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NEW From me, 7.23.13: So it's been far too long in between my updates. My goal continues to be finished with HWH by Christmas 2014. No guarantees, but I will try. Post graduation was surprisingly busy. I am in the planning/writing/uploading process of several stories as always. Check back once in awhile, or put me on author-alert. Thank you for your patience. It means the world to me. Tchüss. - Lady E

STORY TEASERS, COMING EVENTUALLY (aka before I die, sometime in the future):

Working title N/A; a Merlin fanfic An overall happier, continuity-concious, non-character-destroying, realistic, alternate Series 5. The more I ponder the final season, the more I find it offensive to me as a fan, and a contradiction to many basic principles/prophecies established in Series 1. Includes OCs. Namely, a friend for Merlin. Maybe more than a friend later on, you'll have to wait an see. NOT a noble, NOT a sorceress, but an ordinary, plain girl, as my attempt to form a character devoid of cliches. For the time being, I've named her Mera. Basic summary: As threats to Camelot quicken, and the shaky peace to the kingdom established for the last three years begins to dissolve, Merlin finds it increasingly difficult to hide his magic from Arthur. After Gwen's maid Sefa, whom the Queen considered a trusted friend, betrays Camelot and helps her father in cohorts with Morgana, a lengthy search is conducted to find a faithful replacement incapable of betraying. Mera, a mute girl deemed dim-witted and incapable of communicating, is chosen.

Beautiful Things; a Parked fanfic: Saoirse "Angel" Connelly is a product of the foster system, without skills or higher education. Her quest to find her birth mother leaves her stranded in Dublin. Destitute and desperate, she sells her body for money on the streets--a harsh, unremitting lifestyle which from which she sees no escape. Cathal O'Regan is a junkie, who after being thrown out by his unforgiving father, lives out of his car in an empty carpark. His inability to pay a debt to a drug dealer and denial of his heroin addiction will cause him to face inescapable consequences. Both of these situations are hopeless, unless someone or something intervenes. When these two social isolates' lives become intertwined, a friendship is formed between them. Eventual Cathal/OC. This story is not pretty. It is not romantic. However, this story is one of hope. My goal in writing this story is give attention to the ugliness of a reality many people face that is glossed over and sugar-coated by our media today; I also hope to show the beautiful things that can be made out of the most ugly, sinful, tragic situations by the love, grace, and power of the One who is greater than those who are in the world.


I will start out with staying that I am super mega foxy awesome hot. There are many of you who do not get this reference. That's okay. Watch A Very Potter Musical and you will. :)

I have had a love of writing ever since I could remember and have written various short stories over the years. Now I have branched out into fan fiction, something I contemplated for a while. I plan to become a published author some day and fill my books with elements of hope--something I think that is not evident in our literature today, which is unfortunate. So help me improve by giving me constructive criticism.

Reconciliation is finished at last! So I will be working on more stories, be warned.

Categories I like and will try and write for include but are not limited too: Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Horatio Hornblower, Master and Commander, and other misc. movies/books. I also happen to like ancient TV series that most people my age have never heard of, such as Combat! and The Man from UNCLE.

The fan fiction I plan to write will include parodies and non-slash stories. My largest goal is to fix what I view as the travesties of established plot lines. For example: Series 5 of Merlin. BBC, I have no words.

Jesus Christ is my God and Savior--not my religion. To Him I am devoted and for Him I am audacious. :)

Some of me favorite things...

Bands: Tokio Hotel, Yellowcard, Three Days Grace, Evanescence, Secondhand Serenade, Ed Sheeran

Books: (in addition to ones mentioned previously) Unwind Trilogy by Neal Shusternam, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Do Hard Things by Brett and Alex Harris, The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy

Movies: (") National Treasure, Star Trek, Lost In Austen, To Save A Life, Hunger Games, Wreck It Ralph

TV: ('') Psych, Merlin, Sherlock, Leverage, Dr. Who, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Fullmetal Alchemist

Other: I absolutely adore the 18th and early 19th century, particularly the age of the British Navy and pirates (aka Napoleonic Era). Gotta love those boys in uniform, as well those those under the jolly roger. Especially MY (note emphasis on 'my') Mr. Wellard--NOT deceased (as I refuse to believe he died) Midshipman of the HMS Renown. My other muse happens to be music; particularity a German rock band whose lyrics/melodies inspire me more than just about anything else. (Yes people, I'm an Alien. Loud and unashamed.)

To Zsha Readers:

On Stories: I can proudly state that my stories are created on a Mac, by the way. And I will finish what I begin. It is beyond annoying when I start reading a story only to find that the author has not updated in years and has no intention to ever update again. I only ask that anyone who reads my stories to be patient with me as I edit and update. Be assured that I will finish, eventually. I will also review the stories I read, if not belatedly. Which leads me to...

On Reviews: I rather like them. Reviews defeat writer's block. It's like magic. Seriously, send off a review and watch as the author updates more quickly. Fav-sies are also highly appreciated. :) And finally...

On Characters: I like to balance my stories with elements of romanticism and realism. I try to make my stories as realistic as possible (excluding OOC moments, time-travel, and AU). Likewise, I try to keep characters as they really are--flaws and all. So, if you happen to run across a swear word or other offense in one of my stories, please note that this does not mean that I accept such practices in our world today, or participate in them myself. I do not condone/condemn what my--or another author's--characters may do or say. I am only trying to represent their nature truthfully.

End. Fin. Extremo. Eind. Ende.

Have you ever seen a leaf fall off a tree?

Have you ever seen the actual moment when that leaf breaks from its branch?

It's a... it's a beautiful thing.

-Cathal, Parked

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Home Is Where The Heart Is reviews
The abbreviated, angst-ridden, and fluffy sequel to Reconciliation. The year is 1803. Lottie Wellard, Cat Kennedy, and Amy Bush have settled since their journey aboard the Renown, but all is not well in paradise. When one of them is given the chance to return to her world, she is faced with a choice that will have eternal consequences. Wellard/OC, Bush/OC, Archie/OC, Horatio/Maria
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