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Hey Everyone, After years of being with FanFiction you can see I am a fan of Stephanie Meyer's books as well as E.L. James with sexy Fifty Shades of Grey. I read both of these series before they became sensations so my writing is truly from my imagination of what I like in each series of books. I am currently trying to resuscitate my profile as I have neglected it for almost a year, I have found writing inspiration from everything i read so i suggest browsing through my stories and opening the appealing ones to what pleases you. After all, I am to please.

Constantly check the bold "Notes" below for updates on new stories and scheduling of posts. thanks for reading!

Stephanie Meyer lovers, Nicholas Sparks readers, and Fifty Shades Fans will enjoy these stories.

Note: NEW STORY! Jacob and bella fans I have created a love story possibly a triangle for you loving people, its called "Jacob and bella: Their breaking Dawn". Going to submit another chapter tomarrow so the reading can continue. R&R

Note: First of all, Thank you to all my readers for "J&B: their breaking dawn" in just a matter of 4 hours I had more than 100 people wanting more of it which I'm currently working on as well as this new story.

This one is called "The last letter" i thought of it after seeing letters to juliet but it's completely my story; none of the movie is in it. sorry. I will post a J&B chapter tonight and hopefully have alot of readers by morning. Thank you again to everyone! R&R please. :)

Note: Story #3: (E&N was deleted based on views and i hit a dead end.) Anyways...This new story is the blossom of a different love. Carlise and bella. This one is called "Burning of Love." Edward is no more but Carlise takes his place in Bella's heart. Enjoy! R&R

Note: Sorry, I havent posted in a while been busy with school but I swear I will write something for each story up tonight and post this weekend. Looking through my papers today I noticed "J&B: their breaking dawn" was the least seen in the past 5 days and "burning of Love" was the most--i knew then i had to post something new. thanks to all my readers, you are the best! Enjoy the weekend of new chapters! R&R if any ideas. :)

Note: Since all you are absolutely in love with my stories i have a treat for you...I have a certain love story that I wrote myself one day and I want all of my fans to read it and tell me what you think since all of you find me an amazing writer I'm touched. :) R&R on new chapters and this story. By the way, your treat is me posting to ALL stories this whole week. The love story is called "Arrowhead". go check it out, R&R. thanks :D

Note: New Chapters are up and ready to read!

Note: Seriously, Review the story Arrowhead. R&R, R&R, then R&R again! :)

Note: Chapter 9 of Burning of Love will be posted tomarrow morning!

Note: Sorry for no brand new chapters right now everyone, I'm sick as a dog and can barely put a thought together. Thanks for understanding and as soon as I'm better I'll write up something! :)

Note: Hey everyone, I'm better! for me that means no more coughing like crazy...for you it means updates on stories! I'll write a new chapter to each story tonight and upload tomarrow night hopefully. thanks for understanding about my absence!

Note: J&B and Burning of love have new chapters; The last letter and Dear Soldier will be posted tomarrow. Thanks :)

Note: New Burning Of Love Chapter!!!!

Note: Realization is the new Burning of love chapter! go read it! R&R please, I worked hard. :)

Note: Chapter 9 of J&B: their breaking dawn is here! go on and read it. (The italics at the bottom is not in Bella's POV)

Note: Hello everyone! Alright here's the schedule for this thanksgiving holiday break:

Wednesday: Update "Burning of Love" and "J&B: Breaking dawn" Each 1 chapter maybe 2 if EXTRA time. (Updated)

Thursday: Update "Dear soldier" 1 chapter in spare time (Updated)

Friday: Update "Arrowhead" 2 chapters in spare time (Unfinished but it's my personal story so I'll write it when ready)

Weekend: Update "The last letter" 2 chapters to hold over readers for the week

*Thank you so much to everyone that reads these I have had some amazing Ideas from consisting readers and excellent reviews that spike my writing sometimes. R&R by monday! thanks again everyone and possibly expect another Carlisle/Bella story by the middle of December if I go through with my idea (Just the thought...).

*Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you enjoy your time with your families as I am with mine.

Note: NEW STORY UP FOR READING! The witt of a young male attorney attempting at the break of the law's rules when coming to see the strange female whom meets his eye from across the room one cold morning. R&R trust me it is worth reading if you like the plot lines of the other stories. Thanks everyone you are amazing!

*Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy new year! I hope your children aren't fighting over who opens gifts first and that everyone atleast gets some sleep before the rude awakening of Christmas day. ho ho ho.

Note: Alright everyone, Burning of Love is complete after two more chapters. It will end on Chapter 18. Allowing me to create another Carlisle and Bella story in January...Once writing is done I will continue work on J&B: their breaking dawn as I haven't written in a while and I will continue that until complete. Thanks to everyone who consistantly reads my stories and comments on them, I truely read every single comment and think of ways I can enhance the storyline by what is written. R&R.

Note: Chapter 17 for Burning of love is uploaded. The final Chapter will be up before New Years! Thanks, R&R.

Note: Hey everyone, sorry I haven't uploaded in a while life has taken over the past few weeks. Writing "More than Wanted" has become my interest for the past 2 days and another chapter will be up soon. The finale to Burning of Love has become a puzzle to figure out how to end and hopefully the very long chapter I promised will be up soon. Thank you for staying with the stories for right now although they have not been written of in awhile. thanks! R&R

Note: New Story! the nightlife has become something of an experience for me so I have written a love story that revolves around a club. The girl is a dirty dancer and her interest is a bouncer who has once problem, his boss is her husband. She takes his security to her personally to be her number one priority as long as no one knows but the closest people to them, what happens through when the friendships are tested by under the table deals for info?

Note: New J&B: Breaking dawn out!

Note: Burning Of Love's Finale has arrived> 2-22-11. "I enjoyed writing this story as it was my first of my favorite vampire male with an interesting love twist. I hope you enjoy my final chapter as of tonight I officially get to call my first true story complete. Thank you to everyone who has followed the story from each chapter and stayed together during my absence of writing I dont have the words to describe how I can express a simple thank you the way I want. R&R to end my story and expect another story to come in a couple months for Carlisle and Bella. Read until cant anymore & Review until unable to find words." - EclispeLover93

Note: Dear Soldier has been added to!

Note: New Chapter of J&B: breaking dawn is out along with new chapter of Dear Soldier, maybe two chapters of Dear Soldier out tonight if i can make time. Thanks!

Note: Dear soldier's second new chapter is out and the part one finale will be started tonight but not finished...finale's take time as we all know. Enjoy! R&R, thanks!

Note: Dear Soldier's Finale is done and ready for you! 6-22-11. "This story came to mind as I am military and I wondered what it would be like to have a soldier I could write in a personal way as my character Taylor does. Taylor was created to relate to any girl with the feelings of a guy she wondered about. Carter on the other hand was created to be that one guy any girl wishes she had to understand her as if they were the same person. I hope you enjoyed this story and the finale as I know neither are extemely long but I deeply thank everyone who has given the amazing comments to it as this was a story I wish to live except for my life I would be a female Carter. R&R to the ending and if enjoying this has you wanting a similar taste consider reading "More Than Wanted". Thank you to all the soldiers whether whom they might be fighting for our country and freedom as I am soon to call myself part of your sheild." -EclipseLover93

Note: EVERYONE READING DEAR SOLDIER!...To understand the ending in what Carter means with his last words in this requested chapter named; Epilogue: Only time. You have to ask me, it's not simple to figure out as i've hidden the answer carefully. To find out ask me in a review and I will answer all of them. Thank you!

Note: J&B-breaking dawn has a new chapter! sorry it has taken me so long to write this one for you to read but it was very tricky as to what i was going to do after what happened in the previous chapter. Hope you enjoy it! R&R thanks.

SURPRISE!!!: I promised all of my dear soldier readers a new story in a few months, well here it is. The story is entitled "Everything".

Note: It is highly encouraged every reader of dear soldier to read "Everything".

MAJOR NOTE: "I'M WRITING AGAIN! just needed some time to focus on life but now that im a graduate, all stories will be updated with chapters momentarily. Thanks for hanging on while i was away it was much appreciated."

NOTE: NEW STORY!!! this story focuses from Fifty Shades but of course it is my own spin on it. This story involves sexy blond John Flynn, Copper-haired god Christian Grey, and va-va-voom Ana Steele catching the eye of either man bringing out the sexual tendencies of her inner goddess awaiting fufillment.


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Fifty Shades of Christian and Flynn reviews
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