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Harry Potter canon is not so much a story in my faceless internet user’s opinion, than it is a FanFiction sandbox. So much stuff can be squeezed through it is astounding, as you may have noticed if you’ve read ‘The Dark Lord’s Equal.’

Which by the way is my Primary Story, in that I was trying to seamlessly tie together every single FanFiction on the internet, bringing it all under the comforting arms of a single Harry Potter canon-compliant canon, Observe the effects...


The stories I write is based just as much on other FanFiction as they are on the books by JKR. Where to start? Well the Prophecy wording is obviously ‘neither can die while the other survives’ and Dumbledore lied to ensure Harry sacrifices himself in BK7, yeah the Leader of the Light was banking on the protagonists death. I don’t think Dumblodore is that bad however, more that Voldemort was so unbelievably dangerous that sacrificing an innocent was the moral, if douchey thing to do.

Other characters? I don’t think Ron is really as Ronish as he appears. I still don’t exactly care for the character, and believe Rose Weasely has her father’s distinctive green eyes, but assume the Locket Horcrux situation finally gave the guy enough character development to accept himself as the sidekick, and man up enough to make being married to Hermione plausible.

Hermione hates her parents; Mr. and Mrs. Granger do not have first names for a good reason, she never talks about them, and they are not really dentists. Hermione’s paternal grandmother “Mary Granger” is Cristiana Raven. Neville is exactly as dangerous and magically powerful as Harry, also he has two wives, a situation which is unusual but not unheard of. Ginny loves and is loved by her husband, yes, despite the obviousness of Rose’s origins.

Luna’s paternal grandmother was a friend of Charles Dodgson.

Calypso Rosier, Kwan Chang-Ho, and Agrippa Manos are all characters which exist, two of whom went to the Norwegian Magical Academy; Durmstrang. Janus was the last survivor of the Atlantis Cataclysm, and there is a Bone Demon hidden in a Library under the I.C.W. building, which is itself beneath the Pantheon.

The Wizengamot is made up of fifty one votes split into three blocks, with the seventeen hereditary seats given to those with an old family ring being called Lord or Lady whatever. Yes, that means Lord Malfoy and Lord Potter are fair game. Life Debts, Marriage Contracts, and Attraction Potions are a part of Wizarding culture, they add depth to an otherwise fairly flat society. Attraction Potions are not like Clell Harmon’s Slavery Potions, get a grip rape isn’t cool.

The Imperius Curse is used primarily for rape. One in four Magicals are Muggleborn? Not so much, nobody cares what anyone does to Muggles, they are little more than cattle, meaning one in four is really more like one in fifty.

Muggleborns are looked down on in the same way as a illegal immigrants who don’t bother to learn the language and insist the new culture change to suit their needs and expectations. They are for the most part annoying as hell, doing things like say “thank you” to House Elves.

Soul Bonding is possible, although it is extremely rare.

Time Travel is possible, Merlin did it.

Lycanthropy is not like having an STI; werewolves enjoy the freedom and viciousness offered by their transformation, with Remus Lupin being the exception rather than the rule in that he hates being a werewolf. This is why he is the only one in the story who is not a raging psychopath. While we’re on that, Bellatrix Black is a slave, she never voluntarily joined the Death Eaters.

The most dangerous magical creature is not a Nundu it is a well trained magical human.

The Magical world uses the Interdict of Merlin. Magic is dangerous, and some magic, such as the incantation for Fiendfyre (Az-Reth) is not written in any book, but passed down from one person to another. Dementors are not Lesser Daemons despite how awesome the idea is, they are holes in the world which can only be destroyed by a True Patronus, which has yet to be invented.

The monetary system makes the most sense when; Galleon=£50, Sickle=£3, Knut=10p. The Tri-Wizard winnings could purchase a house, Harry's wand cost him £350, and the Knight Bus is like an expensive taxi. In American that means 1Galleon=$80

None of this stuff is technically canon, yet the way I see it, is that by assuming all of this to be going in the background gives a far more detailed and interesting universe from which new and original FanFiction can be written. Screw canon, it’s not that good.


The Author Notes for my practice story were deleted. Basically everything was stolen and the whole thing was hung on JBern's: Number Games, which you should read as it's excellent.

Six months, four hundred reviews, two hundred thousand words, a single rewrite, and far too many animals murdered heartlessly … ‘An Old and New World’ is now finished! … It has been described as “by far the most effed up thing I have ever had the pleasure of reading” as well as “Crazy Action Porn” both designations which I am pleased to say are as amusing as they are accurate … The story came out better that I would have thought possible given the sole thing I had restraining me was that it did not break my (admittedly fluid) Suspension of Disbelief … It came close sometimes, and strained the edges until they bled, but this all squeezes through my runaway levels of Rampancy

Of Chaos and Flame’ is being posted; Harry's going to be such a badass, and Ginevra a psychotically violent, stripperific wet dream come true

'Fate, Chance, and the Master of Death' was a little oneshot I literally wrote edited and posted in a single sitting. Oh how little one needs to change canon to turn Harry into the story’s Protagonist rather than its Patsy ... The thing which amused me most writing it, was that the Pairings are unique for that type of story. Admit it, you've never read it happen in quite that way before have you?


One of my favourite characters is canonically smoking hot, magically powerful, and has a tragic backstory which can easily be turned into a mysterious/superpowered!Darkside. Even better, this character has pretty much the exact same number of lines, scenes, and plot relevance as Tracy Davis, so is wide open for character interpretation … Unfortunately this character is named Ginevra Weasley …Yeah

I get it. If you added up each scene she was in back to back throughout the whole seven books it would total less than 50k words. Gin Weasel is NOT IN THE STORY at all. Nevertheless I started reading at BK5 and my brain had entangled Ariel from the Disney movie’s hair, with FF7 Tifa Lockheart’s body. So even though I know she isn’t in it, and had obviously dosed Harry with Attraction Potion in BK6, and that Hermione’s eldest was named A FLOWER so was blatantly sired by an Evans … doesn't change the fact that my brain still likes the character.

This is probably why I’m so determined to write her as the character I always thought she should be, once and for all. I’m thinking violence, fanservice, a Stetson (Stetson’s are cool!) and as always; a touch of alternate morality and insanity.


Finally, I’d like to state my official position as regards to character bashing: “I don’t understand the appeal! If you hate a character (usually Ron), why not kill them off right at the start, or simply not have them in the story at all?” Meh, maybe I don't get it because I'm just thick.

Anyway, ffnet rocks, as does tvtropes, keep up the good work Ladies and Gentlemen.

*Thanks for reading my stuff, I'm trying to avoid being mailed Anthrax*

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