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Author has written 11 stories for Edge Chronicles, Spyro the Dragon, Harry Potter, and Pokémon.

Well, I've just decided to put up my Fanfiction news at the top of my profile so that people actually know it's there and can read it without going all the way to the bottom. Scroll past this for my profile.

My Fanfiction News:


14/12/10: I am going to be moving to a different country on December 15th or tomorrow in Australian time and so story updates might not come until after New year. I'll work on it though and do my best to update my fics. Same goes for PM's of people I'm betaing for, you can send me your work but I'll be gone for a while and so don't expect a speedy reply like I usually do.

That's really all I have for now, but I'll keep on updating as best I can and try to get some Internet connection as soon as possible.

End of my Fanfiction news- End of My Fanfiction News- End of my Fanfiction news - End of My Fanfiction News- End of my Fanfiction news- End of my Fanfiction news-

Hi everyone! Thanks for taking an interest in my profile. I'm ConundrumPuzzle and I'm a fanfic reader and writer as well as beta reader and I ship mostly Twig/Cowlquape, two characters from the Edge Chronicles, a really fantastic book that you should all read. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. I also am an avid fanfiction reader indulging in the fandoms of the Bartimaeus Trilogy, the Chrestomanci Series and a whole ton of other fandoms but those three are my favorite.

I won't tell you my real name, it's not my style and I definitely won't tell you my age. Like I said, not really my style. I love going on FictionPress to read the essays and have contributed three essays to the site so far and I love going on Fanfiction as well and reading about my favorite characters. I will tell you however that I currently am living in Australia but I have lived in Indonesia, America, India (My home country) Malaysia, Africa and we are about to move to Singapore in a couple of months . Yeah, we travel a lot.

I am a student but primary or secondary? I won't tell you. I like to keep people guessing. I actually like going to school believe it or not and so yes, I am a nerd. I wear glasses and sit by myself at lunch reading, so that probably has something to do with it. I do have friends, but a precious few and they are all nerd friends like me.


I don't really understand text or chat lingo all the time (since I don't like phones) so if you need to PM me, please make sure that its not all chatspeak. I also despise sports of any kind (I'm not exactly good at anything except studying) and so making me understand something with sport in it will be super difficult. I also have no idea as to how to be social in front of others but I can PM people and talk normally.

The End of My Difficulties-The End of My Difficulties- The End of My Difficulties- The End of My Difficulties- The End of My Difficulties-

What I'm Doing here

I'm really bored at home with nothing to do and so I thought that it would be good to put stuff on my profile just for fun. So what is a sheltered girl (yes I'm a girl) like me doing on FFNet? Simple, I used to read a lot of the fics on the site but then got tired of just reading. At first I didn't think I was good enough to go on the site but since we travel a lot, I needed something to keep me grounded and so up popped this site! Also, a lot of my favorite fics on the site get a chapter uploaded every 5 months and I got tired of waiting around for someone to upload. I spend a lot of my time reading and picking up things from other writers on this site and so I am quite familiar with things like this.

The End of What I'm Doing Here- The End of What I'm Doing Here- The End of What I'm Doing Here- The End of What I'm Doing Here-

My Weird (Possibly gross) Habits

This is a really weird habit instead of a gross one. I like to grab tennis balls and bounce them outside while I talk to myself. Yes, I know it's weird.

I also have a tendency to chew my pencils. I know disgusting but still it's a habit.

You know, I don't know why I'm confessing all this stuff on a profile that anyone on the Internet can read if they wanted to. Maybe not the best idea in the world.

The End of Habits- The End of Habits- The End of Habits- The End of Habits- The End of Habits- The End of Habits- The End of Habits-

My Reviewing Style

I know some of you might be searching through this profile looking for something that you can use to revenge flame me. Yes, if this is you then you should be ashamed. I give out flames occasionally but only to fics that are written by authors who think they are better than everyone else and will not except my constructive criticism. I usually make my reviews harsh criticism but Ito others it might seem as if I have overlapped into a slight flame. I hate it when people give nothing but undying praise to a terrible fic and then the author gets the idea they are the best thing since sliced cheese. (don't underestimate the greatness of sliced cheese) I do my best to give out my honest opinion on fics that I read whether it is good or bad. I don't usually sugar-coat anything I say, and instead make it blunt and to the point.

The End of Reviewing Style-The End of Reviewing Style-The End of Reviewing Style-The End of Reviewing Style-The End of Reviewing Style

My favorites books include:

India Dark

I am number four

The Returners


The Thief Lord

Shadow Magic


Toby Alone

Power of Five series

Inheritance Cycle

I'm also a large fan of RPG games, playing games like the First age of Avalon, the village of Arcuz and Runescape, those three being my three favorite RPG games. I love chocolate and of course cookies and I also love reading books which is probably why I love fanfiction so much.

I also love music and listen to my radio 24/7 and I have 100 plus songs on my iPod. I have become so tired of waiting forever for people to upload their fics that I have decided to make up my own and update as soon as possible.

My favorite movie of all time would have to be Avatar. James Cameron did a great job making the movie and I have never felt so moved my a movie before. The first time I watched it is on a plane from America to Australia and during the journey there I watched Avatar three or four times.

For all the Twilight fans out there I suggest you don't read this next part. All Twilight lovers out? O.K. then, here goes...


Ok then, I suppose you already know how much I hate the twilight books, they're just not my cup of tea so to speak. The author of the Twilight books made all of the teenage kids out there think that vampires are romantic creatures when really they are said to be evil creatures of the night. I actually prefer it when they are evil creatures of the night. Anyway, all other books are fine by me.

Other Stuff About Me:

I participate in a lot of forums and post in some regularly and I also have a livejournal account where I put up what's on my mind. It's called Pretty Much Everything and my username over there is Edgefanatic31. I also love LoTR online and play at least an hour daily, I know I'm geek.

So what other things can I put in my profile? Hm, I've got nothing so I suppose I'll have to end my ramblings.

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