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Author has written 4 stories for Samurai Warriors, Resident Evil, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XIII, and Sengoku Basara/戦国BASARA.

My name is William.

My hobby is video game playing (surprise surprise nowadays (^_^)). My favorite franchise is Resident Evil (escpecially resi 5) other games are Silent Hill, Parasite Eve, Dino Crisis, Sengoku Basara, Samurai Warriors, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy among many underrated games like Red Ninja, Onimusha (Love #2 and 3), and AVP

.I read stories about these games and was inspired to "let my imagination out" I'm a newb here on the site but with your support I hope to make great stories. My idea is to add an OC into the Resident Evil story (starting with Resi 0) so it's like a novelization of the main series. I don't own Resident Evil, Basara, Onimusha, or their characters, Capcom does. All I own is my OC and the story idea. I also might add crossovers of resi with other games to make the story bigger and so it could explain some loose ends (no spoilers). Note this idea came purely from my head so if someone else had the same idea, oops my bad but if you like it so far, cool well then I should start typing ^_^ and thank you for your support guys.

Recently I've been studying Japanese and let me say... Sengoku period was the best part of that history :) I've placed my resi idea on hiatus til I've gotten back to the horror genre. Til then, you'll be getting awesome Samurai battles, drama, trajidy, romance, and all sorts of stuff based on either Koei's Samurai Warriros or Capcom's Sengoku Basara. I've Also updated my name to something more suiting to my current fav which is Sengoku Basara and the Samurai Warriors :). I also might do Onimusha Oneshots if this sight has a FILE!!! >:( I mean COME ON where's Onimusha? Anyway if there's a way we can put an open file for Onimusha I would like to know. Thanks :)

I've also decided to put the regular Resident Evil scenarios like the Train Derailment and Raccoon City as flashbacks for a new story called Resident Evil: the BSAA Chronicles which is a collection of files talking about the adventures of William and his BSAA subordinates who happen to be OCs based on my best friends in multiple outbreak situations. Characters like Frank West (from Dead Rising), Leon Kennedy (from Resi), and Aya Brea (Parasite Eve) will have appearences and cameos throughout these stories.

OC: William Rosario (yea it's me -_-;). Age: 26 Birthdate: 02/03/1980. Occupation: BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance). Talent: Strategy and Intel along with upgrading weapons and supplying ammo. Hobby: anime/manga and shooting Gallery (it's for upgrading purposes). Weapons: Beretta PX4 (Jill's gun in Resi 5), Desert Eagle Magnum and the Hydra shotgun (Resi 5). Notes: Main protagonist. Last survivor of the original BSAA Bravo team. The most experienced when it comes to B.O.Ws. Good friends with Jill, Chris, Claire and Leon. Childhood friends with JD, Joey, and Jerimiah, his new subordinates. Personality: calm and collected. Grown cynical and bitter due to experience. A professional leader to his subordinates and friends.

OC: JD (Jordon, a great friend of mine from middle school ^_^). Age: 26 (Don't want to put a fake Birthdate for him so..). Occupation: BSAA (New member). Talent: Blasting through danger (Literally lol). Hobby: Flirting with the female staff (Knowing my good ol buddy). Weapons: The Colt Python magnum, the pistol grip M870 Shotgun (Resi 2) and the miklor MGL MK.1 Grenade Launcher (Resi 5). Notes: A viscous fighter and always the first to fire in close courters combat. Has known William from High School long ago. Personality: Fun loving and carefree. Cocky and ridiculously fun.

OC: Jerimiah (My all time best buddy in the world). Age: 26 (Don't wanna make a fake one for him either). Occupation: BSAA (New member too). Talent: viscous suppresser in battle. Hobby: competing in the shooting gallery. Weapons: Beretta 93R burst handgun with stock (Resi 5 appearance ) and SIG 556 Machine Gun (Resi 5). Notes: Acts as backup for his friend Joey. One of William's old friends from High School. Personality: Crude and sarcastic. Approachable and laughs at others suspense.

OC: Joey (Another friend of mine). Age: 26 (Same as the two above ^). Occupation: BSAA (New member as well). Talent: The most accurate shot in the team. Hobby: Customizing his rifle. Weapons: STI Eagle 6.0 pistol (Resi 3) with scope and the Hecklar & Koch PSG-1 Sniper Rifle (third rifle in Resi 5). Notes: Offers long range support during missions. Old friend of William. Personality: Soft spoken and friendly.

OC: Chloe (My cute baby cousin in real life ^_^). Age: 25. Birthdate: 10/31/1981 (I know when she was born so...). Occupation: The organization (As Ada's partner). Talent: espionage expert. Hobby: Manga and Anime (She got me into it ^_^). Weapons: Punisher Handgun (Resi 4), the TMP and the RE4 auto rifle. Notes: Newest member of Ada's agency and is her partner. William's younger cousin Personality: Humorous and brings light to those around her. Cares about her older cousin to the point of joining the agency in order to check on him.

OC: Guillermo Rosario (my alias from puetro rico but in this case not me) notes: twin brother, deceased, William's inspiration for being a cop (no more for now). Body mysteriously disappeared after funeral.

OC: Samanosuke (based on the name of Mitsuhide's nephew in Onimusha) age: 17 (for now) Birthdate: 06/15/1995 (turns 17 at 2012, the events of modern Basara) Occupation: Daimyo (equivalent to a high ranking general) Talent: Harnesses the power of Basara (Pretty awesome) hobby: drinking sake with the other Daimyo or making small talk in a geisha house (o_o I got nothing to say about that..) Weapons: wields a daisho set with a Katana and a wakizashi dubbed "The Demon's Fangs". notes: Main Protagonist. One of the youngest Daimyo to wield the power of Basara. Brought into the tutelage of Basara by Nobunaga Oda. (It's a pretty big deal trust me) often called the Demon Samurai. Became good friends with Yukimura Sanada, Masamune Date, And Ieyasu Tokugawa. (Some of the biggest Badasses In Sengoku Basara) Personality: Confident yet Cynical. Has a strong sense of justice and an unbendable will to protect his country and comrades. Flirty and has a minor sake addiction.

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