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Black Sand Artwork:

Welcome to my profile. I am Oishii Hanashi but just call me Oishii (If you're curious it means 'Delicious Story'). I am a University student double majoring in Linguistics and East Asian Languages and Cultures. Afterwards, I will adventure off to Japan to either work as a translator or teaching English as a second language.

I started writing to improve my writing skills and it has proved its worth. One semester for me can comprise of reading a large list of short stories and 5-8 novels, and writing 3-5 full length papers and many short discussion assignments. We'll throw in a textbook or two to the list. Least to say, I am VERY BUSY during the semester, so don't expect any updates. If I do, it's either out of the goodness in my heart or a lapse in my sanity. Presumably the latter.

Black Sand Author Notes: Don't make deadlines people. It causes people to die and get hit by cars. Just go with the flow. You'll save lives.

So, I am currently at a hotel. Tomorrow morning I will be taking a 14 hour flight to Japan where I will be living for 9 months. And instead of brushing up my Japanese, I'm making sure the chapter gets up. I love you guys so much.

I also have the editted/rewritten chapters. If you have nothing else better worth doing, you should read them. They are completely different but I'm very happy with them.

Also, no half chapter. It's half done (hurr hurr) so I will post that as soon as I finish it. But first I have to travel and get settled in my new home.

For you're convenience, here are the list of changes made to the earlier chapters:

-Prologue and Chapter 1 combined to fix FF and FP's numbering
-Prologue: Completely rewritten and different than original.
-Chapter 1: Mostly rewritten. Some minor events changed. Mostly cut out a lot of filler.
-Chapter 2: Rewritten with some of the original being maintained. Mostly cut out fillers.
-Chapter 3: Chapter title slightly changed. Rewritten with one important event changed. Doesn't change the outcome but it changes the main character's motivations.
-Chapter 4: Not as much rewriting. Some things explained in this chapter were moved to chapter 3. Mostly worked on giving this chapter more flow.

Notes about edits:
-FF and FP increased the character count for story descriptions so I wrote a better one (though you may have already noticed this a while ago).
-One big change was that I edited out Nakia's original name. She is no longer named Malinda. Her true name will never be mentioned. It's symbolic of Anubis protecting her true name that even the reader won't know it. Sorry :)
-I worked on developing the minor characters more than I had before. Nakia's aunt and uncle as well as her friend Molly have a lot more depth to them (though I feel like her Uncle doesn't appear enough :/)
-I added little bits of things that weren't there before but will come up again. I guess you could call them Easter Eggs or something. Since I now have a better idea of what will happen in the end I felt like adding these things.

Update 1/13: So I will be honest and say I haven't done any writing since posting the last chapter. Well, I wrote a short story for school but it's in Japanese so no one can read that. I just never had time. I've been living in a new country, adjusting to life here, and traveling around seeing lots of new things. Now that I've gotten into the grove of things, though, some free time has been popping up. So after finals this week I'm gonna start writing again.

On an off note, I saw on the back of a sudoku book an "Egyptian horoscope" thing and discovered Thoth's name is pronounced "Toto" in Japanese. I've also discovered badly written stories give me a strong urge to write. I need to buy bargain ebooks more often.

Other Things to Read While You Wait:

'Dancing to Carmen: a story about Vice' - http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3004179/1/Dancing_to_Carmen_a_story_about_Vice

I will be updating with more soon...

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