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There was a fight once

I lost

There was a tear hence

you frost

There where words yet

to write

And there were willows

Not quiet



Leaving out the dark dark poem, I'd just like to mention that yeah. All of my stories are like that. Dealing with brutal sort of things, taking them to the darkest realism level that I am able to. Because I am sodark that when I use a word generator to write my promps I click the complexity: obscure.

Nay, I'm not dark at all. Whatevers. I like putting 's' at the end of my transition words, but I never actually use that on my writing.

I tend to confuse the word seam with seem, and until yesterday I didn't know a roncha was called wean.

So! More about me. As badly as I try to hide it, you could probably smell how I am helplessly romantic, and romantically helpless.

Just look for the undertones, kids, it's there.

I mean just read that phrase. God, why'd you make me this way?

As hard as I've tried to avoid it, it's always there. Competing with my realistic self screaming: "Oh God, do you need to be such a fangirl?"

And then my romantic self says: "I'm not being a fangirl! I hate them cannon(orclosetocannon) couples and write extensively long fic that have less to do with the show than my feet with a roller coaster!"

"That, my dear, is being a fangirl."

Moving on, I think I'll just start to ramble about The Penguins of Madagascar, because you probably don't need/want to know any of my inner about-me monologues. They start getting pretty sad (in the pathetic sense of the word) round this hour.
And since this is the only show I've written about so far, and if you clicked on my username it must have been from that section then you'll probably want to know this things about my stories.

Now before you read my answers for the questions (rants) I get a feeling you'd ask me if you weren't too lazy to, I really recommend you don't even consider taking me seriously, or you might just die.

a) No, that is not Skilene you've spotted. No because I hate it, and it's really quiet the opposite. It's just me making fun of it because I'm a hater.

b) Yep. They're all gay. (Sans Rico... and sometimes Private... and Skipper is repressed so that kinda leans into straight. Well, he's all straight 'till he meets Private, after that, ladies, we halve lost him (one could still be his beard). Kowalski is also straight in most AU's, but as he grows older he just gets gayer. Until he dies, at age 52, by some strange explosions.) But that's only because the freakin' ONLY female recurring character sucks. And there's just not enough Mama duck/Kitka/Darla/those badger things material to use. Though I'm working on another AU where there's quiet a bit of Kitka. And mocked Skilene. Haha. I'll make Marlene's life suck.

c) Yeah, I wouldn't really hate Skilene that much if it wasn't for the Marlene part.

d) Because I find that otter annoying, she's a snob wannabe cool, (I mean seriously. You think you're so much because at some aquarium you won some sh*t, well guess what, people don't stare at you any more; also, if you try so hard to prove girls are just as good as boys, why do you always need guy's help? Everyone knows you could take care of yourself but noooo you need the pretty boy to help you so that things get romantic. Besides you can't get outside the zoo without going feral? Jesus, I'm sure the producers made you annoying on purpose and Damn they did a good job. Also guess what. Nobody wants to hear your Sh*ty anecdotes. Boohoo) and her voice hurts my ears.

(HAHAHHAHAHHAAHAHAHA. Damn, I felt good writing that down. It was like opening a vent and letting all the hatin' out! I still hate her, (and aren't afraid to use the 'h' word) but Haha, most of that it just me ranting a little bit. The real and most honest reasons why I don't like her character are because her voice drives me insane and I really don't find her funny.)

d) Yeah, I know I killed him, and I'd do it again you fool.

e) Pripper.

f) You don't want to know. And wouldn't be able to guess, (hopefully) either.

g) I'm not going to answer that! It's private! No! Not Private! Private!

Ah, I had fun writing that. Now you have fun trying to figure out what questions I answered. Ha. Good luck figuring out the last one!

And Damn U ff! You keep centring my text! I want it to the left! Left! Is that so hard to achieve?

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