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Hi, I'm Diablo Ex Machina! I have an interest in the concept of harems, and I believe that it's not being used enough, or properly (I'm looking at you, every harem anime that doesn't end with the main character accepting and reciprocating the love of every member of their harem in a satisfying and non-ambiguous ending, which is almost all of them!), in popular culture. This is most likely due to the fact that it's considered a social, and often religious, taboo to actually perform it, and many people are too chicken to be connected to major controversy. I, however, will not be daunted by social norms, and shall make harems a frequent recurring theme in what I write.


It has recently come to my attention that I have too many story ideas, and am in need of assistance to get all of my ideas out there. I am currently looking for writers who have an interest in writing harem stories. The ideas, the required harem girls (if any), and any other guidelines will be listed below, though additional girlfriends can be added, so long as they come from one of the two base series in their respective crossover. Contact me via PM for more details.

X-Men/Magic School Bus: Mutant School Bus: Cruisin' on down Main Street, you're relaxed and feeling good, next thing that you know there is a-WA-HA-HA-HOO-Sentinel in the neighborhood?! Professor X's old colleague Ms. Frizzle comes to teach Marvel Lore at the Institute. Hi-jinks ensue. 'Nuff said.

Pairings: Wolverine/James "Logan"Howlett x Ms. Valerie Frizzle.

Other Rules: Male to Female ratio of Frizzle students is equal.

Legend of Zelda/Chatoic: Legend of Zelda - Chaotic Lands: Hyrule is besieged by the forces of darkness at least every other generation, with a new hero bearing the Triforce of Courage saving the day every time. Feeling proactive, the Hero of Time and the Seven Sages travel to the distant lands of Perim to forge alliances that could end wars in both lands for centuries to come.

Pairings: Link x Zelda x Navi x Malon x Great Fairy of Magic x Great Fairy of Power x Great Fairy of Wisdom x Great Fairy of Courage x Great Fairy of Kindness x Saria x Ruto x Impa x Nabooru x Deku Princess x Marilla Rosa x Judo Rosa x Intress x Takinom x Aivinna x Nivinna x Kinnianne x Skithia x Aszil.

Other Rules: Link has all the equipment, items, masks, songs, magic, and upgrades gathered in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, excluding items used in Trading Quests.

Ben 10/Mortal Kombat: Ben 4 - Konqueror of Kombat: After a cosmic bomb goes off and splits off copies of Ben into alternate realities, a punk version of Ben lands on Earth during its latest conflict with Outworld. Hearing tales of past conflicts between Realms, Mad Ben realizes that the only way to stop the fighting for good is to become ruler of all the Realms. But how will he do that with only 4 aliens?

Pairings: Mad Ben/Ben Tennyson x Kitana x Mileena x Jade x Sheeva x Sindel x Khameleon x Tanya x Li Mei x Nitara x Frost x Ashrah x Sareena x Kira x Skarlet x Cassie Cage x D'Vorah x Ferra.

Available Aliens: Humongousaur, Big Chill, Shocksquatch, The Worst.

Ben 10/Steven Universe: Ben 2 - Trainer of Heroes: After a cosmic bomb goes off and splits off copies of Ben into alternate realities, a friendly version of Ben lands in Beach City. Believing in Steven, he takes the young Gem under his wing, becoming a surrogate big brother, and giving him guidance to be a hero. All while Ben uncovers a dark secret between himself and the Gems. But how will he do that with only 2 aliens?

Pairings: Ben 10/Ben Tennyson x Jenny x Kiki.

Available Aliens: Chromastone, Gravattack.

Ben 10/Megas XLR: Ben 1 - XLA: After a cosmic bomb goes off and splits copies of Ben into alternate realities, a roguish version of Ben lands in Jersey just as an army of alien robots arrives from the future. Tag-Teaming with the Megas every other day is gonna be the party of a lifetime! You. Dig. Giant Aliens! I. Dig. Giant Aliens! We. Dig. Giant Aliens! Chicks. Dig. Giant Aliens! Nice!

Pairings: Ben 10/Ben Tennyson x Kiva Andru x Duchess x Darklos x Lots of Green Skinned Alien Chicks.

Available Alien: Way Big.

Family Guy/Angry Birds: The Chicken Fight For The Whole Family: Ernie The Giant Chicken is back once more, but this time he's brought along some backup. It's the entire Griffin Family vs The Angry Birds in the most EPIC Chicken Fight to date. Two families go in. Only one can come out. Will the Earth survive? Probably not.

Rules: Cutaway gags are appreciated but unnecessary. The conflict MUST expand to include American Dad and The Cleveland Show characters.

Family Guy/American Dad: Road To The White House: It has happened. The absolutely unthinkable end of all things sane and good. After Trump wins the election, Brian and Stewie set out to assassinate him, along with all other Republicans in the Senate and Supreme Court. These two unlikely heroes may be America's only hope for salvation.

Rules: Donald Trump's death MUST be as brutal, comical, and degrading as possible. The CIA are the antagonists. Chicken Fight would be appreciated but not necessary.

Also, my stories have well written and thought out dialogue, but I find myself craving someone(s) with the artistic talents to create a few visuals to go with my stories. Anyone with a DeviantArt profile, an interest in my stories, and an average to high level of art skills is welcome to apply. Contact me via PM for more details.

Pairings I Really Like

Daily Life with Monster Girl; Kimihito Kurusu x Miia x Papi x Centorea Shianus x Suu x Meroune Lorelei x Rachnera Arachnera x Tionisha x Zombina x Manako x Lala x Doppel x Kuroko Smith.

Date A Live; Shido Itsuka x Tohka Yatogami x Yoshino x Kotori Itsuka x Kaguya Yamai x Yuzuru Yamai x Miku Izayoi x Natsumi x Origami Tobiichi x Nia Honjou x Mukuro Hoshimiya x Kurumi Tokisaki.

High School DxD; Issei Hyoudou x Rias Gremory x Asia Argento x Akeno Himejima x Koneko Toujou x Xenovia Quarta x Irina Shido x Rossweisse x Ravel Phenex x Kuroka x Le Fay Pendragon x Kunou x Ophis x Elmenhilde Karnstein. Yuto Kiba x Tsubaki Shinra. Gasper Vladi x Valerie Tepes.

Katawa Shoujo; Hisao Nakai x Emi Ibarazaki x Hanako Ikezawa x Lilly Satou x Rin Tezuka x Shizune Hakamichi.

Is This a Zombie?; Ayumu Aikawa x Eucliwood Hellscythe x Haruna x Seraphim x Maelstrom x Sarasvati x Taeko Hiramatsu x Naegleria Nebiros.

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san; Kogarashi Fuyuzora x Yuuna Yunohana x Chitose Nakai x Nonko Arahabiki x Sagiri Ameno x Yaya Fushiguro x Koyuzu Shigaraki x Chisaki Miyazaki x Renge Shiratsuyu x Oboro x Hibari Ameno.

Love Tyrant; Aino Seiji x Hiyama Akane x Kichougasaki Yuzu x Shiramine Shikimi x Guri. Kusunoki-Sensei x Sazumi Mari. Kanzou x Hiyama Suou x Kichougasaju Ameisha x Mavuro.

Inumimi; Yuichiro Kinosaki x Elga x Luna x Rino x Emina Kusunoki.

To LOVE-Ru; Rito Yuuki x Lala Satalin Deviluke x Momo Belia Deviluke x Nana Astar Deviluke x Yami x Mikan Yuuki x Mea Kurosaki x Nemesis x Yui Kotegawa x Run Elsie Jewelria x Ryouko Mikado x Tearju Lunatique x Shizu Murasame x Risa Momioka x Kyouko Kirisaki x Rin Kujou x Mio Sawada x Haruna Sairenji. Gid Lucione Deviluke x Sephie Michaela Deviluke. Saibai Yuuki x Ringo Yuuki. Zastin x Saki Tenjouin.

Nagasarete Airantou; Touhouin Ikuto x Suzu x Ayane x Machi x Rin x Mikoto x Shinobu x Kunai x Chikage x Yukino x Mei Mei x Michiru x Touhouin Misaki x Sakuya.

Kanokon; Oyamada Kouta x Minamoto Chizuru x Ezomori Nozomu. Minamoto Tayura x Asahina Akane. Kiriyama Omi x Osakabe Mio.

Eiken; Densuke Mifune x Chiharu Shinonome x Kirika Misono x Komoe Harumachi x Komon x Kyoko Morooka x Lin Grace x Yuriko Shinonome x Kuma x Miharu Shinonome x Cho Ginten x Hikaru Daizenji x Nadeshiko Gojyo x Rai x Jin x Yuu Kurumeno x Halti x Keiko Shinonome x CEO.

Princess Resurrection; Lilliane von Phoenix x Hiro Hiyorimi x Riza Wildman x Reiri Kamura x Nakua x Flandre x Sherwood x Francesca x Mikasa x Madeline.

Happy Lesson; Chitose Hitotose x Mutsuki Ichimonji x Kisaragi Ninomai x Yayoi Sanzenin x Uzuki Shitenno x Satsuki Gokajo.

Jitsu wa Watashi wa; Kuromine Asahi x Shiragami Youko x Aizawa Nagisa x Shishido Shiho x Akemi Mikan. Sakurada Kousuke x Koumoto Akari.

Mahou Sensei Negima!; Negi Springfield x Kagurazaka Asuna x Sakurazuki Setsuna x Hasegawa Chisame x Miyazaki Nodoka x Ayase Yue x Karakuri Chachamaru x Konoe Konoka x Ku Fei x Nagase Kaede x Saotome Haruna x Asakura Kazumi x Aisaka Sayo x Yukihiro Ayaka x Akashi Yuna x Izumi Ako x Sasaki Makie x Ookochi Akira. Inugami Kotaro x Murakami Natsumi x Naba Chizuru. Kurt Godel x Saotomi Hakase. Jack Rakan x Theodora Basileia Helladis de Vesperisszimia.

Re:Monster; Rou x Mi x Rubellia Walline x Felicia Timiano x Alma Timiano x Emery Furado x Spinel Fean x Doriane Duboue x Therese East Eckermann. Kichi x E. Ji x Fu x Me.

Gamble Fish; Tomu Shirasagi x Mika Shishido x Natsumi Kimura x Yuka Tsukiyono x Rio Asahina x Hanasaki Mayo x Emily Dawn.

Tales of Demons and Gods; Nie Li x Xiao Ning'er x Ye Ziyun x Xiao Yu x Long Yuyin x Yu Yan x Huyan Lanruo x Yang Xin. Lu Piao x Xiao Xue.

Ah! My Goddess; Keiichi Morisato x Belldandy x Urd x Skuld x Peorth x Lind x The Gates x Sayoko Mishima. Third Class Earth Spirit x Megumi Morisato. Tyr x Hild x Ansuz.

Nisekoi; Raku Ichijou x Chitoge Kirisaki x Kosaki Onodera x Seishirou Tsugumi x Marika Tachibana x Yui Kanakura x Haru Onodera. Shuu Maiko x Ruri Miyamoto.

Infinite Stratos; Ichika Orimura x Houki Shinonono x Cecilia Alcott x Lingyin Huang x Charlotte Dunois x Laura Bodewig x Tatenashi Sarashiki x Kanzashi Sarashiki x Chifuyu Orimura x Tabane Shinonono x Maya Yamada x Ran Gotanda. Dan Gotanda x Utsuho Nohotoke.

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle; Lux Arcadia x Lisesharte Atismata x Krulcifer Einfolk x Philuffy Aingram x Airi Arcadia x Celestia Ralgris x Yoruka Kirihime.

Sekirei; Sahashi Minato x Musubi x Kusano x Matsu x Tsukiumi x Kazehana x Homura x Akitsu x Kuruse. Sahashi Yukari x Shiina x Mutsu. Seo Kaoru x Hikari x Hibiki. Shigi Haruka x Kuno. Sanada Nishi x Kujika x Kuzuri x Shijime x Hatae x Yuna x Chiyo.

The World God Only Knows; Keima Katsuragi x Haqua du Lot Herminium x Ayumi Takahara/Mercurius x Mio Aoyama x Kanon Nagakawa/Apollo x Shiori Shiomiya/Minerva x Kusunoki Kasuga x Chihiro Kosaka x Jun Nagase x Tsukiyo Kujou/Vulcanus x Minami Ikoma x Tenri Ayukawa/Diana x Sumire Uemoto x Nanaka Haibara x Yui Goido/Mars x Hinoki Kasuga x Yuri Nikaido/Dokurou x Urara Shiratori.

Futakoi; Nozumu Futami x Sumireko Ichijo x Kaoruko Ichijo x Yura Sakurazuki x Kira Sakurazuki x Rara Hinagiku x Ruru Hinagiku x Ui Chigusa x Koi Chigusa x Ai Momoi x Mai Momoi x Sara Shirogane x Soju Shirogane.

GATE: Thus The JSDF Fought There; Yoji Itami x Lelei La Lalena x Tuka Luna Marceau x Rory Mercury x Yao Ro Dushi x Pina Co Lada x Risa Aoi. Takeo Kurata x Persia. Akira Tomita x Bozes Co Palesti. Hitoshi Furuta x Tyuule. Akira Yanagida x Delilah. Koji Sugawara x Sherry Thierry.

High School of the Dead; Takashi Komuro x Rei Miyamoto x Saeko Busujima x Shizuka Marikawa x Rika Minami. Kohta Hirano x Saya Takagi x Asami Nakaoka.

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor; Justy Ueki Tylor x Yuriko Star x Kyunghwa Kim x Harumi x Emi Hanner x Yumi Hanner x Azalyn.

Black Lagoon; Sofiyia "Balalaika" Pavlovena x Rebecca "Revy" Lee x Eda x Rokuro "Rock" Okajima x Feng Yifei/Li Xinlin. Lotton "The Wizard" x Shenhua x Frederica Sawyer "The Cleaner". Benny x Janet "Greenback Jane" Bhai. Garcia Fernando Lovelace x Roberta x Fabiola Inglesias.

Durarara; Celty Sturluson x Shinra Kishitani x Kasane Kujiragi. Mikado Ryuugamine x Anri Sonohara. Masaomi Kida x Saki Mikajima. Shizuo Heiwajima x Varona x Akane Awakusu. Izaya Orihara x Namie Yagiri x Mikage Sharaku. Kasuka Heiwajima x Ruri Hijiribe. Seiji Yagiri x Mika Harima. Haruna Niekawa x Takashi Nasujima. Walker Yumasaki x Erika Karisawa. Aoba Kuronuma x Kururi Orihara x Mairu Orihara.

One Piece; Monkey D. Luffy x Boa Hancock x Shirahoshi. Roronoa Zoro x Tashigi x Perona. Sanji x Viola x Charlotte Pudding. Usopp x Kaya. Tony Tony Chopper x Porche x Milky. Kohza x Nefeltari Vivi. Smoker x Hina. Sabo x Koala. Sai x Baby 5. Leo x Mansherry. Silvers Rayleigh x Shakuyaku. Hachi x Keimi. Aladine x Charlotte Praline. Mr. 9 x Miss Monday. Gaimon x Sarfunkle. Magellan x Sadi. Capone Bege x Charlotte Chiffon.

Fairy Tail; Natsu Dragneel x Lucy Heartfilia x Lisanna Strauss. Gray Fullbuster x Juvia Lockser. Happy x Carla. Gajeel Redfox x Levy McGarden. Elfman Strauss x Evergreen. Alzack Connel x Bisca Moulin. Cobra/Erik x Kinana. Bacchus Glowe x Cana Alberona. Ren Akatsuki x Sherry Blendy. Sting Eucliffe x Yukino Agria. Scorpio x Aquarius. Leo x Aries.

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Bleach; Ichigo Kurosaki x Rukia Kuchiki x Orihime Inoue x Tatsuki Arisawa x Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck x Ikumi Unagiya x Riruka Dokugamine. Uryu Ishida x Nemuri Hachigo Kurotsuchi. Kisuke Urahara x Yoruichi Shihoin. Jinta Hanakari x Ururu Tsumugiya x Yuzu Kurosaki. Toshiro Hitsugaya x Momo Hinamori x Rangiku Matsumoto x Karin Kurosaki. Shunsui Sozosuke Jiro Kyouraku x Nanao Ise x Lisa Yadomaru. Shinji Hirako x Hiyori Sarugaki. Tensei Muguruma x Mashiro Kuna. Ikkaku Madarame x Mizuho Asano.

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Ben 10, Generator Rex, & Secret Saturdays; Ben Tennyson x Julie Yamamoto x Elena Validus x Eunice x Ester x Looma Redwind x Attea. Rex Salazar x Circe x Cricket x Breach x Annie x Beverly Holiday x Kenwyn Jones x Valentina. Zak Saturday x Wadi. Max Tennyson x Xylene x Verdona Tennyson. Kevin Levin x Gwen Tennyson x Charmcaster x Sunny Tennyson. Rook Blonko x Rayona x Fistina x Nyancy Chan x Isosceles Right Triangle Vreedle. Manny Armstrong x Helen Wheels. Six x Dr. Rebecca Holiday x Five x Diane Farrah. Noah Nixon x Claire Bowman. Solomon Saturday x Drew Saturday. Doyle Blackwell x Abbey Grey x Miranda Grey.

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Kid Icarus; Pit x Palutena x Medusa x Viridi x Phosphora x Pandora. Magnus x Gaol.

Megaman; Lan Hikari x Maylu Sakurai x Jasmine. Megaman.exe x Roll.exe x Meddy.exe. Geo Stellar x Sonia Strumm x Luna Platz. Omega-Xis x Lyra x Ophiuchus. Megaman Volnutt x Roll Caskett x Tron Bonne.

Capcom Fighting Games; Ryu x Sakura Kasugano. Ken Masters x Eliza Masters. Guile x Jane. Dhalsim x Sally. Thunder Hawk x Juli x Noembelu. Alex x Patricia. Necro/Illia x Effie. Yun x Houmei. Yang x Shaomei. Rufus x Candy. Cody Travers x Jessica Haggar. Guy x Rose x Maki Genryusai. Jon Talbain x Felicia. Batsu Ichimonji x Hinata Wakaba. Shoma Sawamura x Natsu Ayuhara x Momo Karuizawa. Roy Bromwell x Tiffany Lords. Hideo Shimazu x Kyoko Minazuki. Asura x Durga.

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Other Capcom Games; Dante x Trish x Lucia x Lady. Nero x Kyrie. Viewitiful Joe x Sexy Silvia. Phoenix Wright x Maya Fey. Miles Edgeworth x Franziska von Karma. Dick Gumshoe x Maggey Byrde. Bayonetta x Jeanne x Luka. Arisen Pawn x Selene x Quina x Madeleine x Aelinore x Mercedes Marten.

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Bleach - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 53 - Words: 199,463 - Reviews: 1243 - Favs: 1,770 - Follows: 1,946 - Updated: 7/17 - Published: 4/16/2016 - Ichigo K., Uryuu I.
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