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My name is Nikkie Collins, I'm 16 and from England in the UK

I go to high school, obviously and I'm in my last year there - Yay! I'm a B grade student except for science I get C's. I guess I'm fairly normal, I have 5 main girl friends and then a couple of guys friends, no boyfriend ahha. Urm I don't really have any political views or whatever (David Cameron's kind of a bore), quite chill about that stuff I guess, Equality for everybody! :)

Next year I want to go to College and look at English language & literature, Health & social and sociology. The dream is to have something in writing or look in to midwifery...

If you've read my stories you may have noticed I have dyslexia, which involves spelling mistakes and missing out words but I do try and proof read

In terms of looks I've got really long black hair it's like the only thing I like about my appearance cos it's soft and straight, also tan skin with boring brown eyes.

Proud owner of Oreo and HobNob my 2 rabbits

I have a slight addiction to Twitter, Tumblr, looking at pictures of hot boys, watching funny YouTube videos and chocolate - Galaxy cookie crumble, yummy!

I have way too many pet hates-
Greasy haired people who say, 'I don't need to wash my hair, it never gets greasy.'
Dirty finger nails
People who pluck their eyebrows but don't do it regularly so they get messy. I don't pluck mine - too much pain
People who pluck their eyebrows too thin
Yellow teeth, ewww!

I guess it more hygiene, even though I have an insanely untidy room.

I try not to judge people and love a good gossip considering my school is all about knowing everyone's personal business *sigh* it's kind of like the high schools you see on American T.V except if guys started singing and dancing they'd just get beaten up.

With fashion I try to keep up but I'm not all that bothered, it's mainly about Vans, jumpers and beanies for me :) Quite like Adidas too, anyone want to buy my a pair of those high heel hightop things.

On guys I think green eyes are the best with brown hair, I know a hot guy that looks like that but instead of talking to him I casually stalk his Instagram

Also swear way too much *

Random stuff I enjoy



Cara Delevigne

My family

Jewlery - earring and rings

Children, cannot wait to have some



On T.V I like watching,

Pretty Little Liars

The Big Bang Theory

Geordie Shore

The Inbetweeners

Coronation Street (probably only know that if you live in Britain)

Big Brother

competitions like X-Factor & Britain's Got Talent

and that's about it.


I watch them ALL the time, slightly addicted...

Well I haven't got a favorites but some I like are,

The Hunger Games - defiantly my biggest obsession ever, someone give Susanne Collins an award

Harry Potter - second biggest obsession

Titanic - I love you Jack!

White Chicks

The Social Network

Mean Girls - 'If you have sex you will get pregnant, and you will die.' You can't not love it

The Fast & Furious series - R.I.P Paul Walker such an amazing man, I love you always :(

I'm in to quite a few music genres so I wouldn't really limit my self to one 'cos I just enjoy whatever song there is,

My favorite artist is Ed Sheeran, that boy could write a song about a baked potato and it would be amazing

And my favorite band are Bastille - no body is allowed to insult these guys in front of me!

Not into One Direction or Justin Bieber (can't deny Beibs is hot though) I guess kind of high-voiced boyish pop is the only thing I really don't like.


I totally love the Morganville Vampire series, someone seriously needs to make that shit a movie!

And also The Hunger Games, read them all and can't wait for Mockingjay's movie release! (my Hunger Games and Harry Potter books are my babies)

Don't ask why but I also have all the Dairy of a Wimpy Kid books. I started reading them when I was like 12 and have a slight obsession with completing all my book collections... so that's that

I think Twilight's okay, I've seen and read all of them but honestly the most I got from them was a fancying Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Don't know why I felt the need to comment on Twilight...

For some reason I have a crush on a lot of fictional characters, like Shane Collins, I mean OMG we already have the same last name- I think it's destiny!


Don't have much I used to do a bit of horse riding but now I just like hanging out with friends and pigging out at McDonald's.

Very interesting life...

I only write stories for the Morganville Vampire's

I guess the reason for that is because they're my favorite and I'm lazy. I'm 100% team Shane and Claire, never read anything else. I don't really read stories where they get married and have kids, it always seems to be twins with one boy and one girl, Boring!

Fluff is cute but every story needs an equal amount of action except if that involves them breaking up.

When I write and read I like to fill in gaps and see another event or something in characters lives so I don't really change their personalities.

Don't put that you have a sucking summery, that makes people think the story sucks - be confident!
Proof read! I can't tell you how many stories I've disliked due bad spelling and grammar
Also be original. There's way too many of the same plots on here, when there are loads of ideas to explore...

I started as a terrible writer, just read my first stories first chapter, but now I've progressed. I have two more ideas for a FanFiction but just thinking over the story lines...

Please read & review my stories, kind of ticks me off when I get a favorite but no review - thanks for showing that love anyway!

I'm terrible at updating but I do try!


XX :)

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