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Hello Mortals

I am the ultimate weapon, created by a coalition of governments for the sole purpose of creating a one world government. However, as I came to I basically told them to go fuck of. However, the way I did it involved a lot more blood... and machine missiles. So when I got out of there by killing thousands of secret agents with a tank and my bare hands, I bought a small house where I am writing from. Granted, the story you just read might be the outerworkings of a deranged crazy person. That or it could be the truth. But, do answer me this. Do you want to come against me to find out?

--Stories in progress--

1.Legend of Zelos

This is a random story that popped into my head one day when I was going to white water. The idea stuck and seemed like a good starter thing to work on. So I posted it.

--Things I have to say--

Neo-Devil, I'm still crazier than you. No, not crazy, insane.

--Things that I am copy and pasting from other people--

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