as completed, take mention of the fact I have finished it. I just haven't gotten around to posting the last seven or so chapters. Let's see... I'm really interested in media and the likes. I want to be a film editor! I'm also crazy, and I don't use a beta often, so take that how you will. ;) My main focus right now is Dark Reflection, and after that I do intend to finish Ready to Crash For those of you wondering if I'm ever going to finish Breathe, the honest answer is probably not. I'm sorry about that, but I've just lost so much passion for it. After I finish Crash, I've got a bunny that's being planned tentatively titled Next to Nothing, so I hope you stay for that. :) Thanks for reading all that, woah. Review, please. They make my day.

Jerikor: I finally add my own little thing . . . everybody say thank you now. Well, there's not really much to me. I like to write angsty, wrestling stories, though I have been known to churn out a few different ones. People say I'm weird, I agree whole-heartedly and I'm glad to have it. Makes for a more interesting life, tell you that. Like KrystalBlaze, writing is my passion. Professional writing is where I look to for my future, but, like her, I must resingedly settle to the world of fanfiction. But I do enjoy making the characters' life a mess . . . it's so much POWER. (((Evil laughter))) Kerhum . .anyways, I always like talking to new people. You can reach me at my AOL IM, jerikor, and my MSN Messenger at [email protected] I've got a yahoo address and when I figure out how to pick up their messenger, I'll probably carry that. Fare thee well, children, and I have one word of caution: STAY AWAY FROM NEOPETS!

From the monologues of KrystalBlaze and Jerikor

KB: Hola!
Jerikor: I think I'll use my late assignment.
KB: Don't! You'll probably need it later! Chicken scratch on the page and PRETEND you did it.
Jerikor: Naw.
KB: Follow my cheating hide example, Bridget! And if not, drug Darren, take his clothes, and then grab his paper!
Jerikor: I would do no such thing! And my name is not Bridget!
KB:Did I say your name was Bridgye?
Jerikor: Yes, who the HELL is Bridget?
KB: Mrs. Krystal McGregor kindly sends her condolences on the loss of your sanity.
Jerikor: You are retarded.
KB: Mrs. Krystal McGregor would like your Saxxon (bane of existance trig book) book. Sincerly, Randy Orton, faithful man servant
Jerikor: Mrs. Kimberly Irvine-Bloom-Mortenson would like to kindly point out Mrs. Krystal McGregor's idiocy and will send her the book out of pity- Orlando Bloom, faithful husband
KB: Mrs. Krystal McGregor-Irvine-Depp-Bloom-Mortenson-Orton-Leseveque sends her condolences on the your failed marriages and invited you to the wedding of her to her faithful manservants Mr. Orlando Bloom, Mr. Viggo Mortenson, Mr. Hunter Leseveque, Mr. Randall Orton, Mr. Johnathan Depp, and the renewing of her vows to Mr. Ewan McGregor. Thank you.- her faithful manservant and soon to be husband, Christopher Irvine
Jerikor: Ms. Kimberly Irvine-Bloom-Mortenson sends her sorrows at the deterioration of Mrs. Krystal's mind- Johnny Depp, faitful manservant and soon to be husband
KB: Mrs. Krystal McGregor-Depp-Bloom-Mortenson-Orton-Leseveque-Irvine sends her laugh.-faithful manservant and sex slave, C. Irvine

As you can probably tell, we've got no life and are insane. Hope you enjoyed!

We just turned 16! Run in fear! Muwahaha!

Oh, yes, and also, we're twins. Good. Night night. This production has been brought to you by the number 7 and the letter K. Thank you.

We've been members for more than three years! Through the good, the bad! The server crashes!

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Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are sent to a planet as the Guardians of the Peace. But things go terribly wrong and Obi-Wan ends up responsible for the death of the King. How will he react? Can Qui-Gon save him from himself before the darkness destroys him?
Star Wars - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,245 - Reviews: 4 - Follows: 1 - Published: 4/7/2003
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