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"Push me, and then just touch me, 'til I can get my...satisfaction. Satisfaction. Satisfaction. Satisfaction."

--Benny Benassi Presents The Biz, Satisfaction

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Ryan is so boss for helping me out with decisions on my stories. I heart her lots, and you should, too! Click the link for her page. (PS: She isn't formally an editor/beta, so you'd have to ask. I know her from school so it only works out better for us.)


December 10, 2010

Lilly's the name, writing's the game. Lately I've decided to just start all over! ALL OVER! I think that every once and a while a rethinking of thought is necessary, and I've been thinking that what I've been doing is less than satisfactory. Well, at least to me. I'm not deleting my stories, because I believe that that is similar to cheating or quitting, and where do quitters get in life? The answer would be absolutely nowhere. So, there. I'm simply...starting over, one could say. Expect a new story soon, as well.

December 17, 2010

Newest story is in progress and running very well. Links toward shoes, outfits, and things of the sort can be found on my page under Story Links. I think that is just after this. Well, that's the way I intended it to format, anyway. Stay on And Then I Found Five Dollars. Update Schedules are just after Story Links. I think high school is making me more organized. Speaking of, I'm on break, so don't be surprised if I don't exactly stay on track with the update schedule. I'm sporadic like that. :)

December 20, 2010

So, I just got my braces and my teeth are kind of sort of sore but over I feel pretty alright. I'm not used to my mouth yet, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. To all of those who've had braces, how long did/have you had them?

December 27, 2010

I love when I update early and then I have somewhat of a vacation from writing. I do love it, but every once and a while, a break is necessary. And Then I Found Five Dollars should be back on track by New Years. In the meantime, though, I've uploaded a new story Fill in the Blank. It's well on the way and I'll post the update schedule and story links sometime today. :) I hope you all have had a very merry Christmas!

February 20, 2011

Obviously I'm very behind on everything. I apologize. Really I do. Sorry. I'll try to get back on all of my stories, but, it's not looking very likely. You'll know if I update, though, I suppose. In the mean time, I did publish another story based on the Hunger Games trilogy. It's called Secrets My Grandma Couldn't Tell Me.

Story Links

And Then I Found Five Dollars

Chapter One: Plush Shoes/The Shoes Sakura Wants, Sakura's Hoodie

Ami's Outfit- Shirt, Skirt, and Shoes

Plush Store Before Remodel, More of the Store, More and MORE! (I Swear This is The Last One...)

Chapter Two: Sakura's Outfit- Shirt, Pants

Naruto's Outfit- Shirt, Pants and Shoes

Sasuke's Outfit- Shirt, Pants, and Shoes

Chapter Three: Sakura's Phone-Brought to You by Samsung (lol)

Zaku's Outfit- Shirt

Momoko's Outfit- Shirt, Skirt, Sweater and Shoes

Fill in the Blank

Chapter One: Konoha Cutie's Girls' Uniform, Shoes, and their Rollerskates

Konoha Cutie's Guys' Uniform, Pants, Shoes, and their Rollerskates

Update Schedule (to April 23, 2011)

And Then I Found Five Dollars


Chapter One: Published, 12/11/2010

Chapter Two: Published, 12/17/2010, one day early

Chapter Three: Published,12/20/2010, five days early :D

Chapter Four: 1/1/2011 (Happy New Year!)

Chapter Five: 1/8/2011

Chapter Six: 1/15/2011

Chapter Seven: 1/22/2011

Chapter Eight: 1/29/2011

Chapter Nine: 2/5/2011

Chapter Ten: 2/12/2011

Chapter Eleven: 2/19/2011

Chapter Twelve: 2/26/2011

Chapter Thirteen: 3/5/2011

Chapter Fourteen: 3/12/2011

Chapter Fifteen: 3/19/2011

Chapter Sixteen: 3/26/2011

Chapter Seventeen: 4/2/2011 (April Fools Day!! Late, but, whatever)

Chapter Eighteen: 4/9/2011

Chapter Nineteen: 4/16/2011

Chapter Twenty: 4/23/2011


Fill in the Blank


Chapter One: 12/24/2010 Christmas Eve!

Chapter Two: 12/31/2010 New Year's Eve

Chapter Three: 1/7/2011

Chapter Four: 1/14/2011

Chapter Five: 1/21/2011

Chapter Six: 1/28/2011

Chapter Seven: 2/4/2011 (Happy Birthday to me! 15 years old!)

Chapter Eight: 2/11/2011

Chapter Nine: 2/18/2011

Chapter Ten: 2/25/2011

Chapter Eleven: 3/4/2011 (Happy Birthday to my aunt!)

Chapter Twelve: 3/11/2011

Chapter Thirteen: 3/18/2011

Chapter Fourteen: 3/25/2011

Chapter Fifteen: 4/1/2011 (April Fools!)

Chapter Sixteen: 4/8/2011

Chapter Seventeen: 4/15/2011

Chapter Eighteen: 4/23/2011


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