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Author has written 4 stories for Gone, Supernatural, and Hunger Games.

Hey! My name is Brontë. I know. Odd name. I am 17 years old. I'm young, but isn't everyone on fanfiction? I hail from Philadelphia, PA and have regrettably never been out of the country. If I were to leave, I probably wouldn't come back.

I mainly dabble in angst and horror, as can be seen in my current fic The 51st Games. I tried romance, but failed once and utterly hated it the second time. I might eventually work my way up to it. To those of you who enjoyed Gaining Grace, I'm sorry that I removed it, but I literally hated it with the passion of a thousand burning suns. I might pick it back up later, but don't get your hopes up.

My upcoming fic will either be a Destiel High School AU or a collection of 100 Destiel drabbles. If you want to suggest themes for drabbles, you can submit them to me via message whenever you please or send them to me on my tumblr url bronteloganwinchester.

Thanks for reading!

This was a challenge presented to me by my friend when we were both stumped by it. So... Things To Do At Hogwarts... Here is what I could think of at the middle of the night. Add any if you want.

1) Teach yourself how to become an animagus by jumping around like a rabbit.
2) Launch stuff at the ceiling in the great hall to see if it goes as high as it looks like it does.
3) Clean up the debris when it doesn't.
4) Come up with bizarre yet funny nicknames for the teachers like "Micky Go No Call."
5) Not die.
6) Hufflepuffs: Randomly hug people and tell them how good they are.
7) Slytherins: Hide in the rafters and attack the Hufflepuffs.
9) Check every single bathroom for the chamber of secrets. Yes, this means ripping the faucets off.
10) Go in the forbidden forest, everything fun happens in there (we are not responisble for the results).
11) Go swimming.
12) See number 5
13) Follow Peeves around singing the Ghost Busters theme song.
14) Start strange creature-rights movements with names that's name sounds like vomit.
15.) Sit around making lists.
16.) Ask Professor Lupin if he is too far away to read Jacob Black's mind.
17.) Have a "Backwards Day." On said day, put a turban on over your face and walk around backwards telling people to join you so you can take over the world.
18.) Become the first Wizard-Jedi-Werewolf-Ninja
19.) Count how many kids go there, cause I swear it is only 40 per year.
20.) Ask Cederic Diggory what it is like being a vampire and where he is hiding Bella.
21.) Create a thick, durable, sticky, silver substance that can hold things in place without breaking.
22.) Put it over Malfoys mouth.
23.) Ask Professer Trelawney impossible questions like "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"
24.) Eat Fred and George's candies in order to get out of class. (Warning, due to a certain prolonged affect, you may not be spending that time off where you wanted to. That, and I don't really know what you'd plan to do when you got out).
25.) Tell people you speak Parseltounge and then make strange hissing noises at them.
26.) Gryffindor: Have a costom made sword-wand created just for you.
27.) Ravenclaw: Trick the Gryffindors into stabbing themselves or others.
28.) Find a way to make muggle objects like the internet work within the grounds, cause without it, you're screwed.
29.) Document the lives of Harry Potter's children because you'll make millions.
30.) Instead of Wizard-Chess, play Wizard-Risk (or, again, develop a similar game for muggles, you'd make millions. Or at least the twenty dollars I'd spend on it).
31.) Check every closet for Narnia.
32.) Ask Professer Flitwick where he is hiding Frodo.
33.) Go up to Snape at least once a week and sales-pitch him a new brand of shampoo.
34.) Ask Oliver Wood why he is the only person with an Irish twang to their accent for me, cause you wont have anything else to do.
35.) Raid all the other common rooms, there is this awesome book series that tells you where they all are.
36.) Some stunts seen in this book series may be dangerous. They may lead to all the somewhat-important-yet-not-really-important characters in your life to die, you to momentarily die, and various other not-happy occurances.
37.) Start wizard baseball. If the vampire could do it, you can, too.
38.) Make sure to use baseballs that look as little like bludgers as possible to avoid confussion.
39.) Have an epic pillow battle involving all of the school.
40.) Start a colorguard team. See number 26 on how to make saber line even more fun.
41.) Start a track team. Practice by the Womping Willow (if you get what I mean).
42.) Go looking for Ariel. If difficulties arise, find a boy named Eric. She'll sell her soul for him without ever saying a word to the poor fellow.
43.) Replace all of the teacher's quills with portkeys.
44.) Don't kill others.

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