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Greetings and Salutations, my fellow fanfiction authors and fans! Welcome to my little bit of bandwidth, formally called my profile. It is here, that you will learn all the secrets of magic, life and the universe. (Secrets not guarenteed) Or at least, it is here that you will learn either about me, or at least about the stories that I try to write at any given time.

So then, my bio page: What would you like to know?

Name-wise? Call me Mizu, though perhaps these days I am now more often known as the Lady of Moof. I was borne in the Land of Moofingham, in the small but lovely city of Moofinghamshire.I'm actually an heiress to a throne, you see, but unfortunately, due to a invansion of evil things, by family was stripped of their title, and I, as an infant was hidden away, only to be told of my destiny when I was grown. Now! I am one a mission to regain my birthrite and restore the glory that is...

Wait. You wanted to know about Me-me, not the delusional fantastical version of me? Well, fine then. You're no fun.

Well, lessee here: By day, I am an average, normal insane young adult, and a recent University graduate in Biology, with a Chem minor - That's right. I'm a science nerd. And yes, I can splice genes. It's fun, and gives me a disproportioned sense of reality.

But at night... I transform to become... ASLEEP! BWA HA HA HA HA. Or something like that anyway. Other times, I become.. SAILOR BIOLOGY. But that entirely depends on the rough caloric intake of sugar I have had that afternoon/early evening.

Now about my stories. It is here, the jaded laughing of my friends begins, as distant comments echo in, of how I rarely update. Which, I won't lie, if often true. But I have a very busy life at times. But you'd be surprised how reviews can often speed up the process. I like reviews. nonchanlont Anyways, my current works are as follows:

Current Works:

Nothing More than a Hero - Super Mario Fanfiction - I don't know what possesed me to try and write this. The story of Maria, who was unlucky enought to get sucked into the good ol' warp pipe. It's adventure-y and action-y at times, and humouress at others. Based on Mario 64. And yes, I am aware of the irony of writing a story, that may contain a Mary Sue like character, despite the fact, that I am also writing an almost anti Mary Sue fic. But so far she's behaved properly. Though, she's still looking for her sponge. Next Chapter in Progress.

Aureolus Dium, Despertarus Nox- The ‘Tail’ of the Black Rabite - A Seiken Densetsu 3 fic - Still fleshing it out, a lot. But it's going to be a short story fic, with not too much polished class. It will be kind of like a warm-up or practice run to something better... but what's I've written thus far is pleasent enough. The story of the legendary black rabite, before she became the horrid monster. A young misunderstoof thief, thrown into the battle for Mana many years ago...Next Chapter in Progress

The Dark Passion of Hating Red - A Seiken Densetsu 3...thing. I have no idea. I just went with it. The final thoughts of the evil wizard Koren...who in my mind became a angsting momma's boy. I...don't know.

My original works and items can be found at my webpage mentioned in my profile. They are both entertaining and very nerdy. I highly recomend them if you are bored, or seeking new ways to torture your remaining neurons. Satisfaction? Eh, sure why not. Enjoy!

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