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My name is Porcelain Lily and I’m new to fanfiction but not to writing. This was a great experience for me to develop my writing skills and I hope it’s something that others can enjoy.

When it comes to having a beta, I personally choose not to. I would like to strengthen my own writing skills before I have someone else telling me what their particular ideas or word choice would have been though I do accept corrections. I’m human, I make mistakes and typos but structuring sentences and varying word choice only comes with experience. I think my choice comes as well from having previously used an editor who used my writing as ideas for her own work. Instead of correcting my mistakes she tried to rework my stories in her style completely. The experience was so frustrating and horrible, especially since I was a new writer and very hesitant to share my work in the first place, that I’m not looking to repeat the experience any time soon.

I like reviews, who doesn’t? But I’m realistic as well. Not everyone will review every single time and I’m okay with that. I admit to not reviewing myself often but I can also say I will not under any circumstances flame a writer. Everyone at some point has been a new writer and has made frequent almost frustrating errors. Experience and time are the only things that help a writer and their plots to develop into something substantial. Inexperience however does not excuse frequent mistakes concerning common words. If you’re ever unsure please, please, please use a dictionary. It serves the purpose of telling you a definition, a part of speech, and spelling. Electronic dictionaries are best in my opinion because they can help you find the correct word if your spelling is off and often include a thesaurus. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to try to finish a story that misuses words that are elementary. Your/You’re; Their/There/They’re; Are/Our; Accept/Except and It/It’s are all great examples. Or using contractions of words that don’t exist, for example: alot. My absolute favorite though for how embarrassing the misuse should be is “collage” in place of “college” but that’s probably just my sick sense of humor.

Flames I believe are never acceptable and neither is demanding reviews to progress a story. They’re a privilege that is earned and one way to do so is updating on your own. I don’t care how wonderful or promising a story is I won’t read it if the writer demands reviews in exchange for updates. I’m going to try to pre-write all of my stories and have them completed before posting the first chapter so that everything is set and updates will come frequently.

I will try to reply to every message I receive as long as it is constructive in some fashion or a genuine question. Please be patient with me though if I don’t get back to you right away, I live a pretty hectic life and sometimes just don’t have the time to check or respond to messages.

Thank you for reading,

Porcelain Lily

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