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Darkwing Duck: Left Wing
10thD They Don't Need Air

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Alvin and the Chipmunks: Brothers
Darkwing Duck: Wisteria, From this Angle, Hallowe'en Mystery, Just a Nightmare, Vampires of St Canard, Slayer at Large
Doctor Who: It Doesn't End There, Changing Hearts



Things You Need to Learn in Order to be a Great Super-Villain

#1: There's no such thing as 'can't'. Only your belief makes it real and keeps you a lowly henchman.

#2: There are popularity lists and you're not on them. Deal with it.

#3: Anything is possible if the desire to obtain it is strong enough. Have a lengthy list of long term goals and a vision that you want so badly you can almost taste it.

#4: Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Study hard. Be evil!

#5: Have multiple exit strategies. Have a plan A, plan B and a plan C for every project scheme.

#6: Everyone has problems. But few people write themselves a list of solutions to brainstorm and go systematically through.

#7: Emotions are your undoing! Never get emotionally attached to your projects. If plan A, B or C all look pretty lousy on the drawing board move on to the next project.

#8: Forego the losing battle and win the war. If it doesn't work get over it; one battle is insignificant when it's the entire game you're trying to win. There will be another day. Another battle. Make a stand where you can take the play.

#9: Patience is a virtue. As a fly comes to the frog. Good things come to those who wait.

The top lesson of the day is:

You pretty much have only two choices in life:

Deal with the crisis now or add it to the list.

Go for 100% Zen and live happy and longer.

Try not to take it personally.

The person whose license gets suspended because they don't go in to report that someone else was doing the speeding in their car will live ten years longer than the person who got very upset over it and got their license back. Let's face it, anyone capable of that much of a shrug off is being impressively Zen.

Also, try to put more natural sunlight in your day.
And cayenne, rosemary, lavender, bergamot and light dairy milk.

And eat that banana before it gets overripe and gets very bad for you.
And stay away from 'farmed' salmon.




1. Start by just getting into it
Another technique is to practice writing a description of the room around you.

2. Final title and opening line for your very specific audience
(When a day that you happen to know is Wednesday starts off by sounding like Sunday, there is something seriously wrong somewhere.) Day of the Triffids
(Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, 'and what is the use of a book,' thought Alice, 'without pictures or conversation?')
Alice in Wonderland
(The Mole had been working very hard all morning, spring-cleaning his little home.)
Wind in the Willows
(I am forced into speech because men of science have refused to follow my advice without knowing why.)
At the Mountains of Madness
(When Mary Lennox was sent to Misselthwaite Manor to live with her uncle, everybody said she was the most disagreeable-looking child ever seen.) The Secret Garden

(The year 1866 was marked by a series of remarkable incidents, and a mysterious phenomenon that excited people everywhere.) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
(Amerigo Bonasera sat in New York Criminal Court Number 3 and waited for justice; vengeance on the men who had so cruelly hurt his daughter, who had tried to dishonour her.)
The Godfather
(Hal Spacejock was sitting at the Black Gull's flight console, his attention riveted to a small chessboard balanced amongst the toggle switches, flashing lights and status displays.)
Hal Spacejock
(No one would have believed, in the last years of the nineteenth century, that human affairs were being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man's and yet as mortal as his own; that as people busied themselves about their affairs they were scrutinized and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as someone with a microscope might scrutinize the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water.)
The War of the Worlds

3. Take notes on your life, thoughts and research subjects
(Jules Verne had a wall of card index files!)
My old university campus is a great setting!
The varying formations of people I've joined
Family life
House buying
City living/country living

4. Make an outline with a beginning, middle and an end
Snowflake Analysis!
Now if I could only raise the epic status...

5. Use your notes to fill in details

6. End on a punchline

The Latest F-unny Thing from the Office ...

= It's a Conspiracy! =

These people are American.

Worker 1 phone: "... You know; you sound like you have an American accent. Are you American?"
Man's voice over the phone: "No, no, I'm not American."

Man's voice off: "Crystal, she's onto us. She knows we're American. What do we do?"
Female voice off: "Hang up and I'll call her back in ten minutes. She'll forget all about it by then."


Worker 2 to Worker 1 later: "You know; Crystal sounds like she's American."

Worker 1: "I'm with you ...!"

What is Adult-itis?

Long bouts of morbidity interspersed with short bouts of stupidity.

Recommendation: Avoid making too many life changing decisions when you're going through a stupid phase.

What is Failure?

Failure can look like anything really. You failed your exam. Your relationship failed. You failed to observe a rather pertinent road sign. It could be really fast and you're in hospital or it could take twenty five years before your marriage is so overgrown with weeds that all the flowers have been choked out of your relationship. (FYI people don't just stand there, say something and weed! Do something or go someplace together and plant more flowers! Dedicate some time to each other and stay happy ... together!)

In a comic 'failure' is often caricaturised with just one huge bolded yellow word surrounded by a big red and white highlighting like the word: "Slam!"

The assignment lands on your desk with a Slam! The door Slam!'s and they're never coming back. You Slam! your foot on the brakes.

This may all be a subliminal reference harking back to the ancient western proverb: "One door closes..."

Whatever guise failure comes in, a good physical metaphor for any failure would be 'getting sucked through a funnel'. It is characterised by a typical whirlpool of disaster and doom followed by the eventual tight spot that ultimately forces you out into the unknown.

Failure is one of the causes of change. And change is a part of life. And life is a game. And a game is a challenge.

So failure is a challenge.

Excerpt from The Goon Show

"That's Crun. Grytpype, I thought you said you'd dealt with him?"

"Yes I did you see, but the plan misfired. He booked on the S.S. Spon and on the third day out from London at midnight I locked him in his kibin; I put bars across his porthole; next I planted a bomb in his stokehold; ten minutes later - whoosh, up went the ship."
"Up? I thought ships went down."
"Do you think it was easy?"

"But Crun?"
"Yes, Crun. He cleverly escaped being drowned."
"He went by mule train disguised as a mule."

- The Goon Show: The Great Ink Shortage.

A 747 crashed in a cemetery. 1,146 bodies have been recovered so far.

Just call me 'Fred'.

Right Said Fred (Cup of Tea)
(Myles Rudge, lyrics & Ted Dicks, music)

#"Right," said Fred, "Both of us together
One on each end and steady as we go."
Tried to shift it, couldn't even lift it
We was getting nowhere
And so we had a cuppa tea and

"Right," said Fred, "Give a shout for Charlie."
Up comes Charlie from the floor below.
After strainin', heavin' and complainin'
We was getting nowhere
And so we had a cuppa tea.

And Charlie had a think, and he thought we ought to take off all the handles
And the things wot held the candles.
But it did no good, well I never thought it would
"All right," said Fred, "Have to take the feet off
To get them feet off wouldn't take a mo."

Took its feet off, even took the seat off
Should have got us somewhere but no!
So Fred said, "Let's have another cuppa tea."
And we said, "right-o."

"Alright," said Fred, "Have to take the door off
Need more space to shift the so-and-so."
Had bad twinges taking off the hinges
And it got us nowhere
And so we had a cuppa tea and

"Right," said Fred, " Have to take the wall down,
That there wall is gonna have to go."
Took the wall down, even with it all down
We was getting nowhere
And so we had a cuppa tea.

And Charlie had a think, and he said, "Look, Fred,
I've got a sort of feelin'
If we remove the ceilin'
With a rope or two we could drop the blighter through."

"All right," said Fred, climbing up a ladder
With his crowbar gave a mighty blow.
Was he in trouble, half a ton of rubble landed on the top of his dome.
So Charlie and me had another cuppa tea
And then we went home.

(I said to Charlie, "We'll just have to leave it
Standing on the landing, that's all
You see the trouble with Fred is, he's too hasty
No you never get nowhere if you're too hasty.")#

1962, by Myles Rudge (lyrics) & Ted Dicks (music)

The Top Ten signs that your alter ego is really Negaduck:

10. You and little children do not get along.

9. Your day isn't complete without a little chaos and mayhem.

8. You insist that you don't care what anybody says.

7. If they do say something wrong, they'll shortly be knowing about it.

6. Your night isn't complete without a little destruction and insanity.

5. You have an unconfirmed suspicion that vegetarianism may be a psychological disorder.

4. You own high quality gardening tools but you seem to be missing a garden that would warrant having them.

3. Beloved family pets tend to die or go strangely missing under your care.

2. Too much romantic drivel makes you go crazy and want to rip something apart with your bare hands.

And the top sign that your alter ego is Negaduck:

1. You don't mind a little bit of romance so long as it has a huge side order of destruction and chaos!

"Will he be gruff and pedantic or bane and grim?"

= Q muses on what Spock would be like in their first meeting =

Once more to the breach dear friends ...

To lose doesn't necessarily mean you've failed. (J Laws)
You are allowed to make mistakes so long as they're different mistakes. (VAPX007)
'Practice makes perfect'
It's okay if you lose 'so long as you came with it' (Will Smith)
On the other hand the definition of insanity is to repeat the same tasks over and over again expecting different results. (Faith on Angel)
The captain may go down with the ship but when it's 'all hands abandon ship' it's the rats that scuttle first.

"Bender, you look awful. I prescribe makeup."

= Dr. Zoidberg =

"The obviousness of this pun belittles us all."

= Brain from Pinky and the Brain in Tiny Toons' Franken-mira skit =

"The Doctor talks too much ... Can't we reprogram him or something?"

= Naomi Wildman in Star Trek: Voyager's 'Once Upon a Time' =

Count Duckula rarely seen credits

Episode 14 The Vampire Strikes Back - 'Space Consultant' by Hugh Stun
Episode 16 The Hunchbudgie of Notre Dame - 'Catering' by Lunchpack of Notre Dame'
Episode 17 Dear Diary - 'Diaries' by 'Phil O'Facts'
Episode 18 Rent A Butler - 'Gadgets' by 'Pat. Pending'
Episode 19 Jungle Duck - 'Animal Trainer' by 'Hal E. Gator'
Episode 21 A Fright at the Opera - 'Conductor' by 'Phil R. Monik'
Episode 26 Family Reunion - 'False Fangs' by 'Grinn & Bairitt (Transylvania 230)'

Have you

Ever had

The Feeling


You were



= Bugs Bunny =

"What is this? Can't I waste one crummy vampire?" Negaduck grits teeth and looks lividly at the fourth wall. "Well?"

Yes. I am evil.

Deal with it.

Here are the dead, buried and forgotten rules for working towards a peaceful co-existence:

Always do your best to be respectful of the needs of others.
Common courtesy should be a way of life.
Never ever bite the hand that feeds you.

Act the way you'd like to be and soon you'll be the way you act. (George W. Crae)
Choose your beliefs very carefully. They colour your judgements and influence your decisions.
Believe it will transpire and your subsequent behaviours will make it happen.
What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
The past is for teaching you how to improve in the future.
You are allowed to make mistakes so long as they're different mistakes.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

This is my most absolute #1 all time favourite song in the whole wide world. It always makes me feel better guaranteed 100%. Here's the karaoke version:

#I'm seeing this girl and she just might be out of her mind
she's got issues and it's of the emotional kind.
she talks about closure and that validation fluff
I don't mean to be insensitive
but i really hate that stuff

she's got issues
and I'm gonna pay
she says she's the victim
but she takes it all out on me

now she talks about her ex non-stop but i don't mind
but when she calls me his name instead
thats where I draw the line
you told me a hundred times how your father left and he's gone
but i wish you wouldn't call me daddy when we're trying to move on

I don't know why you're all messed up
I don't know why your whole life is a chore
just do me a favour
and check your baggage at the door.

now i know she'll feel abandoned if I don't stay over late
and I know she's afraid to commit
but it's only our second date

Oh man she's got issues
and I'm gonna pay
she's playing the victim
and taking it all out on me
she's got issues
and I'm gonna pay

if you think I'm controlling
then why do you follow me around?
If you're not co-dependent
then why do you let all of us drag you down?

I don't know why you're all messed up
I don't know why your whole life is a chore
just do me a favour
and check your baggage at the door.#


Reality check #01: You're not perfect.

Reality check #02: You can't be perfect no matter how much you wish to be.
Reality check #03: This just makes you human. Normal.
Reality check #04: Normal sucks. There isn't even a support group.
Reality check #05: If you did have a moment of reaching spectacular perfection that just makes you a hasbeen forever trying to repeat the feat.

Reality check #06: The law of diminishing returns tells us that 75% of the time you spend is on getting the last 25% right. Reverse yourself out of the habit and you get much more done in the same space of time. Just don't fall below 'normal' generally acceptable standards. Whatever that is.

Reality check #07: Give it a rest. Get over it. Get on with your life.


(Having been asked this question approximately twenty seven times in a short amount of time I felt this question deserved some proper deliberation.)

Top 13 Answers:

13. And do I ask you if you're an orange coloured flashy rectangular click-on-me advertisement pop up box? No. Why? Because I don't care.

12. Irrelevant. Whether I am human or not has no effect on my interest in the web page content that I am currently viewing.

11. What do you want to rub it in for? Quit it.

10.What a morbid fascination you have with a simple biological/technological categorisation. This begs me to ask the question: 'Are you?'

9. What's it to you ... punk?

8. Negative. I am a meat popsicle.

7. Well, they say: 'you are what you eat' so ...

6 . I don't think I should answer that question without my lawyer present.

5. Illogical ... illogical ... does ... not ... compute ... but doctor, I love you! (Head Explodes)

4. I used to be. But I got over it. Soon enough, you will too.

3. Read my beak:


And the Number One Answer is:

1. No, I am a GOD.

It's all in the attitude.
I think I can ... I knew I could.
Don't dream it. Be it.
Act the way you'd like to be and soon you'll be the way you act.
Choose your beliefs very carefully. They colour your judgements and influence your decisions.
Believe it will transpire and your subsequent behaviours will make it happen.
What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
The past is for teaching you how to improve in the future.
You are allowed to make mistakes so long as they're different mistakes.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Life is what you make of It.
If you don't like It - change It.
If It isn't working - fix It.
If It's in your way - put It away.
If It's too big - dissect It.
If you don't want It - get rid of It.
You have the power to make It happen.
Take control of your life.

Believe in yourself.
You can.
You are.
It's all in the attitude.
Pick yourself up.
Dust yourself off.
Keep going.

If you're going through hell - KEEP GOING.

Art links

Dark Duck:


Binkie & Honker:

Authorial Claim:

I am the master vampire that heads Hamil Corporation. I have 100% of the shares. I own the imaginary buildings. I wrote every policy, every procedure, I hired every single fictitious employee. I make not a cent in this endeavour, yet it spans right across the multiverse, in numerous continuums. Whereever there may be vampires lurking, look out!

Look out for that big skyscraper, with so many lights on inside although it's nearly eight o'clock at night. When you're walking down a busy street, stop and wonder about that blank green door jammed between the coffee shop and the hairdressers. If you live in the country, think about the restaurant that you've never visited. And if you happen to go in, what are all those other people really eating?

Vampires (featured in the Dark Duck universe, the Dark Negaverse and in the Phantom Duck tangent universe):

I have my own list of rules on the subject of vampires which I could exposition for the rest of eternity. Ask me for details at your own risk.

Horror Rated for Vampire Content:

Never in my whole life, did I ever really believe that vampires constituted an automatic horror rating. But the psychology from whence they come, now that's the horror of it. The darkness from which they spring is very real, and it can be found in each and every individual on this planet since before humans began keeping time.

The real reason a vampire has no reflection, is because they are a reflection ... of ourselves. The real reason that a vampire craves and lusts and pines is because some natural things in our heads often go unheard and unaddressed.


I introduce my theory of vampires on the Duckverse, make Darkwing Duck dark, make Darkwing Duck a vampire, implode the Fearsome Five, and then I keep on running.

For those of you who are mystified by my subliminal formatting change messages, CAPS-LOCK below is the Fan status of the story (if there is one).

Dark Duck - Vampires of St Canard
After an initial bizarre encounter that leaves him feeling a bit Da-ah-ark, Darkwing Duck investigates the vampires in St Canard he never even knew existed.

Dark Duck - Love Forever After
What made Darkwing Duck sign over to Hamil Corporation? History returns, threatening to destroy Drake Mallard ... again. This time he's not a hapless child, he's playing with two hands, and with Gosalyn in tow, the stakes have officially doubled.

After so many years, his father's killer has finally struck again. Can Darkwing get to the killer, or will Grizlykoff get to Drake Mallard? This is one of those 'see the dust settle on this one!' stories. Along with the heavy implications, it is almost a mystery story. (I'd never sully that great and dignified category; I know I can write a mystery about as well as a dog can climb a ladder.) The mystery has to take a back seat, because if Drake Mallard is dead, Darkwing Duck won't be solving any mysteries ... ever again.

Time covered: About a week

Relevant social topic content: dealing with loss.

Dark Duck - Wisteria
A dream is a wish your heart makes. It all starts when Bushroot succeeds in creating an 'intelligent' plant companion and a witch named Tula takes revenge on the interfering Darkwing Duck.

Time covered: A few days!

Dark Duck - Slayer at Large
Steelbeak, in his attempts to make invincible F.O.W.L operatives, finally succeeds in killing Darkwing Duck! Unfortunately for the agent, he fails miserably at actually stopping him. Amidst Darkwing's concerns over Steelbeak's ongoing science project and his own questionable health, our hero must also contend with a new enemy; Juan Ducker. Can they put aside their differences in order to save the world from evil?

Time covered: Less than a month!

Dark Duck - Booked and Doomed
While Launchpad does his best to keep DW from multiple mental episodes J Gander Hooter is trying to make headway in his own rather unhappy investigation of someone else's mental breakdown.

Time covered: A week

Relevant social topic content: Relationships

Authorial Note: Wow, yes, this story has definitely had a massive rewrite.

Dark Duck - Tricks with Mirrors
The story arc continues into Autumn: When Darkwing Duck starts diverting media attention his way, Megavolt loses interest in the crime game. But now there's a new supervillain in town called 'Photon Pig', and Darkwing Duck goes out of action.
The body count is clocking up in St. Canard as Photon Pig looks for his spare parts. Can Megavolt really find Elmo Sputterspark again, and will it be enough to save him?

Ends on Hallowe'en

Dark Duck - A Bigger Gun
Three short episodes: Negaduck does something to help him get rid of his ridiculous and humiliating fear of vampires. S.H.U.S.H. finally offers Darkwing Duck his first case in what has been months. Negaduck takes his 'bigger gun' and faces off with his do-good multi-versal twin. Whoa, this is all going to end in tears!

Time covered: This all happens in a week. Happy birthday, boys.

Relevant social topic content: never let your fears beat you. Or something along those lines.

Dark Duck - Never Eat the Ones You Love
A series of shorts: Winter Dawns. Something weird is going on with Darkwing Duck ... Again. And can Gosalyn Mallard defeat the rogue Necromancer?

Dark Duck - From this Angle
A Short Pre Christmas Story: He's dedicated to his job, devoted to his girlfriend and doting on his daughter. He's heroic, courageous and strong. But all that becomes irrelevant when teensy problems collide.

Time covered: Early days in December

Dark Duck - Return of the Mad Plant Scientist
Happy New Year: Doctor Reginald Bushroot usually does his best to mind his own business and not make much trouble. But Darkwing Duck is a vampire, so what does that mean for our ecologically hybrid companion?

Can Bushroot succeed in mustering his courage, intellect and leafy good looks in order to rescue himself from ... er ... himself?

Time covered: January-Early April


Authorial note: I need to reverse the polarity of the final stretch to actually achieve a close and I have a great opportunity to rewrite Tuskernini's mini-plot and make it truly fiendishly fun.

Dark Duck - Dark Spirit
Family Matters, The Quiverwing Quack makes a solo debut, and Gosalyn Mallard checks into a summer class that's taught by one of her father's old tutors.

With Darkwing Duck off the streets, Quiverwing turns to Negaduck for help on her latest case and the super villain is only too glad to help the fledgling crime fighter.

Time covered: Early April-School Holidays so about three weeks all up. Happy birthday, sweetie-pie.

=Three year gap=

Dark Duck - Just a Nightmare
Negaduck has a little trouble waking up. Mildly M rated.

Time covered: Hours!

Dark Duck - Continuum Conundrum
A series of episodes. As Q enlists E's help to find D, Darkwing Ducks are slipping uncontrollably between universes with some unusual results. The Quack in the Dark may be prepared ... but not for this one, and there's only so much an electric rodent can do to help. Together, they have to stop DWD from destroying the multiverse.

Prologue: Dark Warrior Duck's Vision
Episode 1: Dark Duck & Darkwing Duck's Search
Episode 2: Quiverwing Duck's Job
Episode 3: Phantom Duck & Dark Warrior Duck's Nightmare
Episode 4: Cosmoduck, Metalwing Duck & Arachnoduck's Trip
One Version: Duck Soup

Special thanks to Phoenix Ridefor sharing Metalwing Duck with me.


Time covered: (Not including the prologue) four days maximum.

Science fiction/horror

Dark Duck - Beneath Me
Darkwing Duck made a mistake. Now all the kings and horses cannot restore what once was and for the second time in his life, Drake Mallard is left holding the pieces.


DW - Left Wing
"It came from out of left field." Seventeen year old Gosalyn Mallard's life is a combination of the radical, the unexpected, hard rock, classic rock, Disney and monster movies.

This is written entirely from Gos's POV, and that includes this blurb, so I can't tell you what happens, you'll have to read it as she goes. In addition, although I've used Dark Duck continuity, it doesn't once have the V word! There is occasional use of the L word, and it's K-Rated all the way through. Go me!

Time covered: A month with September school holidays in the middle of it.


Authorial Note: VAPX007. Never write this gunk again. Never.

=One Year Gap=

Dark Duck - The Reluctant Vampire

Following directly on from Left Wing is a two part spontaneously combustible tale of passionate determination and sincere deceit.

Fifteen months later and school is over. It's January and Quiverwing tries to settle into her new job but her other job is being a Vampire Slayer and now it's gotten extremely personal.

It starts again in the summery July holidays when January's case has come back to hunt them.

Action/adventure/crime fiction/mystery/romance/horror

Authorial Note: Darn it, it seems complete enough but it seems to have turned into the same problem as with The Return of the Mad Plant Scientist in that It has No End. Clearly as with the other I'll need to reverse the polarity on the closing stretch and choose a definitive end.

That's not the last of it because at this stage I still have ... LOOSE ENDS.


A recycled theory I do not tire of. Not unlike "Survivor - Bermuda Triangle" "Law and Order -GothamCity" "CSI - Your postcode here" "Alien and Predator - Do Dallas." (Except rated for General Audience.)

Cosmoduck: To Boldly Go Where No Duck Has Gone Before
TOS X DW: Crossover with a Cameo! The crew are brand new at this tour of duty, (and so am I) and bored out of their brains with their patrol of empty space, so they go find some Klingons to play with. DW/MM, S/GM

Cosmoduck: 001101100 Things To Do While Space Docked
TNG X TOS X DW: Welcome to my triple universal cross over! I also practice my hand at the multi-subplot phenomenon that made Star Trek: The Next Generation just so completely awesome. And no Space Dock FanFiction story is ever properly complete without a cameo from ... Tribbles! RB/GM, DW/MM, ND/LQ, QJ/JR, MM/JR, ND/OC, LQ/OC/OC, MV/OC/LP (Not all of this is traditional slash, I'm just giving you an idea of the subplots I'm working in.)

Cosmoduck: What Are Little Boys Made Of?
TOS X DW: Two thank yous to the brilliant mind of Phoenix Ride! In this thrilling third episode of the Cosmoduck series I tribute one of the greatest episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series! I want to make this look as good as the original episode because it was just done so well. V/MV, V/OC, RB/GM, DW/MM.

Cosmoduck: Hunting Season
TOS X DW: Based on another excellent ST:TOS episode, Darkwing Duck is looking for Morgana's cousin who's trapped and missing on a desert planet. But strange things are happening aboard the U.S.S. St. Canard and they can't all be Doctor Bushroot's fault. Can they? RB/GM, DW/MM, ND/LQ. (Once again, not necessarily traditional slash.)

Cosmoduck: Bride of Vampirian
VOY X DW X TOS: Aliens trash Quackerjack's holodeck birthday program for Janice. JR/QJ, MM/GM, DW/JR, DW/LP

Cosmoduck: Unimatrix Zero
VOY X TOS X DW: Megavolt hasn't gotten much sleep. He's suspicious, reluctant and generally grouchy about the St. Canard's mission: to deliver some delegates to an important Federation conference on a planet code-namedBabel. MV/DW, MV/OC

Cosmoduck: The Big Goodbye
DW X TNG X VOY X TOS: The holodeck's newly installed gumshoe program is set to kill the captain. He quickly discovers that he doesn't have much time left over to figure out who trapped him in the year 1991 because he's juggling the responsibility of being a single parent of an effervescent nine year old daughter as well as stopping the city-wide Fearsome Five super villain crime-wave. Can he trust anyone in this savage pre-warp setting?


Darkwing Duck: Let's Get Dangerous
Drake Mallard and Elmo Sputterspark backstory skits: ages 6-20. How did they get these little idiosyncrasies, anyway?

Darkwing Duck: Streaks of White
It's a QUEST FIC! Somehow, taking a certain troubled young woman under his wing turned thisNormal's world upside down. Soon enough he had to make a choice and turn from the safety and assuredness of his own life path to help her with her far more uncertain, dangerous route ...

Okay, so I haven't gotten this anywhere near ready for posting yet but it is a freaky story.

Darkwing Duck: Phantom Duck
Chapter 1: The government is all seeing and all knowing. S.H.U.S.H. went too far and killed Darkwing Duck, Negaduck and Launchpad McQuack.
Chapter 2: The scandal not only imploded S.H.U.S.H. but exposed the mayor's part in the plot, forcing him out of office. In turmoil and incredible distrust of the government they once embraced, the people voted someone whose ulterior motives and political agenda were obvious.

Chapter 3: Without Darkwing Duck or S.H.U.S.H., criminals began running the streets of St. Canard. For this reason, civilians caught out after dark often never return home to their families.
Chapter 4: The rising crime rate also had to do with the corrupted police department. Corrupted due to having incorporated F.O.W.L. agents and S.H.U.S.H. die hards who still believed in the same idea that Darkwing Duck stood up against. In reaction to this, vampires went public but this action failed to make a sufficient impression.
Chapter 5 and on: The Fearsome, Phantom Duck, Vampire Slayers and vampire agendas.

The Dark Negaverse: The Armani Vampire
NegaBushroot is very different from his Dark-Verse counterpart; he's assured, self-reliant and when he opens his beak, people listen. Or that's who he used to be before he met Darkwing Duck. NegaS.H.U.S.H. has one over-lining purpose: Turn over government control as efficiently as possible. NegaSteelbeak's job is to fix the problem that has become St Canard.

Who knew a trip through the Dark Negaverse could be such an emotional rollercoaster?

Count Duckula: The Turning

Count Duckula eats vegetables and walks in the light without even thinking twice about it. He's bored and he's lonely. He craves social acceptance and excitement, not horror and mayhem. But even for this well-wisher to society, there are still some people that really get under his feathers.

Count Duckula: The Turning Alternate 1
The greatest vampire hunter in the world.
The vampire with the most vile reputation of them all.
A dedicated and loyal, yet evil Necromancer.
A caring if dim housemaid.
Life for these four has been this way for decades.
But not for much longer ...

Alvin and The Chipmunks: Brothers
Not even death will prevent Simon from looking out for his family. This story isn't about sex which is probably why it's STILL so popular.

Looney Tunes: Life Without Bugs
Daffy Duck ends up in charge when Marvin the Martian accidentally erases Bugs Bunny from the visual world. Unfortunately for Bugs, Daffy Duck is uncharismatic, accident prone, and just plain unlucky like most cartoon Ducks are. Heroically our anti-hero Daffy explores all perceived options to restore his nemesis and best friend Bugs, and ends up as a last resort getting Bugs Bunny redrawn Disney style.

10th Doctor Who: It Doesn't End There
There may not be such a thing as a Happily Ever After in real life, but unless everyone is dead, it doesn't end in tragedy either. The Doctor needs someone whose song has ended. But can a new song take its place?Doctor/Donna

A formulaic story with an extremely obvious solution. Snowflake is like writing by paradigm. I am heavily relying on my Snowflake analysis for the first time, so in these ways it's as novel an attempt as any other story I've written.

Doctor Who: They Don't Need Air
The Doctor and his companion land on a hauling freighter of Illinate humanoids where the crew are actually happy to have visitors for a change. However it's short lived as the Doctor discovers the ship is crawling with Cybermats and soon Illinate and Cyberman alike are battling against each other for survival.
'Whoniverse' aliens only.
I have started this off using a Snowflake analysis again so once again this is a simple formulaic story with an extremely basic playout. Snowflake is like writing by numbers. Initial word count projection is 9,500 words with fifteen posts. First draft version 13,748 words and 17 posts. Science fiction is just so easy to write.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Vampires: A Chipmunk Story! by LadyRaven-321 reviews
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Alvin and the chipmunks - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Fantasy - Chapters: 13 - Words: 25,803 - Reviews: 127 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 3/30 - Published: 12/9/2004 - Simon S., Alvin S.
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DarkWing Duck - Rated: T - English - Horror/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,187 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published: 11/23/2013 - [Drake Mallard, Morgana M.] Gosalyn, Negaduck
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Doctor Who - Rated: T - English - Humor/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 7 - Words: 21,565 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 4/22/2013 - Published: 3/29/2013 - 10th Doctor, Donna N. - Complete
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DarkWing Duck - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Drama - Chapters: 13 - Words: 43,195 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 3/24/2013 - Published: 1/19/2011 - Complete
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