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Author has written 7 stories for Aliens/Predator, Ninja Assassin, and Mass Effect.

You can call me Kawaii and welcome to my little page.

I have three video game loves in my life:

1. Metal Gear Solid: I think is quite possibly one of the greatest games ever made, and that list for me is VERY short. The characters, the plot development the backtracking games. I love it all. My favorite game would have to be Twin Snakes and Snake Eater.

-Favorite Characters: Solid Snake, Liquid Snake/Revolver Ocelot, Crying Wolf and Vamp

-Possible Fanfiction? I think so quite possibly a Vamp and Crying Wolf pairing though

2. Mass Effect: Now I had read the comic awhile ago and since I am a strictly PS3 gamer I didnt play the first one. I have played the second and my god, where are our Mass Relays? I want a Turian NOW! Everything about this game is superb, story lines are big to me and this game has a massive one. SO much room for tweaking on a fiction, I enjoy that.

-Favorite Characters: Garrus, Thane, Kolyat, Legion, Tali, Kal'Reegar and Grunt (I didnt mention any humans...I'm a speciest!)

-Possible Fanfiction: (Heck Yea!) Kal'Reegar/OC Garrus/OC Joker/EDI Grunt/Jack Thane or Garrus/OC (new species) and of course one-shots featuring FemShep/Thane and MaleShep/Tali I love interspecies pairings!

3. Assassins Creed: I was thrown off by the reality of it, your in a machine reliving your ancestors lives. I was very grateful for two though, more places to go and the fact that you can swim! Adding Da'Vinci was a brilliant touch as well

-Favorite Character: Altair

-Possible Fanfiction: Altair/OC

In reference to my fanfiction Without A World To Belong To I have lost my mojo but no worries some ideas are sparking it's just taking a back seat to mass effect. So stay tuned.

Other Things Retaining To Me

1. Do not send me messages where you are using profanity in an urge to get my attention and talk rudely about one of my fan fictions. In all seriousness this irritates me like no other, I am generally a very amiable person until you do this. You will not get a response.

2. For the love of God no chat speak, text speak or WrItInG lyke dis when you speak to me. I would also like to add this goes on reviews as well. If you're reading my story then you have a grip on English and please don't make it look even more silly. (This is directed towards Native speakers, if you aren't don't worry, you're learning and I hold no ill will)

3. I do like to make up my own original characters in already established games, comics, etc... and take them for a spin. You will be thoroughly warned so yes in advance if this shall occur.

4. Sometimes stories will be put on hold. It's just bound to happen especially if I have a better idea and it takes a back seat to that. I'm human (sort of) and these things just happen.

5. I dont do cross-overs. Never has been my strong suit and I wont delve into it unless given divine inspiration.

6. Requests and Commissions. Message me for information but I am willing to do these.

7. Collaborations, yes I do them. I am not so high and mighty to think that I am the best and another authors input will not be featured on my/our work. Message me for more information but it would be nice if we had the same writing style, or one that would mash together well.

8. I do not obliterate characters. I refuse and I wont. I will NEVER take a character and make them into someone you go 'Who is this?' Not my style.

That should be that. A profile update had to be done and voila here it is! Other than that I want to thank all my loyal readers and/or fans for reviewing my works, adding alerts and favorites. It makes my day to know that someone in some country thinks my fiction is the bees knees!

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