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Just who am I?

No one really knows themselves for sure. Try as we might to explain ourselves, in the end, showing does more than telling in this day and age. In the end though, even how others perceive us will only tell half the story. So, I'll vaguely share the other half.

My real name is of my own accord. But many people know me these days as Jodie or Yoli. I'm into my fourth year of college, studying to become an art teacher. The grade I would like to instruct I still have yet to decide on. I also am employed at the local movie theater during the summer where, yes, I serve people and clean up their mess. I'm also a moderator at Sonic Aftermath RPG. When I am not being studious or procrastinating, as I honestly can say I do a lot of the latter, I have a tendency to sketch and doodle frequently. Some of my work can be found at my Deviantart Account. I also am a fan of reading anything from novels, to poetry, to manga. Anything that is of interest to me. And, yes, I do watch anime, too. I also like playing sports, although I do not do it often, but I have taken up Dagorhir at college. I still write a little here and there, but it doesn't come to me very frequently these days, so this account it often times left to idle until I decide to update here again.

A long time ago, people here used to know me by my old pen name, Ibuki (or Ibuki-Dromar). Back then, I wrote a lot of fanfiction that depicted plenty of fangirlism, self-insertion, mary sues, etc. The works, really. I'm not ashamed to admit it these days. It's a stage a lot of people go through. Some might argue otherwise, but from what I've seen, my belief still stands. And so I will not be as scrutinizing as others perhaps have been regarding that. I have grown out of it though for the most part and a lot of my stories are more or less studies on the characters. And that it is in the rare case that I do write.

Do I have any projects coming around the corner anytime soon? Probably not, what with college so close. But perhaps in the future when I get inspired to write again, you will see a reappearance. Or I will continue to be lost in my own world. I'm not really all that big on fanfiction these days, so it's likely to still be a rare occasion. But for the sake of not letting this go to complete waste, I update here again. So, until the next time.

~ Jodie

August 17, 2008

07/06/07 - Yet another "I still exist" update. I've been thinking of writing a couple things. But nothing has caught my interest enough to actually up and do it. Don't expect anything.

04/19/07 - More or less a "Hi, I still exist" update. I really don't go on here much anymore. I mean, seriously. My last update was almost a year ago. But it doesn't mean I've fallen over and died. Nah. I'm cool. Sort of. College and work have been keeping me busy and I find my interest in fanfiction more and more lacking. If you really want some critique from me, you'll have to send my an e-mail or something. Same address as always. I don't really plan on writing anything lately. Perhaps I will sometime before this year is over though. Always seem to write at least one thing. And what's with all these ads? D= What a bunch of crap. Oh well.

07/15/06 - If this isn't the fastest update I've ever had, eh? Well, since like.. 2004 or something. Anywhoo, no new fanfiction. Typical, eh? I'm working on original stuff, such as FURSONA. Whee. Still, the main reason for this update? You know the old crappy fanfiction I took down? It's now on a website. That's right. I moved it all onto a geocities site. If you still want to read it, please direct yourself to this link here:

Right now, all you'll find on there is my SSBM fanfiction and some of my Sonic stuff (I haven't finished that section yet). Read if you really want to do so. XvX

07/01/06 - Hey, 'tis I again. Of course, not much new. Never really is with fanfiction and I. Why? A lot of fanfiction ideas end up being crappy. I have managed to get the pencil to the paper though, finally. New fanfiction up. Eyes Wide Open. It's a Final Fantasy X short story focusing on Tidus' character development, something I've never seen explored by other fans of the game. How did this happen? I got bored. XvX Anyway, if you like Tidus and a bit of Tidus/Yuna, and you crave character depth, there you go.

On another note, If Only Possible has been deleted. I just feel like it really takes a lot away from my appearance as an author. In other words, it makes people think I'm a n00b. Which I do not enjoy juggling that thought. So, it's gone. If you want a copy of it though, please e-mail me at Do not, however, publish this anywhere else please. There are characters in this work that do not belong to me.

05/3/06 - Been months, eh? Nothing new. Not been in the mood to write much anymore. Sorry for those who actually liked to read my stuff. I might post up stuff from a roleplay I'm in though. url= Aftermath/url. That's where I do most of my writing now, since I'm lazy so I'm not doing all the work. Nah, I just have more fun that way. I play as Amy Rose, Jocelyne Takira, and Kanaria Gold ( only). Come roleplay. : D /selfless advertisement

And I suppose I should explain the name change before I forget. Basically, I got tired of the whole Japanese obsession that's been going around. It's gotten to the point that I feel like a poser, saying I like anime. Because so many other people like it. Even though I loved it far before a lot of people even knew of its existance and/or thought it was just plain stupid. So yeah. No more Japanese name. Got nothing against the Japanese. I'm just tired of all the people with those names with the 'chan's and the 'sama's and the 'kun's. Meh. She's Jamaican now. : D

03/0806 - Yeah... Nothing new here. Wow, I haven't posted a story in ages. I'm still around. I've just been drawing a lot and I don't read much fanfiction anymore 'cause over half of it on the site is either horrible or horribly overdone. I have been working on an original sci-fi-ish fiction off and on that's going to mainly star my blind guy, Raul, and a revamped Kanaria Gold who will no longer be an Amy like recolor.

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