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May 27, 1995 - October 1, 2013

May He Rest in Peace, in The Lord's Embrace

Hi, I'm Sallem Cortez. I have some experience with writing but I'm not sure how good I am. As such I appreciate any and all reviews I may get from my writing as I hope to go professional someday. I will be inserting myself into most of my works as a traveler from another dimension.

However, the 'myself' that I'm referring to is the 'internet' me. Not the real me. I have no trouble differentiating reality and fiction, I just like inserting a character with the same personality as my own into a fantastic world that you'd never find in real life. I imagine that many other writers, both professional and amateur, have done the same with at least one of their works and characters, so I'd appreciate it if you'd not poke fun at me for being more obvious about this habit of mine than some other people are.

I hope you will all help me with making me a better writer. Thank you, and have a good day.

"One more thing!" I have an interest in the concept of polygamy, and I believe that it's not being used enough in popular culture. This is most likely due to the fact that it's considered a social, and often religious, taboo to actually perform it, and nobody wants to be connected to something that is so widely disapproved of in modern society. I, however, will not be daunted by social norms, and shall make polygamy a frequent recurring theme in what I write, and I would very much appreciate it if people who see my profile would follow my example, and write at least one fanfic that has someone getting in such a relationship. I also ask those who do so to post a review to one of my works, while mentioning that they've made such a story.

Here's some info on my SI, Sallem Cortez.

Name: Sallem Cortez

Appearance: Height varies. Thin build. Brown mullet, mustache, and goatee. Green eyes. Wolf ears and tail. Missing his left cheek. Cybernetic elbows, knees, neck, and abdominal area. Wears: White longcoat worn by Marines from One Piece. Green flak jacket worn by Ninjas from Naruto. Black Hakama worn by Shinigami from Bleach. Brown fedora like Indiana Jones. Black boots.

Personality: Sallem is a rather amoral character, who love pulling all manner of pranks on people. He possess a staggering I.Q. of over 10,000, and uses it for personal gain, mischief making, and playing matchmaker, all of which are his favorite hobbies. He has a taste for exotic things in every sense of the word, and is willing to go to almost any lengths to get what he wants. He despises ninjas, and will frequently capture and use them for inhumane experiments, simply because he can get away with it. He likes pirates, and will frequently go out and aid them in battles against the law, only to disappear after the fighting is done, becoming a great nautical myth in his own right.

Powers and Abilities: As stated before, Sallem is an exceedingly intelligent individual. In fact, he is too smart, and quickly get bored with most things, so he has to find more things to occupy his time. To this end, he's had his body modified with several cybernetics in an effort to find action in his life. His primary modifications are guns in his right fingers, a knife in his left hand, rocket launchers in his legs, jets in his feet, reinforced armor platting under his skin, and several mechanisms in his body to increase his strength to incredible levels. He has several more in addition to these, some of which are interchangeable, but these are his primary ones.

His great mind can quickly formulate plans. Be they for battle, or for his hobby of matchmaking. His species can also naturally transform into large wolves, and even though he designed his cybernetics to allow for this shape-shifting, and even improve upon it by adding armor and weapons, he tends not to use this power much, simply because it's usually overkill for whatever situation is at hand. He also has very good senses of hearing and smell.

Equipment: Sallem tends to rely primarily on his earlier mentioned powers and abilities, but he also has access to a very wide array of technology that would put any Earth equipment to shame. His preferred item is a simple remote that allows him to teleport, change clothes, traverse dimensions, and perform various other miscellaneous functions. He also runs a massive company, and therefore has a massive amount of financial backing for anything he comes up with.

Now that you know what I'm like in my stories, please read some of them.

My Standpoint On FanFiction: This outlines my ideals on the various subjects of FanFiction.

OCs: They are acceptable, and sometimes even preferred in FanFictions, as long as they're not Mary Sues, and don't get in the spotlight without bringing worthwhile entertainment to the table. These are FanFictions. The very point of them is to be original. If I wanted to read about the Canon characters, I'd read the Canon material. Not to say that using only Canon characters in FanFiction is bad, but unless they're uninteresting characters or do something that conflicts too heavily with Canon, you have no reason to complain. It also helps if they are colorful characters that make people laugh from time to time.

OOC: I really think that this is a bad thing to do, unless story events unfold that would justify such a thing (i.e. having the lover of a largely stoic character get hurt/killed, and they react violently, or dredging up painful memories of a usually happy person and their spirits go down). Remember, the people in these stories are people too. They can act in ways that they wouldn't normally do so in Canon due to the events of the story.

Romance: The big one. Around half of all FanFictions involve this theme in some way or another. I can only see this as proof of one of two things. One, humans are very social creatures, and love to hear about others. Or two, it's mostly girls on this site. Either way, I have some very obvious ground rules for this. NO changing the sexuality of a character. If they're straight in Canon, they're straight. If they're gay in Canon, they're gay. If they're Bisexual in Canon, you shouldn't run into too much trouble, so long as their partner has a compatible sexuality for their gender. This also hooks up to OOC, and OCs. You have to tread carefully here, because there's a fine line between "Believable" and "Just plain crazy". You also have to look at the two (or more) characters and ask yourself "Are these two compatible?" If yes, then go ahead. If no, then stop before it's too late. If you wanna make a harem, that's a much different, and more complicated ballpark altogether. Ergo, you're on your own with that one.

Lemons: No. Just no. You can mention that two (or more) people have had sex/are in a sexual relationship, but no more than that. It's an insulting space filler, it's already seen too much on this site, and frankly, it's really just a show of lazy writing more than anything else. So if you wanna be known as a lazy pervert who can't write worth shit, by all means, go right ahead.

Crack Pairings: See Romance. If you want me to be more specific, here goes. You can have two people who seem like a really random couple get together, just so long as their personalities and sexualities seem compatible. If you don't think you can pull off whatever people you have in mind as a couple, you may just want to stay away from the idea.

Stories That Focus On Less Used Characters: This is highly welcome to FanFiction. The whole idea of FanFictions is to do something that's not seen in Canon. If you can write something about a tragically underused Canon character, more power to you. A good story about a little known character is like gold to readers.

Stories That Don't Focus On Canon Characters At All: This does not belong on FanFiction. There's an entirely different place for this. They're called Publishers. If you can write a creative story that doesn't have any copyright protected characters or other material, then why waste your time writing for this site when you can get paid for your work? If you're insecure about your writing skills or just wanna do it for fun, then you can practice all you want to on this site. But if you stray from Canon characters and switch to nothing but OCs, then it's about time you got some money for your stuff.

"One more thing!" I know this is going to make me seem like a total otaku (or maybe it's just me feeling self-conscious) but I'm going to post some of the pairings I like seeing. Please note, that I will try to avoid super common things on this list, but no promises. If you see something that's already seen a lot, that's not me being mainstream, it's me saying that I like them enough to include them in-spite of how overdone they are. Personally, I believe that many people on this site need to be a bit more adventurous in what they come up with. We see certain things too much already, so if you have something in mind that doesn't involve the done-to-death things, go for it.

Bleach; Sajin Komamura x Suì-Fēng. Suzumebachi x Tenken. Toshiro Hitsugaya x Rangiku Matsumoto x Tier Harribel x Momo Hinamori. Hyorinmaru x Tobiume x Haineko. Yoruichi Shihoin x Yasutora "Chad" Sado. Uryu Ishida x Nemu Kurotsuchi. (Why let only their masters in on the fun? Zanpakuto have feelings too, you know)

Black Lagoon; Rotten x Shenhua x Sawyer. Rock x Balalaika x Revy x Eda. (There's just something about deadly ladies that drives all the men wild)

Pokemon; Ash x Cynthia. (We all know she's a closet Shotacon)

Naruto; Itachi x Tsunade x Sakura x Hinata. Kakashi x Tsume x Hana. Shino x Anko. Shikamaru x Kurenai x Temari x Shiho. (Don't get me wrong, I hate Naruto as a whole, but some characters are actually pretty cool)

Marvel Comics; Deadpool x Squirrel Girl. (Now someone go out and make a fanfic of it!)

Yu-gi-oh! Franchise; Joey x Mai. Bastion x Taniya. (Give the sidekicks some love, people)

Teen Titans; Robin x Starfire x Raven. (Because, I don't need a reason)

Captain Harlock; Harlock x Miime. (It's Captain Harlock people, a badass like him deserves true love)

That's it for now. May add more later. And I ask people who read this to tell me about any good fics involving any of these pairings, or, if you want to be really nice, do some of these pairings yourself.

"One more thing!" I am now a co-writer to Bigby the Big Bad Wolf, Aaron 12, and Judge Royce. All three are in my Favorite Authors section, and all their works are worth a read. Check them out sometime, and tell them I sent ya. I'm also accepting requests as a Beta Reader, just so long as they fit the criteria of what I'll do. Check out my Beta Profile sometime, and I'll see if I can help people who come to my humble profile for advice. Just one thing though, you need to be fluent in English if you want me to help you. I don't want to waste my time with people who don't use proper grammar, and no offense to people who only speak English as a second language, but I work best when the people I'm talking to use grammar and spelling that I'm used to.

"One more thing!" I've been on this site for a while, and I've seen many things in my time. However, there are a few things I've never seen, that I would very much like to somewhere down the road. Here are a list of idea I may do someday, but are also up for grabs by any takers. Just be sure to ask my permission via PM first.

Idea 1) Bleach: Omniverse, Version 004 - As you know, my buddy Bigby has been mulling around with his Bleach/Ben 10 crossover for longer than I've had an account on this site, and quite frankly, he's really getting overwhelmed by it. Over our partnership, I've had my own ideas for the series, and I've managed to stockpile enough ideas to write up my own version. Will contain a massive harem for Ben without compromising the plot, with more involvement from the Ben 10 franchise than Bigby's versions.

Idea 2) To Be A Harem King - Hyoudo Issei of the infamous Highschool DxD franchise has finally achieved the rank of High-Class Devil, and as such, has been granted his own set of Evil Pieces. His plan, while having been reworked to accommodate the needs and feelings of his master and comrades, is still the same as ever. Gather a Peerage of beautiful women for his harem. Join everyone's favorite pervert as he journeys the world in search of the best women to make his servants. Will feature characters from many franchises, and suggestions will be taken. Which fictional sex icons do you want to see him take in?

Idea 3) Something Angry This Way Comes - Ernie the Giant Chicken has had enough of always losing to Peter, so he decides to put in a call to some relatives for help. It's the Angry Birds vs. The Griffin household, in an epic war for the ages! And to make matters worse, Peter's holding a house party when they decide to attack. Dun-Dun-DUUUNNNN! *Dramatic Chipmunk*

Idea 4) Raven TF Chain - Based on Dragon-FangX of DeviantArt. A chain story about Raven from Teen Titans transforming more and more each chapter. Effects of transformations will be open to suggestion. Each chapter will feature every transformation at that stage in a diverging path. Sort of a choose your own adventure story, but with shapeshifting.

Idea 5) He Likes 'em Big, She Likes 'em Fast - Remember that one scene, barely more than a few seconds long at the end of Justice League Unlimited? You know, the one where Giganta kisses Flash? I seriously think the writers could have done a whole lot more with that if they tried. This is me trying.

Remember, if any of these ideas really tickle your fancy, and you don't want to wait, or you're worried I can't do a good job of it, feel free to ask me if you can do one of these yourself.

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