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Author has written 6 stories for Fairy Tales, Maximum Ride, Ranger's Apprentice, Alice in Wonderland, 2010, and Sungkyunkwan Scandal/성균관 스캔들.

Hi everyone!

This is Lady Bec. speaking, and yes I am a lady as in not a man! This picture is David Beckham in his got milk poster. I know very hansom. I better say that Imagineland is off the mainland of Alaska. It is shaped like a unicorn and there are tons of rainbows and that kind of stuff.

Hi! oh I feel bad. If anyone is looking at this profile that means they are trying to figure out why I haven't updated or posted anything lately. I am so sorry! I have had a really bad year; with the hunt for work and all kinds of other things popong up along with my most recent story writing opportunity. Real life fics on Here is a like to that profile.

I have not yet read the new Rangers Apprentice book but when I do I will try to make a few more chapters for child raising.

My alice in wonderland story is on a hold. I have nearly 15 chapters planed but I am just not feeling motavated.

I actually do have several oneshot fariy tale storiess done and hopefully I will bring myself to post them.

I am going to start editing all of my stuff soon so it will start showing up again!

Take care and I will appear back in this realm of fanfiction soon!

About Me

I love, love love fairy tails. They are my favorite things to read when I am bored. I love the idea of woman who can under most circumstances take care of themselves, but due to whatever is happening need a knight in shining armor; hey they could even just be in tin foil as long as they are nice, kind, and understanding.

I am very nieve some days so if I am reading a story and even if it super cheesy I'll be all 0.0 even if a six year old could see something coming.

When it comes to books I like Maximum Ride, Rangers Apprentice, and at the moment Mrs. Ootori (badwolf123) is using peer pressure to get me to read a book called Tunnels which is really cool actually. There are other books I like but I can't think of them at the moment so on to TV shows.

I like Glee, Doctor who, my little/ big brother watch Stargate together, and NCIS. Oh I also really like Invader Zim.

Movies, I like are Alice in Wonderland, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, mostly kid movies.


I hate it when an author is all like I will update soon then three months later they update. I mean if something happens I understand, but if you know that the next chapter is going to be hard to write or your going to be on vacation why lie to me!

It is physically impossible for me to read a story that has no spaces in between the paragraphs or when it is all bold, I just cann't do it.

I am really bad at spelling and grammar so I understand some mistakes, but if you repeatedly misspell the main characters name, I am unable to read the story.

You know how some people are so afraid of snakes that they can't even read about them; well I have issue reading about super embarrassing moments. Really if I'm watching a movie I have to leave and my big/little brother has to come get me once the part is over.

My stories

1. Prince Charming, This is a fairy tale which shows Prince Charmings' true colors.

2. Interviews, This is a Maximum Ride story where I Lady Bec kidnap Fang.

3. Jumping Jim, is my own story that may or may not have connection with other tall tales around the world. He is brave and somewhat funny so take a chance and read it its super fun.

4. Child Raising, is my fanfiction where instead of leaving Will at the Ward Halt keeps him. This of course leads to all kinds of funny moments with Halt, Will, and the other characters of ranger's apprentice.

5. Follow me, My newest story is an Alice in wonderland story; I will update on the third Friday of the month if I have it written!

I post on Fridays so if it is Monday and you’re checking for an update of a new story it won’t be there unless I am in an extremely good mood.

Random stuff!

97% of teens would cry if they saw Robert Pattinson on a skyscraper about to throw himself, then 2%, of sane people, who would sit stuffing their faces full of popcorn and yelling, "DO A FLIP YOU SPARKLY FREAK! Lastly there is that 1%, like me, who managed to sneak up behind him and is cheering "You can do it! Fly birdie! FLY!" ;)

A stranger stabs you in the front; a friend stabs you in the back; a boyfriend/girlfriend stabs you in the heart, but best friends only poke each other with straws.

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