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Hello Sir or Madam, may I interest you in a five lbs box of DANGER?!

Ok, for real this time, my name is _ (if you need to know that badly PM me). I tend to start writing things, and then I never finish them; my feeble attention span is at fault there my good man/woman.

My stories are silly, but do not lack action or adventure. I am also big on romance, but nothing ever gets too steamy, gotta keep it clean for the kiddies, ya know?

I write in the Following Fandoms:

Video Games:

Super Mario Brothers

Legend of Zelda


The Legendary Starfy (I LOVE THIS GAME!)

Magical Starsign (maybe)

Fire Emblem (maybe)

Kingdom Hearts

SUPER SMASH BROTHERS! (I felt the need to write this in all caps)

Sonic the Hedgehog


Digimon: Digital Monsters

Tokyo Mew Mew


Other than that, I am a community college student who hopes to transfer to a big university someday!


I will be putting up a story in the Digimon Fandom called The Travis Story it follows a similar story line to Digimon Adventure, but it contains my own original characters, human and digimon. I hope everyone will take a look at it!

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