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I dedicate this and all of my other stories to the Lord Jesus Christ, for helping me come up with the ideas and making my points across in them.

Even when you can’t see him GOD is there! If you believe in GOD put this in your profile. I certainly do!

I've read and watched different explanations about how to write fanfiction and how to write good ones, but that's not what drives me to write this one. What does it is constantly being disappointed from even the fanfics that seem decent at first, but later turn out to be different. I'm not the best writer out there, but sharing these words, I'm sure, could still help someone. Before I explain the tips, let me just say this: This document is only written for those who aspire to make more excellent material, if you purposefully write bad or humorous fanfic, then this might not really help you. So let's get to it. Here are the rules I've came up with:

1. First off, explore the fandoms you're going to write about. People could still review and like your work, but without that foundation it will lack some credibility. This is the main reason why most fanfiction is bad, because it's hard for people to believe some of its events or characters. Visiting the wikia of your fandom and researching its characters, plots, and even locations and items would help out so much, trust me, I always have wikias opened when I work on my fanfics. It's like building a house. You wouldn't want to build a house on sand and have it collapse when rain comes. So build your house on the rock. Learn your fandoms inside and out before or as you start writing so it can have that credibility.

2. Like I said above in the first rule, make sure your story is believable. I understand that fans like to try new things and experiment. I do that too, but there's a way that you can have twists and still have that credibility. Setting your story in your fandom's canon seasons, arcs, or even movies would help you achieve this a lot. There's a way that it can be done without copying it, you could still add your own twist to it. It's just that this helps boost your story's appeal by a lot because it will seem like it really connects to the season that you say it takes place after or before. Fans pay more attention to the canon side than we think. They expect to have the same feelings they get from its canon side when they read your story. Now I'm not saying that you should borrow everything from your fandom. It's just good to borrow enough that makes your story more believable.

3. Try not to get carried away with bashing the characters you don't like. If that's how a person feels then those who read their stories won't really care about that. They just want to read your story. It would be wise to not even really give those disliked characters a role, but maybe make them minor. You don't want to put your emotions into the story, but it's the imagination that fuels it. Too many times we can find stories where people bash characters and they put them in the worst of situations. Avoid that risk and simply write about the liked ones.

4. Avoid unnecessary description. One of the most loved things about reading is that people like using their imagination, not the authors, always. When describing someone's outfit or how something looks, getting carried away on every part or detail could make your reader bored. They usually know the thing that you're talking about, and if they don't then they could research it, but that doesn't mean you should have to do that extra writing just to inform them.

5. If characters are fused with too many real life problems or situations, that could also cause your story to falter a little. It is a good strategy, but only works when the situations your characters face connect with them. For example, in a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic called Survivor's Resolve by DC111, Sonic faces the problem of being captured and trapped in a prison for like 3 months. We all know that he is a free spirit and hates when anything keeps him down. So this is a believable story. Something else like Sailor Moon's friends all abandoning her is something that could seem far-fetched, I'm not even sure how she became the target for that. But hopefully you get the jist of what I'm saying about this rule. Don't mess up the balance of fan-fiction. They're two words for a reason, because fans are attempting to write about their favorite fictional pieces. Often times we see too much fan and not enough fiction, or vice versa.

6. Don't let the review numbers discourage you. The beauty of fanfic is that it can be yours and about your favorite fandom. If not enough people review it, then don't feel like it's not good enough. If you give it enough editing, give it that credibility, and avoid the fanfic dont's, then you've done all you can. Sometimes everyone won't understand your writing, everyone is their own person and has their own views on a particular fandom. We make getting reviews too important sometimes and let it affect our self-esteem. If you've seen how some people hold their stories hostage and say they'll continue it unless they get more reviews, then you know exactly what I mean. Don't let your passion for writing become a pacifier that you suck on to stay happy.

7. Perhaps using pictures for your fanfiction's book covers could be an extra thing to add pizzazz to your story. I know for me when I see a cover it gets me more interested. Especially when it fits to the title or summary, and it's a created picture, not just something you nab from Google.

8. Don't insist on mentioning in your summary that you suck at summaries, or you tell us what the pairings are. That's a story spoiler and could make some people back away from your story sometimes. Try letting it be a surprise, and that way you can see who was really into it and who wasn't.

9. Make sure to never let your fanfic lose it's canon feel. For example, if I'm writing a Sonic the Hedgehog story then I want it to be 'Sonic-y', meaning it still has that sense of Sonic with its character, dialogue, setting, and plot. Like I mentioned before in rule number 5, some people slowly shift from their fandom's universe and their story becomes pure fiction. Don't let that happen yours.

10. Don't let the flamers get to you. Some of us get so upset when people bash our stories. Sometimes these writers see flaws in our stories that we don't and just don't know how to explain their points the right way. You don't have to always take their advice but getting mad about it isn't going to change anything. Compared to the other feedback, their comment is small.

11. Always hold on to that joy of writing fanfiction for yourself, not only for others. It's not good to get to a place where you write stories only for feedback then get disappointed when there's no responses. People may not always love their stories or they read them and just don't add a review. It happens to me all the time. I don't get reviews for every single chapter, and it doesn't bother me because I still have fun writing. You shouldn't feel that way either.

12. Make it a hobby to read other fanfiction. Doing this not only helps improve your writing style, but it gives you insight on how fanfics are written well sometimes. One of the best ways to learn something is by seeing it, not just doing. I hope this and the other 11 tips helps! We can't fix the already published bad fanfiction, but can work on our own and still share tutorials with others! Good luck all of you and God bless!

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