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ThanKs to everyone for the reviews for Jake Dragon's Adv. We have reached 100!! people X)

Things you should know about me...

I am writing a pokemon fan fic. and I will be updating it fairly often, please leave reviews and suggestions about it (As for my Profile Pic, Its Deadpool... Chimichangas!!!)

You can check out a pic of Jake Dragon on this website:

I am a dude, as my name suggests

I am sactter brained

I am a fan of most, if not all, Pokemon... and most anime fanfics

I am a gamer

I am a dude that enjoys Metal music, Movies and Manga

I am more than a fish, I am more than a man, I AM MURLOCK!!!!!, lol

Finally if any one askes, The Bird is the Word. X)

Side Characters for JDA:

Ryan: One of the other Pokedex holders that picked Bulbasuar and one of Jake's rivals. He is a very strange boy that moves at his own pace, also he as very thick Brooklyn accent.

Morgan: One of the other Pokedex holders that picked Squirtle and Jake's main rival. He is a very cold and emotionless boy that sees Pokemon as only tools used for battling, and could care less about anyone's feelings but his own.

Courtney: She doesnt have a Pokedex, but it is apparent that she picked Bulbasuar as her starter Pokemon about a year ago and she is Crystal's rival. She is a very stuck up girl that thinks she is the best coordinator in the world, however she will give some respect to those who beat her.

OC For Jake Dragon:

Age: 10 (for right now)

Height: 5'0"

Eyes: Dark brown

Clothes: Black shirt, Blue jeans, Dark Gray open jacket with large black strip through it (goes on the sleeves as well), Red and gray sneakers, Black fingerless gloves, And shiny gray dragon necklace

Hair: Black, spikey (In strange claw shape in front and kind of slanted up in the back)

Personality: Adventuresome, smart (but often does things without thinking), a little clumsy, but will always help those in danger and loves Pokemon, favors no specific type of Pokemon however

Pokemon: As of now, *Mew, *(Shiny)Charizard, *Jolteon, *Sycther, *Lapras, *Kabutops*

Badges: 8

Boulder badge: Got in Chapter (Rocked Blocked) From leader Flint

Cascade badge: Got in Chapter (Smoke on the Water) From leaders Violet, Lily, and Daisy

Thunder badge: Got in Chapter (Boom Baby) From leader Lt.Surge

Marsh badge: Got in Chapter (Psychic Sadness) From leader Sabrina

Rainbow badge: Got in Chapter (Flower Power) From leader Erika

Soul badge: Got in Chapter (I am Ninja) From leader Koga

Volcano badge: Got in Chapter (Hot Hot Hot) From leader Blaine

Earth badge: Got in Chapter (World Domination) From leader Giovanni

OC For Crystal Aurora:

Age: 10 (for right now)

Height: 4'11"

Eyes: Emerald green

Clothes: Light pink shirt with white Pokemon league symbol at the bottom right, White half jacket, White capree pants that go down to her knees with pink tie strings, pink socks that go to her knees with white shoes

Hair: Light brown, long straight (Think in the style of Kagome from Inuyasha but sightly shorter)

Personality: Sweet, kind, does have a meaner side but only to people that are mean to her or her friends, and is often impulsive, loves Pokemon, especially cute ones, but hates poison types

Pokemon: As of now, *Combusken, *Kirlia, *Oddish, *Magnemite, *(Shiny)Pidgeot, *Sandshrew*

Title: Kanto Top Coordinator

Trophy's: Kanto Ribbon Cup: Received in chapter (Round 4: A Firey Finally)

Update: Ok people, I will try and update JDA as much as I can, expect updates any day more then likely on Friday. In other news... I will be writing JDA Johto!!! your 100 reviews have inspired me to continue with the Johto sequel. A big Thanks goes to all those who read and review. And look forward to Johto coming a week after i finish Kanto.

P.S. I know it has been quite sometime since I have updated anything really, Thats just because of school and such _' but like i have said before i will try and update

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